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Shatter Security Impact Window Film, Protecting Homes, Offices, Schools

Your glass windows and doors are the easiest point of entry for criminals intent on breaking in to your home or office.

Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s leading installation company for the strongest shatter control window films.

At minimum our film is 8 ML thick.

These films deter, delay and deny entry through the glass.

These films meet the critical safety requirements for Federal government facilities (GSA, DOD)

These security coatings are available in a variety of shades and appearance including clear and highly reflective films for privacy.

Our team has performed more than 12,000 installations since 2007. We have earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for six straight years and we are rated A Plus with the Better Business Bureau.


Leading brands include LLumar, Vista, SunTek, Huper Optik, Hanita, Armorcoat, Madico and Johnson Window Film.

We highly recommend that you consider an optional attachment system employing Dow Corning 995. This application along the perimeter of the film application secures the film to the frames.

Advanced Film Solutions

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Gated Community, Tampa Bay, Orlando Find Window Film Prestige Alternatives

Many of our Florida neighbors reside in gated communities that restrict or limit the use of solar and solar security window films that present a reflective exterior appearance.


This is equally true for condominiums where the HOA rules tend to restrict window films with a mirror appearance.

Advanced Film Solutions is the regions leading provider of residential and commercial energy smart window films.

We offer a complete portfolio of non-reflective films that meet your deed restrictions while continuing to provide huge energy cost savings that may earn rebates from Progress Energy and TECO.

Leading the way are the outstanding German manufactured Huper Optik films.

These non reflective ceramic films meet TECO requirements while our primary competition 3M Window Film DOES NOT!



Durable and aesthetically superior our Huper Optik films have incomparable clarity and value!

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Orlando Home Show Window Tinting Comparisons

The Orlando Home & Garden Show this weekend at the Orange County Convention Center.

Advanced Film Solutions is exhibiting the most complete portfolio of thin film aftermarket solutions in the industry.

Our company was founded by the former National Sales Manager of 3M Window Film (me!) so it shouldn’t be any surprise that my strategy was to out perform every 3M window film in each and every category.


The objective was to build an unbeatable competitive advantage by providing superior value, better pricing, superior optical clarity, more choices and more robust warranties than our outdated 3M Window Film competition.


The Orlando Home Show is a perfect opportunity to do some “tire kicking”.

We believe that our presentation and superior Vista, and Huper Optik Ceramic Film will make the more compelling argument.

Here are just a few bullet points that might be helpful as you begin your due diligence:


All of our films are certified by the NFRC for documented performance.

Our Vista Films have a lifetime transferable warranty.

Our Vista Security and Llumar Magnum Security solar films have met cycling and impact test levels.

  • Our Huper Optik Ceramic Films has no dyes.
  • Our ceramic film is patented and can cover wide windows. The 3M ceramic film is a “me too” single layer, narrow film also sold by several other vendors.
  • Our films can all be cleaned with Windex.
  • All window film works better at an angle.
  • No minimums:
  • Our optical clarity is superior.
  • Thanks for stopping by the Orlando Home Show and bringing your questions. If you don’t have a chance to visit ; call our office at: 407-843-9350 for a free estimate!

Advanced Film Solutions

Orlando’s Best Window Film


How Window Film Lowers Home Cooling Costs?

Window film is an aftermarket retrofit product that is professionally applied to the interior face of your home’s windows.


Much like the more familiar car tinting these coatings are applied using water solutions and the polyester is coated with durable metallic or ceramic materials with a built in adhesive.


Residential and commercial window film is different in many respects from our car tinting selections.

The important point to note is that flat glass films installed by ADVANCED FILM SOLUTIONS  are dye free so you will never experience a purple dye migration and any adhesive failures bubbling and peeling are covered under our lifetime warranty.

Clear glass offers very little if any solar heat reduction or UV protection.

The thin film coatings applied to your glass will filter out 99.9% of the harmful UV wavelengths and as much as 85% of the total solar energy.


These performance characteristics aren’t guess-work or mumbo jumbo.  Every window film provided by Advanced Film Solutions is NFRC certified so they have been independently tested and quantified.

We prefer facts. Documented results and NFRC rated performance.

Our installers are experts and window film installations and our team has earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for the last 4 consecutive years with an A Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

With technicians covering glass from Port Charlotte to The Villages and east to Orlando and Sanford; Advanced Film Solutions is

Florida’s window film specialists.


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Advanced Film Solutions Orlando Home Window Tinting

Our Orlando sales team has been driving business throughout central Florida where temps bake homes throughout the year.


The Orlando region is much more than theme parks and hotels.

This is a growing population center where electric rates are soaring and homeowners are looking for economical solutions to lower electric costs and make their homes more comfortable.


We have the unique EnerLogic Low E All Season Window Film that has captured the imagination of homeowners throughout the USA.

The first true Low E Film with a lifetime warranty and the unique benefits that only Eastman Performance Films can deliver:

 Imagine a coating that is applied to your existing windows that transforms single pane into dual pane performance!

93% winter insulation and a phenomenal 76% summer heat rejection!

Our competition, 3M?

Their Low E films have 1/3 the winter insulation benefit and are only warranted for 5 years. That’s a knockout victory for EnerLogic!


But that’s just the tip of the Advanced Film Solutions competitive advantage over our 3M -Home Depot rivals!

Our Vista Films are designer recommended and are available in more light transmissions and aesthetic nuances than any other suite of choices.

Safety and security dual combination films all NFRC certified.

We respect the intelligence of our clients.

You won’t get hype or nonsense about films working better at angles, or gimmick BTU demo’s that mislead you into thinking that a lighter film blocks more heat than darker reflective films.

If 3M Prestige Film can block 97% of the heat like their Orlando dealers write on their website; I am 9 feet tall and can leap a tall building in a single bound!

 DuPont Mylar shatter resistant, tested and documented to support your peace of mind!

Huper Optik ceramic films designed for homeowners who don’t want a reflective appearance on their glass!


Superior heat rejection and optical clarity and a range of light transmissions to match your unique objectives.

It’s small wonder that Advanced Film Solutions is the Orlando leader in residential window film installations!

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