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Coolest Tampa Homes Get Ceramic Window Tinting

Florida homeowners are keenly aware of their summer electric bills.


The bright light means non stop AC costs that can run higher than your first mortgage payment!

Window Film is an energy smart aftermarket solution that has the fastest return on investment compared to any other retrofit you can consider for your home.

We have an extensive portfolio of coatings that can block as much as 85% of the solar energy from entering your windows.


Coatings that range from a dark reflective appearance to crystal clear IR heat blocking versions.

Our experts can design a custom solution that meets your specific aesthetic requirements and balances that against the amount of light you demand for your home.

Advanced Film Solutions experienced installers provide a flawless installation that has earned our team Angie’s List Super Service Award 8 consecutive years.

We are also rated A Plus with the Better Business Bureau.

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Solving Florida Glass Problems, Advanced Film Window Tinting

At the core of what we do at Advanced Film Solutions is our expertise for solving glass problems.

We improve the energy efficiency performance and the appearance and safety of your glass.

  • We fix purple dyed window films that were installed by our competitors.


  • We remove glare and eliminate harmful UV issues without affecting or changing the beauty clarity or hue of the light entering your home.
  • Our reputation is critical we never exaggerate or mislead.
  • Our measurements are precise.gfr
  • The performance characteristics of our films are certified by the NFRC and our solutions are measured by independent lab testing.
  • Advanced Film Solutions  Huper Optik has no metals and superior IR rejection. These films won’t add reflectivity to the exterior or interior views nor will they interfere with EM signals.

  • Low E Film lowers energy costs throughout the entire year with unmatched heat rejection and winter insulation.East
  • Your electric bill will be lowered by up to 30% a month. Real savings every single month because we eliminate nearly 80% of the heat.
  • We earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 8 straight years!

Let us solve your glass problems and compare Advanced Film Solutions


2020, Commercial Contracting Window Tinting Solutions Alternatives

Commercial property managers throughout the country are researching the alternatives for reducing their energy costs and improving tenant comfort and safety.

Window Film USA offers the most extensive portfolio of window film brands and solutions to match any requirement.


Our installation teams have completed nearly 14000 projects since we exited 3M Window Film in 2007.

VISTA Films the NFRC Rated low interior reflective and ceramic films meet the aesthetic requirements of luxury homes and prestige gated communities and condos.

These films are the number one choice of Interior Designers who are primarily interested in protecting furnishings and accessories from the heat and UV fading.

We also acquired the Huper Optik nanoceramic films from Germany.

These are the best heat rejecting window films for a non-metallic film offering extraordinary optical clarity and superior performance.

Huper card

Certainly the commercial market segment has similar requirements.

Lowering electric costs and providing a maximum return on their investment.

The cost benefit for a superior performing window film like VISTA and Huper Optik may not match the budget restrictions imposed on a larger facility.

In these situations we have developed a complete portfolio of reflective commercial films manufactured by the industry leaders Llumar, Avery Dennison-Hanita, Solar Gard, Johnson and SunTek.

These films are lower cost yet their heat rejecting performance and durability are never sacrificed.

These films are all NFRC Certified which is critically important as compared to car tinting dyed films which may look fine at the time of the installation but rapidly degrade over the next few months.

Property managers need to be cautious not to authorize an installation of these low ball cost films because the useful life is extremely limited.

Our standards are high and we are fully insured and BBB rated A Plus

The fact that we identify the brands we represent and can explain the nuances between these films is a benefit to our clients.

Call Advanced Film Solutions and compare!

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Tampa Bay, Orlando RFQ Bid Window Tinting- Advanced Film

Window Tinting for homes and businesses is an essential aftermarket solution for heat, UV and glare control in Florida.


Thicker iterations of these films will improve the protection of your windows from forced entry and accidental breakage (golf balls, etc.)

Advanced Film Solutions with offices in Tampa Bay and Orlando is a full service professional installation company that services the entire Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakeland, Hernando, Citrus, Orlando (Orange and Seminole County area) collage (3)

We represent the world leader in window film technology, Eastman Chemicals.

No other company offers as many choices in NFRC certified solar and solar security films:

  • LLumar solar and solar safety films.
  • Huper Optik

Our pricing is set to win and we are fully insured with workers comp.


Our track record for meeting and exceeding our clients requirements has earned Advanced Film Solutions an A+ rating with the BBB.

We earned Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2011, 2012 2013 2014 2015, 2016. 2017. 2018.

We have completed more than 15000 home and business installations since 2007.

Landmark installations throughout Florida.


To request a free estimate or proposal contact Advanced Film Solutions, toll free: 877-575-3456

 Lower your monthly electric bill by up to 30% a month!


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Groundhog Day, Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Orlando Advanced Window Film

Well our favorite rodent has confirmed that Spring will be coming early and that solid piece of information means great news for window film potential clients.

After all our Florida weather is typically oppressively hot.

Why we might just hit 65 degrees today!

How do Florida homeowners keep out the heat, glare and constant UV damage?

Advanced Film Solutions makes Florida homes cooler with an application of transparent thin solar films that factor out heat, glare and UV.


These invisible coatings make your home cooler since heat is stopped right at the glass.

Advanced Film Solutions represents the Eastman Chemical solar films Vista, LLumar, Huper Optik and SunTek.

Choices provide consumers the very best pricing and installations with a lifetime warranty.

Thicker versions of these films can stop burglars at the glass as well.

Always free estimates by calling Advanced Film Solutions toll free at 877-575-3456