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Cost Effective Home Window Tinting Solutions, Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota

A study published by the non-profit IWFA has concluded that the installation of solar control window film here in Florida is the most cost effective aftermarket energy savings home improvement compared to adding insulation to your attic, replacing windows, replacing AC units,or sealing air gaps around your windows.

The Tampa Bay, Sarasota, St. Pete-Clearwater and Orlando area has an abundance of single pane clear glass windows. 

These configurations are extremely inefficient for keeping our intense heat from entering through your windows.

These single pane windows also allow UV rays an open invitation into your home fading valuable furnishings and endangering the health of your family from skin cancer.


Advanced Film Solutions (with offices throughout the region) is uniquely qualified to solve your home energy cost problems.  Our complete suite of energy savings solar films are all certified by the NFRC.

Thanks to the recommendations of consumers just like you, we have been awarded the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for seven straight years and an A Plus rating from the Better Business Bureau.

  • Lower monthly electric bills by 30% 
  • Reduce glare
  • Virtually eliminate the UV
  • Privacy
  • Enhanced security against forced entry.
  • Eliminates hot spots in your home.
  • Lower room temperatures.

Call toll free for a free estimate and enjoy your new home comfort at the best ROI in the world of energy efficiency!



  • Adding insulation to the attic
  • Replacing air conditioning equipment with more efficient new unit
  • Replacing heating equipment with a more efficient new unit (heat pump)
  • Air Sealing – sealing gaps in building envelope (walls, doors, around windows, etc.)

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Sustainable Florida Commercial Window Film Installations

Window film retrofit applications have been demonstrated to provide immediate cost savings benefits for commercial property managers throughout Florida.


The retrofit application of Advanced Film Solutions Eastman Solar Film provides a quantifiable cost reduction in Hvac operating costs as well as productivity gains in employee performance.

Today’s durable coatings filter 99.9% of the UV rays from entering office windows.

This reduces fading of interior accessories and wood floors and paintings.

There are also health benefits considering skin cancer issues that will also be beneficial.

  • Uncontrolled daylight coming in through windows can cause glare,employee and visitor discomfort, warm temperatures, hot/cold spots, and HVAC systems to run excessively to try to keep up.
  • A building’s directional orientation can create areas that receive significantly more sunlight than others. Depending on the sophistication of a facility’s HVAC system, this can create challenges for maintaining comfort.


  • A major component of any building envelope is its fenestration (windows, doors, skylights, and curtainwalls). A 10% to 40 % reduction in lighting and HVAC costs can be achieved by improving the energy efficiency of fenestration of commercial buildings, according to the National Institute of Building Sciences.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Energy, windows account for 10% to 25% of heating bills, and are the greatest source of heat loss or gain in any building. That’s where our Low E EnerLogic Films win the day!
  • According to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, space heating, cooling, and ventilation account for the largest amount of end-use energy consumption in buildings.
  • Using window film to control the sun’s heat allows staff to leave blinds and curtains open and enjoy outdoor views and exposures with controlled daylight. This can improve health and well being for patients, reduce exposure to harmful UV rays, and increase productivity for staff members.
  • Window film has been proven to offer significant savings on both heating and cooling costs with metered measurement and verification of cooling and heating savings.  Studies have shown that window film can provide a significant increase in useful daylight (and in staff satisfaction and comfort levels).
  • Window film is a retrofit solution for facilities professionals who want to control solar heat gain and glare, provide UV protection, and experience year-round insulating benefits.
  • No special maintenance is required for window film.
  • Window film was named the most cost-effective energy-saving choice  when used in retrofit commercial building projects.
  • Advancements in window film have led to film options that aren’t overly dark and don’t produce an iridescent shine.
  • A study of the top five energy retrofits based on ROI identified window film as one option that offers a quick return on investment.

Glare is virtually eliminated as are hot spots and the cluttered appearance your windows may present from the street view.


Energy costs savings through the summer months as well as Low E films throughout the winter months save energy costs and provide a faster ROI

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Window Film Comparison Shopping Tampa Bay Home Show, Tropicana Dome


Oh you felt it last summer right up until December. .

