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Friday 13th Heat Horror Window Tinting, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Bradenton

 Are You Living In A “Horror Story” home?


 It’s obvious to any educated person that the root cause of problems around that summer at Camp Crystal Lake had everything to do with the heat and glare coming through the cabin windows.


Imagine growing up with all that UV, glare and Sun blasting through your child’s log cabin room glass?


Clearly Mrs. Voorhees never called Advanced Film Solutions and heaven knows the end result of that oversight!

Friday The 13th is much more than a date on the calendar.


It’s a reminder that you can solve your own heat, UV and glare and high electric cost problems by calling

Toll Free- 877-575-3456

PS: Get your ride tinted at Advanced Film Solutions!


Tampa, Orlando Most Trusted Window Tinting Film Installation Company

You might imagine that given the tropical temperatures here in west and central Florida that there might be an abundance of competent window film installation companies.

Which choice is the best?

Which company will meet your expectations and deliver outstanding results?

Where can you get the best value with the most experienced craftsmen and trusted solutions?

Tampa and Orlando home and business owners have made that choice and the winner is Advanced Film Solutions!


Our team has earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for the last five years.


We have also earned the Best Of Home Advisor Award for 2015!

We are Rated A Plus by the Better Business Bureau.

We are fully insured.

No other installation company offers as many NFRC rated choices (tested, documented performance characteristics) than Advanced Film Solutions.

We know window film and we will assist you in making the best choice for your specific requirements.


No gimmicks or heat lamp tricks like our 3M competition uses to pretend that their films block more heat than darker silver films.

Our selections simply win on the glass with superior clarity, transferable warranty and the unmatched innovation and level of technology that our manufacturer Eastman Chemicals uniquely delivers.

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Our EnerLogic Low E Films are the uncontested technology leader as evidenced by their multiple awards for product innovation!

Toll Free: 877-575-3456
Offices Tampa Bay-Orlando


Window Film Tampa Bay, Simple Effective Steps To Lower Energy Costs


Times are tough enough without having to pay high electric costs throughout the year which the direct result of having inefficient windows in your home or business.

Fortunately today’s window film technology improvements have resulted in a complete suite of coatings that transform your windows into energy smart systems.


These coatings act as a heat mirror providing substantially (15-35%)  lower monthly cooling and heating costs.

Many of these coatings are available in shatter resistant clear and solar versions that harden your window openings.  These coatings delay, deny and deter burglars while simultaneously factoring out harmful UV rays and glare.

Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s leading installation company of the highest rated solar and solar security films manufactured by Eastman Chemical. 

Eastman innovation and leading edge ingenuity created EnerLogic Low E Films, Vista Solar and solar security films, Huper Optik ceramic films and the durable, practical LLumar series.

Our consultants analyze your specific requirements to match the best solution for your need.  No other company has as many choices in brands, styles, light transmissions, reflective and non-reflective or security films.


This is particularly true when we match clients needs against our 3M competition and their limited portfolio.

As a quick example our Eastman portfolio of Vista and LLumar alone have 4 plus pages on the NFRC website while 3M barely has two pages.


Advanced Film Solutions also offers the Southwall pages, Madico, Solar Gard, Hanita and Suntek to name a few.

Our Low E EnerLogic has an unmatched lifetime warranty while the 3M low E film a paltry 5 year warranty.

Call for a free estimate and start lowering that electric bill immediately!

Advanced Film Solutions
Toll Free: 877-575-3456


Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota Comparison Window Tinting Shopping


The temps get hotter and stay hotter in Florida and the hunt for the perfect window tinting solution is always ON!


Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa Bay’s Vista, LLumar and FormulaOne full service window film installation company.


Incomparable clarity and the peace of mind you can only get from Tampa’s Super Service Award Winner (Angie’s List 4 Straight years!) and an A Plus rating from the Better Business Bureau!

12442634495_13f54f7159_oLifetime warranty?  Certainly!

And no one wants to spend an arm and a leg for their window film installation.

The real Florida window film solution is Advanced Film Solutions.
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We offer the world leading window film brands. 
DuPont polyesters at the heart of VISTA and LLumar Sun Control and security film.

Huper Optik: German nano-ceramic technology perfect for gated communities and deed restricted neighborhoods!


Call Advanced Film Solutions
Toll Free 877-575-3456


Compare Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota Window Film, Home Glass Tinting

Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s leading window film installation company.

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Our expert installation crews have earned an A Plus Better Business Bureau rating and we have won the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for the last four consecutive years.

We compete against many different window film dealers, resellers and agents.

Advanced Film Solutions is unique in the following respects and we respectfully request that you have our consultants provide a free estimate and cost & features comparison before you make any buying decision.


  • More experience. 33 years at 3M and 9 years as a family owned locally owned business.
  • We represent the leading window film solutions including Eastman Chemical’s LLumar, Vista, Huper Optik and SunTek
  • We offer Madico, Sunscape, Solar Gard, Hanita and Johnson window film.
  • We are authorized EnerLogic Low E Window Film installers for all season window tinting.
  • Our company is fully insured and our employees are covered by workers comp.
  • We have been selected the Best Of Home Advisors.


  • Our pricing is always competitive.
  • We are fully equipped and can manage any size project or scope.
  • Our Computer software design programs are at your disposal for architectural graphics films and decorative window film applications.


  • We always provide samples for your review and highly recommend NFRC rated films so there is no wiggle room or hype.

Advanced Film Solutions, toll free at 877-575-3456

Offices Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Orlandolighter