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Smart Window Film Comparisons Orlando Gated Communities

Orlando gated communities throughout the region have restrictions that prohibit the use of reflective window film.

The issue is the appearance of the windows and typically a reflective film will alter that appearance and while these coatings are extremely effective and economically priced the demand for a non reflective film became acute.


Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s leading window film installation company. We represent the world leaders in window film sales and technology.


These coatings include Eastman Chemical, Saint-Gobain, Madico and Hanita.

Leading the way for deed approved coatings is the incredible Huper Optik films.


These patented multi-layered films block visible light without the use of dyes. Dyes can fade over time and change color. Huper Optik nanoceramic films filter out IR invisible wavelengths from the Sun. In combination these ceramic and spectrally selective films offer the best heat to light ratio of any window film.


Advanced Film Solutions compares these selections against our limited 3M window film competition.

The 3M films that can meet deed restrictions are their prestige series and their repackaged ceramic films.


The 3M prestige 40 is their most energy efficient film but unfortunately these films do not block as much heat at our Huper 20, 30 or 35%.

By the way the 3M Night Vision films are reflective and we typically offer the Vista or Llumar films as a better choice (clarity, energy efficiency, warranty) than their NV film. 

Huper Optik is the number one choice for condominiums and any gated community.

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Enjoy heat savings and a lifetime of clear glare free living!


Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota Window Tinting For Deed Restricted Gated Communities

Many of our neighbors reside in gated (Deed Restricted) communities. 

Their Homeowners Association (HOA) typically has an architectural committee that determines aesthetic issues and limits the installation of reflective films.

Not to worry because Advanced Film Solutions offers a complete suite of energy and glare rejecting ceramic films that are non reflective and unlike 3M Prestige; dye free.
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It’s really the best of all worlds since you get the heat and glare rejection that you’d expect from a reflective film without that shiny look that associations prohibit.


We are the leaders in ceramic coated films installing throughout Florida representing the Huper Optik Ceramic Films.

Advanced Film Solutions has the widest and deepest variety of non reflective ceramic films in Florida.

Their specialized ceramic construction allows them to reject higher amounts of infrared heat (invisible light) that comprises a major component of the total solar energy streaming through your windows.

Clear views!

There are no dyes in these films or a blue-ish hue that is readily observed in our competitor’s prestige product line you’ll find at home depot. 


The interior and exterior reflectivity of Huper Optik is lower than glass, so there are no issues with the Deed Restrictions.

And. .

Our ceramic films never have a blue color.


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Gated Community, Tampa Bay, Orlando Find Window Film Prestige Alternatives

Many of our Florida neighbors reside in gated communities that restrict or limit the use of solar and solar security window films that present a reflective exterior appearance.


This is equally true for condominiums where the HOA rules tend to restrict window films with a mirror appearance.

Advanced Film Solutions is the regions leading provider of residential and commercial energy smart window films.

We offer a complete portfolio of non-reflective films that meet your deed restrictions while continuing to provide huge energy cost savings that may earn rebates from Progress Energy and TECO.

Leading the way are the outstanding German manufactured Huper Optik films.

These non reflective ceramic films meet TECO requirements while our primary competition 3M Window Film DOES NOT!



Durable and aesthetically superior our Huper Optik films have incomparable clarity and value!

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Huper Optik Ceramic Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota Best Tinting Choice

Ceramic films have clearly demonstrated superior optical clarity (non hazy- no blue shift or rainbow look) and performance as compared to or competitor’s over priced prestige film.


Our Huper Optik nanoceramic films meet all deed restrictions since they are less reflective than glass. 

Our ceramic films qualify for rebates from our local power companies.

Our Huper Optik ceramic films are all available in wider widths so there are no seams.


Advanced Film Solutions represents films that have all been certified by independent labs and NFRC certified.


We never have to pretend that our films work better at angles (they do of course, as all films and glass do!)

We don’t have to show phony heat lamp tests and BTU meters that make it appear through illusion that the film blocks 97% of the IR or more fantastic a claim “the heat.”


Call today and compare our choices with all other window film choices!

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Compare 3M Window Film Vs. Eastman Films Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota

Cooler temperatures will become a distant memory in the coming weeks here in Florida.


90 degree plus temps and the tropical humidity we experience from March until October is just around the corner.


That’s why it’s critically important that the window film you select to improve comfort, lower your monthly electric bills and protect your furnishings from heat and fade will be the best value.


Advanced Film Solutions is uniquely qualified to provide your Florida window film solutions.

Our superb installation and customer service team has earned Angie’s List Super Service Award for the sixth straight year.

We are fully insured and have an A Plus rating on the Better Business Bureau website. 

You can always anticipate 100% customer satisfaction in all aspects of your window film experience with Advanced Film Solutions.

We compete against 3M Window Film dealers and their home depot agents.

Our experience with 3M includes the fact that our founder spent 33 years before retiring from 3M and was formerly the National Sales Manager of 3M Window Film.


Advanced Film Solutions is unique by offering the world leading window film brands manufactured by Eastman Chemical’s LLumar SelectPro (Vista, EnerLogic, LLumar and Huper Optik.)

Our product portfolio was specifically designed to out perform 3M window film in performance, durability, warranty and optical clarity.


Our films are NFRC certified for performance so guesswork is eliminated. We deal with documented facts like total solar energy rejected and shading coefficients rather than misleading claims about infrared rejection or angles of incidence.

Our films are manufactured by Eastman Chemical and unlike our 3M friends; they are not repackaged.

Our NFRC certified films offer more choices in light transmissions, bronze and dual reflective, security and anti-graffiti and internal and external reflectivity by an order of 10 X as compared to 3M’s limited film line


So go ahead and call any number of 3M window film dealers and get their price estimate.

Then call Advanced Film for a side-by side comparison and let our window film experts show you the better way to lower energy costs without altering the aesthetic appeal of your home or office.

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