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Thanksgiving Window Tinting Sale, Tampa, Orlando, Bradenton & Clearwater

Thanksgiving Sale Days Right Now!


Time for slightly cooler weather and glare at different angles than we experience in the summer months.

Home security is also an issue we are all concerned about.

Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s window film leader.

Our robust film portfolio is the most extensive in the state.  leading brands like Eastman Chemical LLumar SelectPro, Vista, and our ceramic Huper Optik and films.

Shatter protective films like LLumar Magnum, Armorcoat, Madico and the Israeli manufactured Avery-Dennison delay, deny and deter entry.


This is a slower time of year for window film so you can anticipate the very best deals.

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Tampa Bay, Orlando Huper Optik Ceramic Window Tinting

Advanced Film Solutions completed the installation of Huper 30 Ceramic film on the main clubhouse at Cypress Run in beautiful Tarpon Springs.

Glare and heat has been reduced by 70% and there is no reflectivity which obviously met their own Deed Restriction! 

Huper Optik factors out the invisible IR wavelengths. This enables our solar heat gain reduction to be far greater than standard polyester dyed films of the past (although some competitors still install car tinting on residential homes!)

Buyer Beware!


Huper Optik meets all deed restrictions since it’s less reflective than glass. 

Ceramic films are durable and warranted for a lifetime.

Our Huper Optik series is NFRC certified and our team of fully trained and equipped installers has earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 9 years.


There is a wide variety of light levels for you to choose from.  If you wish to block more glare you’d consider our 20 or 30 or our Drei 35%.


Lighter options include our 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80% clear ceramic coatings.

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Cooler Living Central Florida Window Film

Our Orlando sales team was primed and ready given the never ending heat!

Advanced Film Solutions was promoting the incomparable  VISTA, LLumar and Huper Optik Ceramic Films.

  • Our films qualify for window tinting rebates from Duke Energy and Orlando Utilities.

  • We offer literally 10 times as many choices, light transmissions and non reflective films as our 3M competition. Just go to a home depot store and compare our unmatched clarity and warranty.2942595
  • Our Huper Optik Ceramic films are patented and out-perform the 3M re-boxed ceramic single layer film in terms of heat rejection and lower reflectivity.12442770973_e269b5ef01_z
  • Our shatter films have met ASTM missile tests for debris and cycling.
  • The clarity of our films is unmatched. We have never lost a side-by side comparison to our hazy competitors.

  • All of our selections have been certified for documented performance characteristics by the NFRC



Ceramic Window Tinting, Huper Optik Tampa Bay, Orlando

The was a hint of Oktoberfest in the air today as our incredible installers completed a home installation in Tampa and a brand new Infinity in Huper Optik ceramic window film.


Huper Optik ceramic films provide outstanding heat rejection without changing the aesthetic beauty of your home. 

These films block 99.9% of the UV while factoring out visible light as well as IR.


  • Meets all deed restrictions
  • Filters out 99.9% of the UV
  • Ideal for condos
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Incredible clarity and no dyes.
  • Made in Germany
  • Eastman Chemical’s manufacturer

Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa Bay and Orlando’s Huper Optik specialists.


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Huper Optik Ceramic Window Tinting For Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota Prestige Homes


The battle for consumer and commercial customers was waged between the ceramic technology of Huper Optik versus the multi-layered optical film from 3M (Prestige) sold at Home Depot kiosks as well as an assortment of window genie window washer agents and reps.

Huper Optik had the head start in high performance non metallic window films while 3M introduced their film in 2005.

The non reflective window films differ from the classic versions of sputtered metal films in several respects.


These films are not shiny or reflective which suits deed restricted communities and is the preferred aesthetic requirement of many homeowners and businesses.

Huper Optik meets all deed restrictions as well as all HOA rules since your home’s windows are not mirror-like.

Metal films offer privacy and are very effective in their ability to factor out heat, but they can alter the “look” of your glass.

Heat is not reflected, rather the heat reducing can be found in the ability of these films to reject infrared (invisible) heat.

Which film has won this battle?
NFRC Certified Huper Optik!
Huper Optik 30
Huper Optik optical clarity as compared to prestige is a sure winner. Side by side comparisons easily demonstrate that this comparison in clarity is not even close.
3M film is noticeably hazy.

Make certain you are comparing installed prestige films since the 3M film cards do not have their hazy adhesive included on the sample.

Huper Optik film does not alter the hue of the light streaming through the glass.

Prestige has a clearly visible blue-ish shift.


Huper Optik hard coat has superior durability when compared to prestige. 3M adds a dyed coating that is easily scratched off. The color of the film is consistent and can not be easily scratched off.

Huper Optik Ceramic films are multi-layered and patented.

There are a host of single ply films made in Arizona being resold under a number of competitive brand names. 

This includes 3M’s re-boxed single layer ceramic film. The obvious limitations of these single layer films are narrow width and exterior reflectivity.

Price considerations certainly are significant since the knock off 3M film seems to be priced at the same levels as the patented Huper Optik!

We’ll show you why our Huper Optik won the battle in Florida and throughout the USA!

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