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Ceramic Advanced Window Tinting Prevents UV Damage Tampa, Orlando, Bradenton

There are several misconceptions related to window film. 

Some consumers think that films have to be dark or shiny to protect their furnishings, wood floors and carpets from UV damage.

The facts are quite surprising.

Faded furnishings, wood floors that get lighter and brittle are the result of UV damage! 

Window film like Huper Optik nano ceramic film blocks 99.9% of the UV without altering the ambiance of your home.

Certainly darker reflective films have a place when you are looking for privacy and dramatic heat rejection of nearly 80%.



Here in Tampa and Orlando many clients require that type of window film and we offer the leading brands all NFRC certified for documented performance!

A growing number of clients prefer a film that won’t add a reflective or mirrored appearance to their glass.

They want to maintain their view and meet HOA rules and deed restrictions!

Homes in gated communities like Cheval and Lansbrook and Windermere have very tight deed limitations on reflective films.

Our Huper Optik films are the perfect choice.

  • UV rejection of 99.9%
  • Heat rejection of nearly 84%
  • Visible light transmitted based upon your requirements.
  • Safety and security versions are also available for crime protection.

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Compare superior optical clarity and aesthetics to any other film solution.



Florida Building Comfort With Cool Advanced Film Glare Control Tinting

Clear, bright relentless sunshine!

20150619_141851 (1)

Eye Strain- Headaches-Discomfort

The heat is on for most commercial office buildings and retail stores.
  • Glare makes it difficult to read computer screens. Fatigue and eye strain lead to headaches and employee complaints.

  • Cold spots and hot spots in the building add to the discomfort. Our cooling systems are ill equipped to handle winter months and employees complain about feeling sick while freezing or melting to death.
  • Fading of office furnishings, carpets and paintings. Damage is costly in a bottom line sense as well as in the impression your company offers to important management and visitors.

  • The curb appeal of your offices are compromised. Boxes and files are visible from the street.
  • Electric costs to heat or cool a large commercial office building are prohibitive. This affects your profitability and tenant satisfaction if these costs are deferred to your clients.

  •  Safety and security: certainly commercial and retail offices are prone to smash and grab crime, vandalism.

    Advanced Film Solutions  delivers energy savings, comfort and a balanced interior climate. 

When the employees were advised that their days of glare and eye strain were soon to be ended- -they applauded!

Advanced Film Solutions

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Huper Optik Ceramic Window Tinting For Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota Prestige Homes


The battle for consumer and commercial customers was waged between the ceramic technology of Huper Optik versus the multi-layered optical film from 3M (Prestige) sold at Home Depot kiosks as well as an assortment of window genie window washer agents and reps.

Huper Optik had the head start in high performance non metallic window films while 3M introduced their film in 2005.

The non reflective window films differ from the classic versions of sputtered metal films in several respects.

These films are not shiny or reflective which suits deed restricted communities and is the preferred aesthetic requirement of many homeowners and businesses.

Huper Optik meets all deed restrictions as well as all HOA rules since your home’s windows are not mirror-like.

Metal films offer privacy and are very effective in their ability to factor out heat, but they can alter the “look” of your glass.

Heat is not reflected, rather the heat reducing can be found in the ability of these films to reject infrared (invisible) heat.

Which film has won this battle?
NFRC Certified Huper Optik!
Huper Optik 30
Huper Optik optical clarity as compared to prestige is a sure winner. Side by side comparisons easily demonstrate that this comparison in clarity is not even close.
3M film is noticeably hazy.

Make certain you are comparing installed prestige films since the 3M film cards do not have their hazy adhesive included on the sample.

Huper Optik film does not alter the hue of the light streaming through the glass.

Prestige has a clearly visible blue-ish shift.


Huper Optik hard coat has superior durability when compared to prestige. 3M adds a dyed coating that is easily scratched off. The color of the film is consistent and can not be easily scratched off.

Huper Optik Ceramic films are multi-layered and patented.

There are a host of single ply films made in Arizona being resold under a number of competitive brand names. 

This includes 3M’s re-boxed single layer ceramic film. The obvious limitations of these single layer films are narrow width and exterior reflectivity.

Price considerations certainly are significant since the knock off 3M film seems to be priced at the same levels as the patented Huper Optik!

We’ll show you why our Huper Optik won the battle in Florida and throughout the USA!

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Sarasota, Tampa Bay, Orlando Eastman Window Tinting Comparisons 3M Home Depot

One of the laments we hear in the window film industry is that  homeowners only have a limited awareness about window film.

