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Home & Office Window Tinting Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Orlando Competitive Edge

Advanced Film Solutions represents the global leader in window film technology, performance and market share:

Our Vista, LLumar and Huper Optik deliver energy efficiency by dramatically improving your windows ability to factor out heat, UV and glare.


Low e Films maintain warmth in the winter by insulating your glass with Low E capabilities.

Our challenge as the number one window film installation company in Florida is to raise market awareness and build upon our past success with more than 13,000 residential and commercial satisfied clients since 2007.

Our competitive edge starts with the superiority of our film solutions.


We have the most extensive portfolio of window films in Florida.

Our pricing is always competitive and having more choices in our portfolio and a wealth of expertise is a distinct advantage.

How do we win time and time again?
  • Our films simply do a better job for our clients
  • More choices equates to a perfect aesthetic fit for our customers.

  • We offer documented performance through the NFRC

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Finding Best Value Window Films For Tampa, Orlando, & Sarasota Homes

You’ve wisely decided to lower your monthly electric bill and understand that window film can reduce fade, lower glare and add comfort to your home or business.

The question remains: What is the best window film choice; and which company is best suited to perform the installation?
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Advanced Film Solutions is the company to choose for superior window film installations.

We are the most experienced film company in the I-4 corridor with 14,000 projects completed in just the last eleven years.

We are fully insured and BBB Rated A plus

Advanced Film Solutions is unique by offering more brand choices than any other competitor.

These films range from the designer recommended VISTA Films and Huper Optik Ceramic films to our economically priced selections that include LLumar , Solar Gard, SunTek, Hanita and Armorcoat

By offering more choices and having a deeper selection, our clients receive objective quotations and the best value.

We win on the glass with superior performance, optically clearer films, wider widths, NFRC certified films and transferable lifetime warranties (VISTA)

So we encourage clients to compare and get the FACTS!

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Prestige Homes In Tampa Bay, Orlando & Sarasota Deserve Huper Optik Window Film

It’s   Hot.

Your Electric Bill Is Higher Than Your Car Payment

The glare is insufferable

Fading anyone?

Consumers are looking for effective solutions that won’t break the bank!



Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa, Orlando and Sarasota’s leading window film installation company offering the perfect choices designed for your prestige home.

Why do owners of prestige homes select Advanced Film Solutions Huper Optik & Vista Window Films over the competition?


Here are just a few reasons:

1. We understand our market and our clients requirements.

We consult and present choices in window films. Each alternative matches a specific requirement and budget. Being flexible lets us meet or exceed our customer’s objectives and budget.

2. Our product solutions  demonstrate superior performance and of course the ideal  aesthetic appeal.

Our VISTA Window Films are designed to preserve  Night Vision  and the exceptional performance of these films against heat, glare, UV  is backed with  transferable lifetime warranty.


Further these Vista Films are insulated glass safe, and have received  certification from the National Fenestration Ratings Council.


Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic Films provide excellent heat and UV rejection. 

These prestige films reduce the reflectivity of glass and preserve the aesthetics of the home. There films meet all deed restrictions and qualify for Energy rebates.

Advanced Film Solutions is the Clear Choice!
The Window Film Experts in Tampa Bay. 


NFRC Rated Florida Window Tinting, All Films Not Created Equally

Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s leading residential and commercial installation company of VISTA and Huper Optik NFRC certified window film.


All Films Were Not Created Equally!

The NFRC certification takes the guess work out of your window film selection. 

In the past marketing and sales hype could confuse or mislead a potential window film client.  

Imagine a window film company telling consumers they block 97% of the heat.

Imagine telling consumers their film works better at angles? No one would believe that; would they?


Thanks to the hard work of the window film industry our films now have a powerful tool to ensure that the outcome we propose will be the results that you receive!


VISTA LLumar and Huper Optik are part of Eastman Chemical’s vast portfolio of 21st century thin film technologies. 

Advanced Film is pleased to represent these world leading films sales in the Tampa , Lakeland, Clearwater, Bradenton, Sarasota and Orlando area.

Our window films are affordable and practical solutions against rising electric costs and UV damage. 

Outstanding glare control and increased perimeter protection against home invasion, burglary or flying debris.


The Right Decision For Your Glass! 

Advanced Film Solutions

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July Heat, Dog Days Of Summer: Florida’s Coolest Window Tinting

It’s HOT.


Air so thick you could cut a knife through it.

So you would naturally think that this would be our top month for selling window film?


The excuses:

Back To School:  The back to school theory has it that everyone is starting to concentrate on kids heading back to school and have no thoughts about their ridiculous electric bills or that their home feels like a sauna.

This would be a wonderful excuse except for the fact that the Tampa-St. Pete area is “God’s Waiting Room.

senior discount
Many of our customer have kids older than Trump and I assure you that they aren’t heading off on that Yellow Bus.

Vacation Time: This is the theory that everyone is on vacation.


Check out the traffic on I 275 around 5:00 PM and tell me that all my neighbors are lying on a beach somewhere (or if you are really keeping score; we should all be in Alaska trying to get away from the beaches!)

Nobody has any money left!
Now I like this excuse but I know that its not completely true.

Of course our open quotes have generated some very creative excuses:

  • Client is getting sued and is worried they won’t have any money left.
  • Client has termites and has to spend money on tenting their home.
  • Clients Mom is very sick (substitute with any other family member)
  • Client needs root canal. (OUCH!)
  • Clients home is in a sink hole.
  • Client getting a divorce.
  • Client broke hip.
  • Client’s pet died.
  • Client considering spending tn times more for new windows.

And that is just this week’s excuses

Advanced Film Solutions