Frightening Car Tinting Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, Wesley Chapel Halloween Sale

If you are frightened by the election; why not head down to Advanced Film Solutions?


We scare competition with the lowest Halloween prices. 
We haven’t had a scary sale for a year and our Zombie friends are starting to feel like outcasts!

We are Tampa’s FormulaOne Car Tinting company.

Throughout the month of October,  Advanced Film Solutions is running our annual SCARY PROMO!

Why would you want an average tint on your car when you can have the best car film in the world?


Frighteningly Great Window Tinting

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Security Window Film For Home Sliders, Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota


Burglars agree: Glazing Protection Films on sliders makes their task much more difficult.

These thieves ring your door bell and when they realize no one is home they go around your home and make their way to your sliders or pool bath door.


If you don’t have security glazing window film there is only a piece of glass standing between them and your valuables.

Advanced Film Solutions is the region’s leader in the installation of security glazing window film.

These thicker coatings are available in clear versions and a host of solar versions that not only maintain the integrity of your doors and windows but also lower your monthly cooling costs and provide daytime privacy.

All of our choices start at a minimum 8 ML thickness.

These are the same coatings utilized by the Federal Government on GSA buildings throughout the USA as well as military bases throughout the world.

We recommend that you also have Advanced Film Solutions attach the film, glass and frames into a “system” using Dow silicone 995.

Don’t make it easy for thieves!

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Pasco County Car Tinting Comparison Quotes

We get calls every day asking for price quotes for car tinting.

Most drivers think that all tint shops offer pretty much the same quality window film.

They aren’t savvy about the heat rejection capability or long-term durability of the multitude of window film solutions available.

They don’t consider signal interference or optical clarity.

They just want a price and quite frankly a low flea market price.

Advanced Film Solutions is Pasco County FormulaOne, LLumar and Huper Optik Automotive Films.

We educate our clients about film quality and performance attributes.


We match our clients to the film that best suits their driving requirements and budget.

If our client wants the very best coatings only Advanced Film Solutions offers the FormulaOne Series Pinnacle and Comfort Films. 

These films out perform our LLumar by 15-20% in heat rejection while providing a transferable, no fault warranty.


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Tampa Bay Formula One Car Tinting Cooler Driving

Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa’s premier car tinting installation company.
Tampa Bay area drivers face enormous challenges. 

It Gets Hot

It Stays Hot

Its Not Getting Any Cooler

Our clients range from the extremely cost conscious drivers to luxury car owners. 
They share one thing in common:
They expect comfort, performance and a superior installation!

We offer better selections, including the best heat rejecting films and the best nanoceramic film in the industry: Pinnacle Films.


 Our Pinnacle Films won’t interfere with Bluetooth, GPS or Satellite Radio transmissions.
Pinnacle will never block your key less entry system!

All the more reason to get your ride tinted with Advanced Film Solutions!

  • We employ skilled tinting experts with decades of experience.
  • We use precision cut plotters for the perfect pattern and fit.
  • Our ceramic films easily out-performs any other ceramic or multi-layered optical film.
  • Our films offer incomparable optical clarity.
  • Our warranty is automatically transferable and NO FAULT.
  • We are experts in clear bra, paint protection films.
  • We offer more choices in light transmissions and levels of performance.

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3M Window Film Comparisons Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota

Yes. .


When we left 3M Window Film nearly 10 years ago our goal was to compete head to head with our 3M window film competition.

PicMonkey Collage
Certainly we were motivated after spending a few years with that company (33 years!)


The critical advantage we have is knowing the 3M Window Film limitations and recognizing which window film solutions offered superior value for our clients.

That of course isn’t enough.

You’ve heard of 3M.

You have to acknowledge their brand power and the halo effect of good will based on the thousands of products they make and their “image” of innovation.

Heck I was once a 3M guy and to paraphrase Tommy Lasorda; “I had 3M Red flowing through my veins.”

Of course that has absolutely nothing to do with whether their window film solutions can match competition.

Particularly Advanced Film Solutions!

PicMonkey Collage

It’s their perception of performance that was the chief sales obstacle to overcome.

Winning on the glass is actually the easiest mission to accomplish.

We win when our clients can see the clarity of our films.

Yes-it is that OBVIOUS!

So the challenge has been to slap consumers on the side of their heads (figuratively speaking, of course) with FACTS.


Facts like the NFRC Ratings that quantify window film performance on various window systems

Facts like solar heat gain rejection for their prestige films that dispel any baloney claims about 97% heat rejection.

 Facts like independent and objective testing for fragment retention,

Facts that dispel the notion that their film has any advantage in hard coat.

Facts like they don’t actually make “their” ceramic film so they can hardly brag with a straight face about how clear “their film” looks implying it’s a result of their innovation.

Facts like all films and glass itself will perform better when the heat source (Sun) is at an angle to the glass.

Will facts win the day?

Does a side by side comparisons of superior Vista and Huper Optik optical clarity win the day?


3M film top left panel-Huper Optik on the rest.
Yes. you can see the difference and no,we didn’t Photoshop this!

Only if, and when, we have the opportunity to educate our potential client.
So. .


Call 3M.

Go to the Home Depot store.

Watch their gimmick demo using a heat lamp and btu meter and get their astonishing quote.

Then. .

And this is extremely important. . .

Call Advanced Film Solutions, toll free at
You’ll be happy that you did!