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Secure Tampa Homes With Advanced Window Film Protection

Commercial offices in office parks and industrial parks throughout the greater Tampa Bay area experience problems with glare, heat, UV and rising electric costs as homeowners experience. smash

While many homeowners tend to sway away from highly reflective film; offices generally prefer privacy reflective films to prevent passerby’s from seeing into the offices.

Office personnel and for medical centers their patients benefit from this high level of privacy.

From a BUILDING security and safety perspective our reflective films prevent thieves from scoping your offices for potential theft or vandalism.

As a case in point a security firm recommended privacy security films for ground level offices.


Advanced Film Solutions has flawlessly completed thousands of office glass projects since 2007. 

We have done Urgent Care Medical centers, dentist offices and retail offices as well as dozens of pharmacies, UPS stores, municipal buildings, restaurants and hair salons.

The point is that we offer more choices in appearance and function than any other window film company in the Tampa Bay area.

Our broad portfolio of solutions will let you customize the perfect solution for your property.

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Sun Security Window Film Home Protection Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota


This website has some great safety tips and suggestions for parents and grandparents alike. 

There are recommendations for glass safety which includes the installation of glass safety window film.


Many Florida homes have annealed glass windows (Tempered glass breaks into small pieces, while annealed breaks into large, jagged ones that can cause greater injury.)

Typically the only safety glass are tempered sliders near the lanai.

From a security aspect and safety perspective the installation of shatter glazing films makes sense!

Advanced Film Solutions is the regional leader in superior performing shatter glazing films.


Our coatings are thicker and meet safety glazing standards for impact.

The installation transforms annealed glass into safety glass which is ideal for restaurant windows, home glass, condo’s etc.

Solar versions of these safety films block heat and glare and lower your monthly electric bills.

The safe choice  installed by professionals; it just makes sense.



Window Film The Smart Choice For Reducing Electric Bills

Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa, Orlando and Sarasota’s number one window film installation company. 

Window Film Makes Sense!

Advances in nanotechnology and thin film technology have taken this out of the Do It Yourself, bubbly purple tint arena and into upscale homes and commercial buildings.


In the residential and commercial “Flat Glass” market the industry leader is Eastman Chemical (Huper Optik, VISTA LLumar SelectPro and SunTek)

The rising energy costs has driven consumer interest in energy savings window film.


The key reason is the quantified direct impact solar control window film has on lowering energy costs and improving comfort.


Local utilities throughout the USA encourage your investment in window film by offering rebates for their installation. 

Today’s nano-ceramic films like Huper Optik dramatically block heat without adding reflectivity to your glass.


You benefit with energy savings and you meet all deed restrictions while complying with the energy efficiency requirements that earn rebates.

Advanced Film Solutions is proud to offer these world leading window films!

Objectivity, superior installations, experience, trusted technologies.



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Commercial Glass Protection Window Film, Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota


A key concern for many property managers is increased protection of tenant property and assets from burglary and weather induced shattered glass.

Installation of clear LLumar Security Glazing Film

Certainly alarm systems detect a breach and the alarms do limit the amount of time thieves will linger at a targeted location.

Nevertheless, reinforcing your glass with our safety and security glazing films is an obvious, economically beneficial alternative. How long will it take for law enforcement to respond?

Our thick optically transparent films will slow down these crooks-period!

No other company in the Tampa-Sarasota-Clearwater-Lakeland and Orlando offers more choices in light transmission and appearance than Advanced Film Solutions.

Our choices include:
  • Vista Dual Reflective Solar Security 8 ML Shatter Film
  • LLumar clear and tinted versions.
  • Madico and Sunscape
  • Armorcoat clear and tinted versions
  • Hanita: Israeli clear and tinted films
  • Huper Optik Ceramic Non Reflective
  • SunTek Clear, Tinted and non-reflective


Delay, deter and deny entry while providing covert protection from flying debris, vandalism and accidents.

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Home Security Window Film Protection Sarasota, Tampa Bay, Orlando

Advanced Film Solutions installs Vista and LLumar Magnum Mylar Safety, Madico and Armorcoat Security Films that holds  glass in place against forced entry.

You should consider home alarm systems and intruder alert monitoring systems.  These systems detect entry and alert local law enforcement.

The question remains; how quickly do they respond?

During that time how many of your precious valuables will be stolen from your home?


Our window film works whether the power is on, or not. 

This can become a critical factor during power outages caused by storms or hurricanes.


Glass is the weakest point of entry and the fastest and easiest way to smash through into your home.

The rear sliders or glass doors will crumble into thousands of shards perhaps delaying entry by two seconds.

Vista Window Films will delay, deny and deter these burglars since the glass will hold in place.

These are the same films that are installed on military bases and airports protecting against bombs.

Blunt objects are the tool of choice for thieves.

These thinner competitive “tear” films fail the impact tests that Vista passes! No baloney, just hard facts!


These mylar films (DuPont)are also available in a wide selection of NFRC Certified sun and glare control versions. 

This dual benefit provides an immediate cost savings in terms of reduced energy usage and rebates from your Florida electric provider.