Consumer Window Tinting Comparison Advanced Film Solutions Vs. 3M

Thanks to the power of the Internet, consumers have incredibly detailed resources to conduct research on nearly any product or solution.

It’s no different for investigating window film solutions for homeowners in Tampa Bay, Orlando or throughout the USA.


Let’s assume that you recognize that window film is the right solution for glare, heat, uncomfortable rooms, rising electric costs and fading.

There are scores of choices and companies who are all vying for your business.

You may be familiar with certain brands and that’s understandable.  After all you have heard of Scotch Tape and 3M Post-It Notes; so that 3M logo might be tempting.


As an independent window film solutions provider Advanced Film Solutions established a differentiation strategy that allows our clients to find the perfect film for their specific requirements.

Our background (33 years at 3M) and more recently the last seven years as Florida’s fastest growing residential and commercial window film installation company is unmatched in Tampa Bay and the Orlando region.

Our commitment to detail and superior customer service has been recognized by Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner for 2011, 2012 ,2013 and 2014! 


We are also proud of our Accredited A Plus Rating from the Better Business Bureau.


  • Is there a difference in the optical clarity of one film versus another?
    There are differences in optical clarity between the various window film brands. Advanced Film Solutions recommends VISTA, EnerLogic, LLumar and Huper Optik Films that offer pristine clarity and unmatched durability.


  • When in doubt; we recommend that you compare the actual window film being proposed in a side-by-side comparison. Advanced Film Solutions has never lost this “see for yourself” comparison.

  • How about reflectivity?

    Most manufacturers produce reflective, dual reflective and non reflective window films to meet a variety of consumer requirements.

    Reflective metallic films are effective in keeping the heat from entering your home.Advanced Film Solutions recommends our Vista dual reflectives based on the heat rejection, durability and optical clarity that are mandatory for Interior Designers.

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  • Non-Reflective Films:

    Ideal for HOA rules and deed restrictions the best alternative is Huper Optik.  They have outstanding durability, clarity and superior heat rejection.

    Huper Optik is available in a wide range of light transmissions and all are less reflective than glass.

Huper Optik Films qualify for TECO rebates the Prestige 3M Film does not reject enough heat to qualify for these substantial rebates.


There are important differences between the various window film solutions available.

Advanced Film Solutions consultants can explain the differences and customize the perfect solution for your home.

We win supported by facts over perception and our clients reap the reward of a lifetime of comfort and energy cost savings.


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