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Tampa Bay Homes Get Cool With Advanced Film Solutions


The temps felt like 110 degrees and that made our phones ring off the hook.

Our team of installers completed 27 installations this week in Tampa Bay alone. 

That total doesn’t include  Orlando, Bradenton and Sarasota installations.

We provided combination safety and security films for homeowners with the dual benefit of energy savings along with home protection.

VISTA and Huper Optik ceramic films were installed on homes in Lutz, Land O Lakes, New Port Richey and Orlando. 

We installed Huper Optik on homes in Cheval and Champions Club and the prestigious Avilla neighborhood.

No other company in Tampa offers as many choices of film solutions than Advanced Film Solutions.

Call today and…
  • Reduce your electric bill by nearly 30%
  • Cut glare by 80%

  • Drop those afternoon temps down in your home as our films block up to 80% of the solar heat.
  • Cut 99.9% of the harmful UV
  • Crime and safety protection from smash and grab crime
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Advanced Film Solutions

Tampa Glazing Protection Security Window Film

Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s leading residential and commercial window film installation company.

We separate our product and service portfolio from our competition by providing the leading window film solutions for solar control, designer decorative films and glazing security shatter window film.

Many home and business owners researching security glazing film solutions will benefit with this brief comparison study between 3M Window Film and the window film solutions Advanced Film represents.

We provide installations for the following branded solutions:

The strength of the security glazing films we represent meet the objective criteria as set forth by various independent rating and testing thresholds.


While your home or office may differ in the type of glass and frames being protected the Federal Government and code agencies have established a level plain for testing and performance.

Fortunately it can be stated that there is no 3M Window Film that has a better safety performance than the security films we represent.

Further there are several iterations of our security films that objectively out-perform the thinner 3M ultra films in puncture strength, tensile strength and test results.

Importantly we install dozens of security films that have solar properties in combination with the security features that 3M can not match.

This becomes a critical advantage when the consumer requires privacy our sustainable energy savings.

The Eastman brands for example are available in silver versions, dual reflective versions and ceramic versions all exceeding the limited 3M portfolio.

Advanced Film Solutions furthermore offers attachment systems ln particular the industry standard Dow Corning 995 which has been tested by the Dept of Defense, UL laboratories, ASTM and Factory Mutual Windblown debris.

City Hall Altamonte Springs where Advanced Film Solutions delivered superior Vista Dual Reflective Films changing the weaker 3M S25 5 ML film to the stronger, safer 8 ML V28 PS8

Consumers can be frequently confused when 3M states that their thinner tear resistant films meet performance levels that competitive thicker films achieve.

This is quantifiable as an inaccurate assessment.

Advanced Film Solutions installs coatings 8 ML thick and greater. This is the performance platform that is required to meet GSA Blast Criteria and ASTM testing criteria.

From a safety profile the Advanced Film Solutions is unequivocally the superior choice and value.



Please contact Advanced Film Solutions toll free at 877-575-3456 for a free estimate and consultation.

Our testing data, films samples and additional specifications are all available upon request.

Advanced Film Solutions

Advanced Film Solutions Tampa Glass Protection, Burglar, Smash & Grab Window Tinting

Retail store owners are painfully aware of the rising burglary rates.


Automotive stores, Pizza shops, pharmacies, restaurants you name it!

Office park break-ins.

The weak link?

secureStorefront glass windows.

Obviously there are methods for limiting the potential threat.

Better lighting stronger locks, security patrols and alarm systems alerting law enforcement.

Advanced Film Solutions provides superior installation of thicker (8ML) shatter control window film.


Windows can be broken for a variety of reasons such as burglary, vandalism and flying debris. There’s no doubt that window film can dramatically increase the strength of your windows and keep your glass in place when broken.

Safety and security coatings can harden the windows of your home or office designed to delay, deny and deter entry.

Protective window film helps guard against:

  • Bomb blast and severe weather – helps reduce damage and likelihood of injury from flying glass
  • Forced entry – makes it harder for thieves to “smash and grab” retail display merchandise
  • Graffiti – when vandals strike, the transparent film is peeled away –along with the graffiti

The leading security film solutions in the industry.

slideshow_1094898_SMASH_AND_GRAB_1Lab tested and proven strength.

Our selections range from clear versions to darker reflective privacy versions.

Delay, Deter and Deny entry with Advanced Film Solutions

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Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando’s Window Film Experts Advanced Film Solutions

Today’s homeowners looking for relief from the heat, glare and relentless UV have chosen Advanced Film Solutions for their window film requirements.

Our team has earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 9  years and an A Plus Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

We offer more choices in window film appearance and performance that include security glazing films from LLumar, Vista, Madico and Armorcoat.

Solar films that meet deed restrictions and all HOA rules like Huper Optik ceramic.

Lifetime warranties and our commercial division has become one of the largest in the state of Florida.

Advanced Film Solutions was founded in 2007 by the former National Sales Manager of 3M. We have grown into one of the largest residential and commercial window film companies in the USA.

Top 20

Our success is based on meeting our clients requirements and strict attention to detail.

Call Advanced Film Solutions for a free estimate toll free 877-575-3456

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Record Breaking Heat Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater Sun Blocking Window Film

You can’t escape the heat here and in Orlando.

Your home bakes every day which drives high cooling costs and makes rooms unlivable.

That’s why Advanced Film Solutions continues to set records for home cooling window film installations.

The heat gained through windows alone can represent up to 50 percent of summer cooling costs and it can also make your favorite room feel as comfortable as the surface of the sun.

Homeowners increasingly seek new ways and simple steps to energy-efficiency, call local entrepreneur and window film experts, Advanced Film Solutions, to learn more about a powerful, but often overlooked option: solar control window film.


Did you know that adding solar control window film can reduce the loss of heat and heat gain through untreated glass by up to 80 percent?

Advanced Film Solutions can educate you about the many advantages of solar control window film – from tax credits and UV protection to energy savings rebates and security.

You don’t know what you don’t know:

• Is your favorite room too hot in the summer… did you know that applying solar control window film to your home can help reduce temperatures in any hot spot and protect your family and furnishings by blocking 99.9% UVA/UVB rays?

• Frustrated when watching TV during the day… did you know that applying solar control window film can help reduce glare, allowing you to watch your favorite shows comfortably … day or night?

Advanced Film Solutions

Toll Free: 877-575-3456