They have no idea about the multiple benefits they might enjoy with these energy savings coatings.

This has everything to do with advertising and communications.

The cost to grab consumer awareness is extremely high and the return problematic. 

Small wonder that a retail store like Home Depot would join up with our 3M window film competition to offer in home installations.

Advanced Film Solutions competes against 3M Window Film and their Home Depot agents and we are very familiar with their “pitch ” and even more familiar with their limitations.

Advanced Film Solutions provides a suite of solar and solar security window films manufactured by Eastman Chemical, the world leader in window film technology and market share.

Our winning brands include Vista Film, LLumar and non-reflective ceramic film: Huper Optik.

All of our window films are NFRC certified . This takes the sales-speak out of your decision making process.

You may have seen a sleight of hand demo at the Depot store that seemed to show a clear film blocking incredible amounts of heat.

What you didn’t know was that the heat lamp and meter are tuned to a very narrow and specific wavelength which does not represent the solar spectrum of our Sun.

In plain words- -it’s a gimmick, an illusion, a trick!

That clear prestige film has average total heat rejection in the 50%’s. That’s quite a difference from the 97% you may have been lead to believe!


And if someone told you that their film somehow works better at an angle, you should read this post.

Check their NFRC rating as well as their own website!

Advanced Film Solutions prefers to conduct business with documented performance and results.

  • Our films qualify for rebates from our local power companies. Prestige does not.
  • Our warranty is a lifetime. Many are automatically transferable!


  • You can clean our film with Windex
  • We offer non metallic-optically clear films that block the heat.
  • Our shatter control versions designed for maximum security and safety.
  • Our films are certified by the Skin Cancer Society
  • Our installed prices will provide a superior return on investment.
  • You won’t be paying for mark-ups by several parties like you would with their Home Depot program.


Be smart and call Advanced Film Solutions for a free cost and feature comparison.


Compare the warranty and our optical clarity!

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Window Tinting Comparisons Huper Optik Vs. 3M Prestige

At the risk of beating a dead horse let us march into the breach yet again…

Now and again we still run into 3M Window Film proposals either directly from a 3M dealer or through their Home Depot  or window genie furnished sales program.

You might think that an “apples to apples” comparison between 3M Prestige Films and our Vista, Huper Optik would be a simple task.

We instead find ourselves competing against illusions, confusion and hyperbole. 

Realistically the average consumer has no idea what features relating to performance and aesthetics are critical to compare.

  • They have heard of 3M. They assume they make the best window film.
  • They assume that the Prestige Film works better at an angle because the dealer told them it will.

  • They assume that the Prestige Film blocks 97% of the heat or IR because the dealer told them so.

We’ll combat the halo effect of 3M’s good will, based on their many fine products, to point out that Eastman Chemical is the world leader in window film sales, technology and market share.

Their Vista, Llumar, Gila, Huper Optik, V-Kool and SunTek brands are the leaders in their category.

You might assume that 3M makes the best window film but that is an incorrect assumption.

“Best” of course, is a nebulous term. Many of the films that the 3M dealer presented are not made by 3M.

“Their” ceramic series (for example) is a notable example of a film being repackaged by 3M.

In terms of performance, optical clarity, NFRC ratings, durability and aesthetics our Huper Optik Films win hands down.

  • Works better at an angle?This is almost too silly to debate. Factually all window films and glass itself work better when the angle of incidence is acute rather than perpendicular.  It’s akin to saying that biking down a mountain is easier than biking up the mountain!
  • 97% Heat or IR rejection?
    I won’t belabor the point.  The Prestige films does a good job of factoring out IR wavelengths as does Huper Optik.IR represents a bit less than 50% of what comprises heat. The remaining approximate 50% is determined by the visible light transmitted through the glass.
  • The window film industry has attempted to educate the consumer market through white papers and advisories that highlight this function of IR.  Notably the NFRC ratings provide a documented lab tested performance rating that encompasses the actual total heat rejection for our films and 3M Prestige Films.
  • Windex?That’s another misrepresentation and the fact that we heard this statement just today reminds me of the silliness of sales-speak.  The 3M Prestige Film has no demonstrable or quantifiable advantage over any Eastman film in terms of abrasion resistance.It is recommended to avoid ammonia but our Huper Optik, Vista and LLumar are equal and in many cases superior to the prestige series, in particular.More importantly the color and shade of the Huper Optik is built throughout the film rather than the top layer in Prestige.

    Unlike Prestige there is absolutely no dyes in our Huper Optik.

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