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Cooler Days Tampa Bay Advanced Window Film Solutions

Your afternoon isn’t delightful when you are blasted with heat, glare and the oppressive Florida sun.


Advanced Film Solutions makes afternoons cooler with more selections in cooling window films than any other window film company in Florida.

Huper Optik ceramic films that knock out  heat without any reflectivity!


Think our thicker 8 ML LLumar Vista  security films that block the heat and glare while providing superior safety and security glass protection.

West facing glass is cool thanks to Advanced Film Solutions!
    • 99.9% UV rejection
    • Reduced electric AC bill by 25-30%
    • Glare knocked down 80%
    • Privacy from nosy neighbors
    • Shatter protection against smash and grab!

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Safer Florida Homes With Advanced Sun Security Window Film

How safe is your home against burglary?


Whether you live in one of the lowest crime cities, or not we are all interested in making our homes as safe as possible.

Advanced Film Solutions are experts in the application of security and solar security glass coatings that reinforce your windows.

These thicker films are installed on the interior side of your windows and sliders.


Thicker films hold glass in place against forced entry.

Larger windows or sliders can be further protected with glazing attachment systems that serve to hold the glass in place.


Security films are available in crystal clear transparent versions but most homeowners will select coatings that provide lower energy costs, glare and fade rejection.

Advanced Film Solutions represents the world’s leading solar security glazing film solutions including:

  • LLumar and Vista Solar security films by Eastman Chemical


  • Madico and Sunscape Security Films
  • Avery-Dennison Security Window Film
  • SunTek Solar Security Window Film
  • Armorcoat by Saint-Gobain

These coatings are tested and qualified for GSA, DoD and safety glazing standards throughout the USA.




Call for a free estimate and find our why Florida’s leading retail, government managers choose Advanced Film Solutions!

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2020, Window Film Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota

Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s Largest Residential Window Film Installation Company!
Here’s why:

Advanced Film Solutions has built it’s solid reputation on superior customer service and delighted clients.

Bottom line energy cost savings and always with documented NFRC rated window film.


UV fade issues– Our clients were particularly concerned with fading of upholstery, wood floors and precious furnishings.


The intense sun and the fact that clear glass does almost nothing to factor out heat, light and UV were determining factors.

Privacy- Many of our homes are single story ranch designs or they have copious amounts of glass that face a neighbors windows.

Our Vista Films provide the daytime privacy that many homeowners require.

Safety and security- Our Vista  dual benefit window films are constructed 8 times thicker than their solar versions.

Commercial office towers and retail stores: 

Advanced Film Solutions has completed landmark installations throughout 2019 and we are off and rolling for 2020!

Advanced Film Solutions solves your issues with glass.

We’ll make your glass energy efficient, safer and we always meet and exceed your expectations.

Advanced Film Solutions
See what all the fuss is about!



Window Film Choice, Tampa Advanced Film Solutions


VISTA Window Films are the lead solution when we outline the benefits of our portfolio of window films.


Vista has the widest and deepest variety of selections with each shade having lower internal and external reflectivity than any competitive brand.

Wider width window films that eliminate that seam some BIG companies can’t seem to be able to manufacture by themselves.

Tested and Passed impact testing for medium large missile ASTM 1886 .  Vista low reflective films are dual benefit in our  Mirage 8 ML Mylar Versions.


VISTA is the definition of Industry Leadership.  DOE and an Energy Star Partner, NFRC, ASID, IWFA, ISO and more. 

VISTA’s team are engaged leaders who actively participate in industry activities and innovation.

They were the first to offer the Window Film Tax Credit, and LEEDS Points

The Skin Cancer Seal Of Approval , and of course they remain engaged in the entire tint law arena which effects our dynamic FormulaOne  side of the business.


A unique transferable lifetime warranty that simply no other window film company can or will provide.

The most optically clear adhesives for any window film. This isn’t even close.  Non hazy films that go on clear and stay clear!

Natural light and beauty VISTA beauty and comfort with a track record of hundreds of thousands installs throughout the United States.

The VISTA Dealer represents the cream of the crop of window film dealers.

Quite simply, VISTA Window Films are the best value and “Bang for the Buck” of any window film in the world.

Florida Vista Films


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Best Tampa Bay, Clearwater Window Tinting Deals

Finally we are just about ready to turn off that AC, open those windows and sliders and breathe in the fresh air.

Unfortunately the UV that damages our interior furnishings, carpets, wood floors and art work have no defense!

Advanced Film Solutions provides professional installation of UV eliminating solar and solar security window film. 

Our transparent coatings protect your furnishings while maintaining the clarity and aesthetic appearance of your glass.

  • 99.9% of the UV gone!
  • Glare controlled to the specific degree you prefer.
  • Security coatings that harden your window openings protecting your family against criminals.

Advanced Film Solutions is always price competitive and this Fall you can enjoy even greater savings.


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Advanced Film Solutions

Tampa Bay- Orlando