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Gulf Coast Condo HOA Approved UV, Glare, Heat Control Window Tinting

Condominiums along the west coast of Florida or overlooking Tampa Bay and Orlando have wonderful scenic views.

Wider sliders that open to a sun drenched lanai.

Open floor to ceiling glass for panoramic views!


What could possibly be wrong with this idyllic scenario?


  • Glare and heat.
  • Faded furnishings.
  • Cooler homes
  • High electric cost
  • Privacy.

Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s Condo Window Tinting Installation company.

Low cost with a lifetime of savings!

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Condo Window Tinting Tampa Advanced Film Solutions, Cooling Experts

Your condo gets hot every afternoon and your floors, carpets and furnishings are fading.
That spectacular view out your slider doors is the reason you chose your unit in the first place.
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You need a window film that can block the heat, glare and UV without sacrificing that fantastic view! 

It would also help if the investment cost was fair and you would be entitled to Duke Energy rebates while lowering your monthly electric cooling costs/

We have the solutions !

We are Tampa’s Window Tinting experts.

Our portfolio of window films includes VISTA , Huper Optik and LLumar SelectPro!

These films will lower cooling costs without altering your view or violating your HOA rules.

Call for a free estimate and start reducing your electric costs by 30% a month.




Florida Homeowner Associations Select Advanced Huper Optik Window Film Solutions


Clearwater, Florida is famous for our beaches and sunshine. 

It is also the home for the iconic condominium community of  “On Top Of The World.”

For many years their community center windows gradually turned purple and faded with the 3M Scotchtint Film that had been installed decades earlier.

We could tell because the 3M logo they placed on the film was the same logo I used to have on my business cards in the 1970’s.


They were tired of the purple and the haze and wanted a solutions that wouldn’t be reflective at all!

The answer?
Advanced Film Solutions and our Huper Optik nano-ceramic films. 

Now they are blocking 70% of the glare, and nearly 70% of the total solar energy. 

No metals, no reflectivity and that hideous old 3M eyesore (the film; not me!) is gone!

  • Cooler residents particularly during the afternoon.
  • Nearly 100% of the UV eliminated
  • Glare has been reduced by 70%
  • The AC costs have been reduced by more than 50%
  • They have qualified for rebates as well as tax credits.
  • The cost for the film is 1/10 that of glass replacement.

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Florida’s Window Film Leader!


Gulf Coast Condo’s Demand Advanced Window Film, Ceramic Glass Coatings

The views are incomparable and most of the home’s windows are oriented facing west, south or east.

This makes your condo hot, expensive to cool and the glare can be blinding.

HOA rules tend to prohibit reflective films that can alter the appearance on your windows.

12351669855_9dd7b81517_bThat’s why condo owners and property management companies rely on Advanced Film Solutions.

We are the leading residential and commercial window film installation company in western and central Florida.
Our extensive portfolio of clear heat rejecting coatings is unmatched in Florida. Eastman Chemical films include Vista, Huper Optik, and the economical LLumar brand.

These films meet HOA covenants.

Glare control, UV eliminated and cooler energy efficient living.

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