Cooler Ride Llumar SelectPro Car Tinting Tampa Bay’s Best

Car Tinting in Pasco and Hillsborough County can be a daunting experience for drivers.

Most shops only offer one or two basic choices in tinting.
Dark and light.
  • Most shops never identify the brand of film they are installing.
  • Most cut the tint on your glass, hand cutting with sharp razors like we used to do 20 years ago.
  • Most won’t offer a lifetime warranty.
  • Some still seam your back glass rather than do it in one piece!
  • Most have run down shops or do mobile tinting at flea markets where dust and dirt screw up the installation.

Advanced Film Solutions does car tinting like no other shop in Tampa.

We offer the greatest window film in the industry; FormulaOne, and LLumar SelectPro

We use state of the art plotters and software to cut the exact pattern for your glass.

We are fully insured!

Our warranty is lifetime and transferable.

Our waiting area is pristine, free internet and TV and wait time is less than two hours

And we offer more choices in car tinting films and better pricing than any shop in Tampa Bay.

Call today for an appointment.

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The difference is Advanced Film Solutions


Florida Secure Glass Protection Window Tinting


Many home and business owners are researching methods that improve the security of their windows from smash and grab burglary.

Combining the solar properties of our VISTA, LLumar can pay dividends in terms of safety and bottom line savings on your monthly electric bills.

Our clients want the superior puncture resistance and higher level of home security protection that you receive with our Vista 8 ML solar security films.
Optical clarity is another major reason for the homeowners confidence in Advanced Film Solutions. 


No one wants a hazy film on their glass and the clarity of our Vista Films are unmatched.

Safer homes and businesses and cooler homes deserve the best in window film!


Advanced Film Solutions matches the right film for our clients requirements.

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Government Facility Managers Get Advanced Film Solutions Security Window Film

Advanced Film Solutions has completed scores of high profile projects in the Tampa Bay and Orlando region that are geared to making buildings safer and cooler (energy efficient)

Our team of installers applied Vista Solar Security Luminance to the City of Oveido offices in Central Florida as one example.

This NFRC rated film was once again selected over 3M competition and their weaker 5 ML Film.

The Vista Advantage:

  • Our 8 ML films have greater impact strength and our energy savings, incredible optical clarity is unmatched. Thicker really is Better!

  • Shatter Resistance

Altamonte Springs 031

  • Daytime privacy.

  • Our lifetime warranty (residential transferable) and commercial 15 year.

  • The superior craftsmanship of our installation team that has earned Advanced Film Solutions the Super Service Award from Angie’s List the last 8 years.

Call Advanced Film Solutions and start enjoying the same safety enhancements, energy and glare control and flawless installation that your neighbors have experienced!


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Benefits Window Film Retrofit Commercial Buildings, Tampa, Orlando

The rising cost to cool commercial properties has increased interest in retro-fitting existing buildings for cost savings, often with significant environmental benefits from reduced resource consumption.

How Window Film Helps:

Operating costs include energy usage for HVAC, lighting, plug load, etc. And low-e window film can positively impact all of these factors. For example, uncontrolled daylight through window glass often causes tenants and occupants to shut blinds and shades.

This may reduce the amount of natural daylight coming into the space, and place a higher demand on your electric lighting system. At the end of the month, you may notice higher utility bills if lighting has been turned on more often

One major and frequently overlooked action is the installation of energy control window film.

20150619_141851 (1)

Today’s dynamic window film solutions are designed to last for decades and this has a dramatic and tangible impact on life cycle cost reduction, sustainability and immediate reduction in monthly cooling costs.

Certainly each building and commercial property is unique.

The amount of exposed glass and the orientation of the windows (south, east,and western exposure) have a huge effect on H vac costs and ROI.

The tropical weather in west and central Florida makes a window film installation the most cost effective and practical solution for any energy retrofit.

Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s Leading resource for window film installations.

Commercial Window tinting offers 99.9% UV protection, reduces the amount of infrared, visible light and utility costs for businesses. Plus we offer state-of-the-art nano ceramic films.

Window film also gives your building a unique appearance while providing privacy, glare reduction and insulation from the sun.

Our window tinting services also safe guards your business from intrusion.

Denies entry & delays and deters theft.

Toll Free for an estimate and cost comparison.

Advanced Film Solutions


Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota

Tampa Bay Affordable Window Tinting Advanced Film Solutions


The window film business in Tampa has been our obsession since the 1990’s. 

Back then I was the 3M sales rep for window film and later National Sales Manager of 3M Window Film.  In 2007 when I “retired” from 3M my goal was to launch a new concept window film installation company serving the entire Tampa Bay area.

The solutions we would offer were in every category superior in performance, appearance and investment cost to the 3M made or re-boxed films.


We thought that we knew the obstacles that would face us as we began.  After all I had paid attention throughout the previous years and having had first hand experience with some of the most successful dealers in the USA.

My goal was to offer superior value with superior products never taking a back seat to 3M.

13 years later and Advanced Film Solutions has developed into one of the largest VISTA and Huper Optik Window Film installation companies in the USA.

We have earned the Super Service award from Angie’s List for 8 straight years and the Best Of Home Advisor Award and HOUZZ

Locally our car tinting business has grown in leaps and bounds based upon the support and performance of our FormulaOne , Huper Optik and LLumar.

The challenge throughout these last 13 years is to continue to offer solutions that meet and exceed our clients requirements.

Our strategy has been to offer the best solutions and warranty with films that are superior in every respect.

Solutions that provide maximum return on your investment by insulating your windows in the winter as well as the summer!

The challenge as always is to remain relevant.
To meet our clients requirements and to offer the best films and the very best brands.

We never assume a sale but rather take the time to explain the differences between the films we offer.

We win on the glass!

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