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Remove Purple Window Tinting Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Orlando

Getting that failed, purple window tinting off store or home windows isn’t as easy as you might think.

That old tint has lost it’s solar heat and UV blocking capabilities long ago.

That failed adhesive is holding onto your glass with it’s last ounce of strength.

Advanced Film Solutions installers are also very adept at removing old, failed blurry, hazy and distorted tinting.


We’ll replace this eyesore with the leading technology solar control coatings developed by Eastman Chemical.

Our Vista, LLumar and Huper Optik films will lower your monthly electric bill by 30%

15 - 18


If you’ve reached your purple tinting limits call Advanced Film Solutions today!

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Tampa Gets Cool With LLumar Advanced Film Solutions

The mature window tinting business that began over a half century ago has gone through many change since late 2008 when Eastman Films became the first company with NFRC Certification


The original window films back in the 1960’s and 1970’s had a limited life cycle because of the unstable dyes that were used in the manufacturing process.

This grew to become an industry still in search of credibility. 

Even today you’ll see purple windows on homes, office buildings and retail stores.

Credibility is critically important and the game changer is the US Department Of Energy and their Energy Star program. 

For window films to become rated and approved the industry has had to develop standardized measurements independently lab tested and documented.


The NFRC provided the vehicle for this logical process and the leading window film companies driven by Eastman’s leadership have followed suit.

Consumers are looking for energy efficient solutions that can reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their electric bills. 

Now with NFRC rated films a consumer can narrow their choices to performance and aesthetics.

Certainly there are reflective films that provide privacy, UV rejection and superior heat rejection.

These films like VISTA and LLumar set the standard in low interior reflection and outstanding optical clarity.


Non-Reflective Ceramic Films like Huper Optik set the bar at the highest level for a non metal film that meets aesthetic requirements of any Home Owners Association and complies with Deed Restrictions.

We strongly endorse the NFRC and the independent credentials that will ultimately lead to Energy Star ratings

That’s why we always advise our clients to do their homework, check the ratings and beware outrageous claims about blocking 97% of the IR or heat or nonsense about working better at angles (after all all window films do!)

Beware phony BTU tests with rigged IR meters that only measure a narrow wavelength to give the illusion of performance.

Advanced Film Solutions

Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota


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Dark Days Over NFRC Rated Eastman LLumar Advanced Film Solutions

As Florida temperatures and electric bills soar to new records; home and business owners throughout Florida start researching the most effective means to lower  interior temperatures, glare and UV. 

 They want fast and economically priced solutions with fast ROI and unequaled effectiveness in lowering cooling costs.

Their best solutions Advanced Film Solutions.

We take the guesswork out of the buying equation.

Our experts are well versed in all aspects of window film based on our decades of field experience in solar and solar security films.

Our installers are outstanding as demonstrated by the numerous awards we have earned including the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for eight straight years.

Better Choices:

Most window film companies focus your attention to one particular brand of window film. 


This is particularly true for our 3M competition who market their films through Home Depot, Window Depot and numerous AC companies and car tint shops throughout the state.

Advanced Film Solutions Window Film USA takes an entirely different approach.

Incredible Choices:

We offer our clients the widest choices in the industry. Leading solutions from Eastman Chemical, Madico, Solar Gard, Huper Optik, Vista, LLumar, Johnson, SunTek and more.

No tricks, heat lamp gimmicks or pretending films work better at an angle to inflate our films on glass performance characteristics.

Instead we provide NFRC documented performance. Tested, documented and warranted for accuracy.

  • Superior transferable warranty
  • Rebates are earned by scores of our selections.

  • Non reflective ceramic coatings like Huper Optik
  • Pleasing neutral hues like LLumar dual reflective films and the Sunscape coatings.

  • GSA, DoD tested blast fragment retention security films by the same companies that protect the US Capitol, The US State Department and countless retail stores and commercial businesses throughout the USA.
  • Fact based comparisons without fluff our nonsense about inventing window film or unrelated brands.
  • Free estimates and fine tuned pricing that match any budget.

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You’ll be happy that you did!

Advanced Film Solutions

Florida’s Best Window Film


Tampa Upgrades Window Efficiency With LLumar Advanced Solar Window Film

You’ve caught that bug about the windows in your home.

Clear glass.
Single pane.
The heat streaming through and the glare makes many rooms in your house unlivable.


What are your options?

Thanks to the marketing efforts of window manufacturers you might be thinking that your only viable solution is replacing your windows with expensive Low E Dual Pane Glass.

Think Window Film!

Advanced Film Solutions VISTA and Huper Optik window film.

We can upgrade the performance of your windows at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Today’s technology will provide these immediate benefits:
  • Virtually eliminates UV from your home.
  • Reduces your monthly electric bill by up to 30%.
  • Reduces glare by 85% (you select the light transmission)
  • Improves the security of your windows against criminal entry.
  • Privacy.
  • Meets deed restrictions.

  • Makes your home more comfortable and lengthens the useful life of your air conditioning system.
Advanced Film Solutions offers all the leading brands of window film.


Get a free estimate and compare our investment cost as compared to buying new windows.

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Lower Electric Bills With Tampa LLumar Advanced Film Solutions Window Tinting

Perhaps this is the year that you execute your own energy conservation plan?

You’ve considered efficient lighting and perhaps added home insulation. But consumers overlook the obvious waster of energy:

Your windows and sliders!

Advanced Film Solutions is a major supplier of spectacular performing Vista  Coatings and Huper Optik Window Film.



These films will cut down your monthly electric bill by as much as 30%.


It isn’t hocus pocus that results in such outstanding savings, rather it’s the designed capabilities of these thin films to block solar heat before it enters through your glass!

An installation of VISTA or Huper Optik films makes sense, so why are many consumers hesitant about window film?

Window Film has been around for quite a long time.

When I started my business career  at 3M in 1974, the film business was already mature.  The problem in those times was the limited life cycle of the dyed films that were being installed.  Dyes faded or changed colors and the adhesive systems failed.

Purple windows and flaking bubbled-up films gave the entire industry a solid black eye.


That’s why our entire portfolio of window films comes with a lifetime warranty against peeling, bubbling or color change!

Advanced Film Solutions has completed more than 23,000 homes and buildings since leaving 3M back in 2007.


We would be happy to provide a free estimate and local references for homeowners just like you and more than likely right in your neighborhood!


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