When you stepped out to grab the mail or walk into your office.

The Heat.


Not just any heat.

Tampa Bay heat.

Unrelenting unbearable heat.

Your air conditioning is ON but those rooms that always get too hot are back to being their old stuffy, humid and headache inducing glare selves once again.

You promised yourself and your family that you’d do something about those hot rooms and that amazingly high electric bill.


Now is that time and the smart solution is Advanced Film Solutions Window Film.


  • Energy savings of nearly 30% off on your monthly electric bill.
  • Reduced temps in all of those hot rooms since our thin films block 80% of the heat from coming into your home.
  • Glare is knocked down by 80% and the UV that damages your furnishings is effectively eliminated.

coolerStop by today or Sunday at the Tropicana Dome for the Tampa Bay Home Show!

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Home Show Tampa Bay, Sarasota Window Tinting Comparisons

Advanced Film Solutions team of experts will be exhibiting at the upcoming Sarasota Home Show, January 22, 23, 24th, 2016  and the following week January 29, 30, 31st, 2016, at the Tampa Bay Home Show being held at the Trop.

Many homeowners are not familiar with window film systems and the state of the technology currently used to lower utility costs or improve home security.


There are incredible advancements and innovative solutions manufactured by Eastman Chemicals, Saint-Gobain, Johnson and Madico.


Consider Vista Low E and solar security films that provide all year energy savings. EnerLogic coatings take single pane glass and upgrade the energy efficieny by 93% in the winter and an amazing 76% heat reduction in the warmer months.

Our ceramic Huper Optik patented ceramic films that meet all HOA rules and deed restrictions.

Safety security films by Vista, LLumar, Johnson, Armorcoat and Hanita.

Orlando Home Show 002

These thicker clear and solar films delay burglars by maintaining the integrity of the window opening. These are the exact same shatter films used by the Federal government for force protection and GSA property protection.

Our security films meet these stringent GSA and DoD specifications and the optical clarity is unmatched.

Homeowners will enjoy a lifetime warranty and an expert installation by our crew.

We have earned the Super Service Award for the fifth straight year.

Call for a free estimate or stop by our booth at these upcoming show events!

Advanced Film Solutions



Advanced Film Solutions Orlando Home Window Tinting

Our Orlando sales team has been driving business throughout central Florida where temps bake homes throughout the year.


The Orlando region is much more than theme parks and hotels.

This is a growing population center where electric rates are soaring and homeowners are looking for economical solutions to lower electric costs and make their homes more comfortable.


We have the unique EnerLogic Low E All Season Window Film that has captured the imagination of homeowners throughout the USA.

The first true Low E Film with a lifetime warranty and the unique benefits that only Eastman Performance Films can deliver:

 Imagine a coating that is applied to your existing windows that transforms single pane into dual pane performance!

93% winter insulation and a phenomenal 76% summer heat rejection!

Our competition, 3M?

Their Low E films have 1/3 the winter insulation benefit and are only warranted for 5 years. That’s a knockout victory for EnerLogic!


But that’s just the tip of the Advanced Film Solutions competitive advantage over our 3M -Home Depot rivals!

Our Vista Films are designer recommended and are available in more light transmissions and aesthetic nuances than any other suite of choices.

Safety and security dual combination films all NFRC certified.

We respect the intelligence of our clients.

You won’t get hype or nonsense about films working better at angles, or gimmick BTU demo’s that mislead you into thinking that a lighter film blocks more heat than darker reflective films.

If 3M Prestige Film can block 97% of the heat like their Orlando dealers write on their website; I am 9 feet tall and can leap a tall building in a single bound!

 DuPont Mylar shatter resistant, tested and documented to support your peace of mind!

Huper Optik ceramic films designed for homeowners who don’t want a reflective appearance on their glass!


Superior heat rejection and optical clarity and a range of light transmissions to match your unique objectives.

It’s small wonder that Advanced Film Solutions is the Orlando leader in residential window film installations!

Call Advanced Film Solutions today, toll free at 877-575-3456