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Tampa Labor Day Window Film Solutions

Said it before and will repeat it again, we love home shows!

That’s why we are at the Florida State Fairgrounds for the Labor Day weekend for the Tampa Home Show.

35524_535040636529412_1695691701_nLet us show you why consumers choose Advanced Film Solutions to reduce their electric bill and protect their homes and families.

Solar films that protect your home or business against forced entry and smash and grab.

UV fade protection and lower electric bills summer and winter thanks to our Films.

Stop by and visit our booth!

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Advanced Film Solutions

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Commercial Glass Protection Window Film, Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota


A key concern for many property managers is increased protection of tenant property and assets from burglary and weather induced shattered glass.

Installation of clear LLumar Security Glazing Film

Certainly alarm systems detect a breach and the alarms do limit the amount of time thieves will linger at a targeted location.

Nevertheless, reinforcing your glass with our safety and security glazing films is an obvious, economically beneficial alternative. How long will it take for law enforcement to respond?

Our thick optically transparent films will slow down these crooks-period!

No other company in the Tampa-Sarasota-Clearwater-Lakeland and Orlando offers more choices in light transmission and appearance than Advanced Film Solutions.

Our choices include:
  • Vista Dual Reflective Solar Security 8 ML Shatter Film
  • LLumar clear and tinted versions.
  • Madico and Sunscape
  • Armorcoat clear and tinted versions
  • Hanita: Israeli clear and tinted films
  • Huper Optik Ceramic Non Reflective
  • SunTek Clear, Tinted and non-reflective


Delay, deter and deny entry while providing covert protection from flying debris, vandalism and accidents.

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Advanced Window Tinting That Pays For Itself

Homeowners and property managers realize that clear glass windows are inefficient in factoring out glare, heat and UV. 


Unprotected glass is also the weakest link in your security planning since it only takes a few seconds for burglars to break through; take your valuables and exit before law enforcement responds.

There is a practical cost effective solution that will give you the best ROI of any alternative window strategy: Window Film!

Advanced Film Solutions provides transparent, durable and optically clear coatings that are installed on your existing windows. 

These coatings remove UV, factor out heat and glare and lower your electric costs by as much as 30% a month.

Manufactured by Eastman Chemical; these coatings are designed to last and will provide these benefits for decades to come supported by a lifetime warranty.

Winter or summer these coatings maintain the interior temperatures that best suits your comfort level.

Single pane windows perform like double pane windows at a fraction of the cost of a window replacement.

Thicker solar and clear shatter resistant versions harden your glass and make it extremely difficult for burglars to break through your windows. 

These films delay, deter and deny access and in reflective versions can provide privacy from that curious neighbor or a serious potential threat.


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Keeping Colors Colorful, Advanced Film Solutions Window Tinting

Don’t you love the look of a well furnished home.


The colors are so bright, warm and inviting.

Your curtains and area rugs a perfect accent for your taste, and impact you selected when you designed the look you always wanted.


There is one big problem!

Sunlight fades your furnishings every day. The UV light destroys fabrics, lightens colors or alters the appearance of your furnishings, paintings and carpets.

The unprotected wood floors can bring tears to your eyes.

There is a solution and it starts with a call to Advanced Film Solutions.

We are Tampa Bay and Orlando’s leading UV fade control specialists thanks to our Eastman Chemical portfolio of window film.


It is estimated 40% to 60% percent of fade is caused by exposure to UV energy; the use of window film with its UV blocking ability can prevent up to 99% of that contribution to fading.

Other factors that contribute to fading are visible light and heat, so the glare reduction and energy savings properties of window film can further reduce the rate of fading that might otherwise occur.


Our suite of films factor out 99.9% of the damaging UV rays. Transparent coatings that won’t alter the look of your windows or darken the room (should you wish to lower light levels; we have exactly what you need!)


Economically priced and always a flawless installation supported by our Better Business Bureau A Plus rating and an 8 time Super Service Award winner from Angie’s List!

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Cooler Parishioners Salvation From Florida’s Heat, Tampa Advanced Window Tinting


A Plant City congregation had suffered far too long with afternoon heat and glare.

They did their research.

Called for several estimates and chose Advanced Film Solutions.


Some competitors offered cheap car tinting with 45% heat rejection in a dyed film that will turn purple in short order.

Several bid a silver 20% film which has good privacy and excellent heat rejection but not in the same league as our dual reflective 5% solar film designed for commercial and residential applications.

The church blocked 84% of the heat and 99.9% UV rejection.

Unlike our car tinting buddies we are able to offer a 15 year warranty and a lifetime residential warranty.

It’s not even close!

Our competition didn’t stand a prayer!

No matter how attractive the parishioners might be they didn’t want to be sitting in a hall of mirrors.

Get results.

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