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Sustainable Florida Commercial Window Film Installations

Window film retrofit applications have been demonstrated to provide immediate cost savings benefits for commercial property managers throughout Florida.


The retrofit application of Advanced Film Solutions Eastman Solar Film provides a quantifiable cost reduction in Hvac operating costs as well as productivity gains in employee performance.

Today’s durable coatings filter 99.9% of the UV rays from entering office windows.

This reduces fading of interior accessories and wood floors and paintings.

There are also health benefits considering skin cancer issues that will also be beneficial.

  • Uncontrolled daylight coming in through windows can cause glare,employee and visitor discomfort, warm temperatures, hot/cold spots, and HVAC systems to run excessively to try to keep up.
  • A building’s directional orientation can create areas that receive significantly more sunlight than others. Depending on the sophistication of a facility’s HVAC system, this can create challenges for maintaining comfort.


  • A major component of any building envelope is its fenestration (windows, doors, skylights, and curtainwalls). A 10% to 40 % reduction in lighting and HVAC costs can be achieved by improving the energy efficiency of fenestration of commercial buildings, according to the National Institute of Building Sciences.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Energy, windows account for 10% to 25% of heating bills, and are the greatest source of heat loss or gain in any building. That’s where our Low E EnerLogic Films win the day!
  • According to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, space heating, cooling, and ventilation account for the largest amount of end-use energy consumption in buildings.
  • Using window film to control the sun’s heat allows staff to leave blinds and curtains open and enjoy outdoor views and exposures with controlled daylight. This can improve health and well being for patients, reduce exposure to harmful UV rays, and increase productivity for staff members.
  • Window film has been proven to offer significant savings on both heating and cooling costs with metered measurement and verification of cooling and heating savings.  Studies have shown that window film can provide a significant increase in useful daylight (and in staff satisfaction and comfort levels).
  • Window film is a retrofit solution for facilities professionals who want to control solar heat gain and glare, provide UV protection, and experience year-round insulating benefits.
  • No special maintenance is required for window film.
  • Window film was named the most cost-effective energy-saving choice  when used in retrofit commercial building projects.
  • Advancements in window film have led to film options that aren’t overly dark and don’t produce an iridescent shine.
  • A study of the top five energy retrofits based on ROI identified window film as one option that offers a quick return on investment.

Glare is virtually eliminated as are hot spots and the cluttered appearance your windows may present from the street view.


Energy costs savings through the summer months as well as Low E films throughout the winter months save energy costs and provide a faster ROI

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Get the best with Advanced Film Solutions 


Glare & Heat Control Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota Window Tinting

Clear glass windows facing east, west or south can create an untenable situation.

Uncontrolled glare and heat make employees and customers uncomfortable.

Imagine working conditions where the glare makes it impossible to go through the day without getting eye strain.

Added to the discomfort unfiltered sunlight can fade and damage interior carpets, paintings and furniture.

Check out Llumar SelectPro as seen on Designing Spaces

That’s where Advanced Film Solutions is at our best.

Florida’s finest window film coatings are applied to the interior side of your windows and doors.  These thin film coatings filter out nearly 100% of the UV and control the amount of light and heat that enters your offices or store.


You choose just how much light and heat is acceptable based on your aesthetic preferences for light level versus privacy.

Advanced Film Solutions team of installers can handle any project and degree of difficulty.

Higher windows or transoms as well as exterior applications for graffiti or spandral glass applications.

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How Window Film Lowers Home Cooling Costs?

Window film is an aftermarket retrofit product that is professionally applied to the interior face of your home’s windows.


Much like the more familiar car tinting these coatings are applied using water solutions and the polyester is coated with durable metallic or ceramic materials with a built in adhesive.


Residential and commercial window film is different in many respects from our car tinting selections.

The important point to note is that flat glass films installed by ADVANCED FILM SOLUTIONS  are dye free so you will never experience a purple dye migration and any adhesive failures bubbling and peeling are covered under our lifetime warranty.

Clear glass offers very little if any solar heat reduction or UV protection.

The thin film coatings applied to your glass will filter out 99.9% of the harmful UV wavelengths and as much as 85% of the total solar energy.


These performance characteristics aren’t guess-work or mumbo jumbo.  Every window film provided by Advanced Film Solutions is NFRC certified so they have been independently tested and quantified.

We prefer facts. Documented results and NFRC rated performance.

Our installers are experts and window film installations and our team has earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for the last 4 consecutive years with an A Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

With technicians covering glass from Port Charlotte to The Villages and east to Orlando and Sanford; Advanced Film Solutions is

Florida’s window film specialists.


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Compare 3M Window Film Vs. Eastman Films Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota

Cooler temperatures will become a distant memory in the coming weeks here in Florida.


90 degree plus temps and the tropical humidity we experience from March until October is just around the corner.


That’s why it’s critically important that the window film you select to improve comfort, lower your monthly electric bills and protect your furnishings from heat and fade will be the best value.


Advanced Film Solutions is uniquely qualified to provide your Florida window film solutions.

Our superb installation and customer service team has earned Angie’s List Super Service Award for the sixth straight year.

We are fully insured and have an A Plus rating on the Better Business Bureau website. 

You can always anticipate 100% customer satisfaction in all aspects of your window film experience with Advanced Film Solutions.

We compete against 3M Window Film dealers and their home depot agents.

Our experience with 3M includes the fact that our founder spent 33 years before retiring from 3M and was formerly the National Sales Manager of 3M Window Film.


Advanced Film Solutions is unique by offering the world leading window film brands manufactured by Eastman Chemical’s LLumar SelectPro (Vista, EnerLogic, LLumar and Huper Optik.)

Our product portfolio was specifically designed to out perform 3M window film in performance, durability, warranty and optical clarity.


Our films are NFRC certified for performance so guesswork is eliminated. We deal with documented facts like total solar energy rejected and shading coefficients rather than misleading claims about infrared rejection or angles of incidence.

Our films are manufactured by Eastman Chemical and unlike our 3M friends; they are not repackaged.

Our NFRC certified films offer more choices in light transmissions, bronze and dual reflective, security and anti-graffiti and internal and external reflectivity by an order of 10 X as compared to 3M’s limited film line


So go ahead and call any number of 3M window film dealers and get their price estimate.

Then call Advanced Film for a side-by side comparison and let our window film experts show you the better way to lower energy costs without altering the aesthetic appeal of your home or office.

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Energy Savings Upgrades Window Film Starting Point

Commercial and government buildings are a major consumer of the nation’s energy demand.


This fact has profound implications for limited resources, costs and environmental impact (reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions) both nationally and globally.

Lowering energy usage is also a good business decision for short and long term cost savings.

When building management considers energy savings and conservation measures they typically focus on lighting and Hvac upgrades.


Frequently overlooked in the planning and execution stage of these projects is the building envelope upgrade utilizing today’s solar control window film.

Advanced Film Solutions works closely with energy service providers as well as building property managers to determine the best possible solution based on the metrics provided.


We represent NFRC rated window films that offer significant energy savings that can be simulated and modeled through various DOE approved programs. ROI and internal rate of return for window film projects and ease of implementation make window film the best value of any retrofit project.

Payback within 2-9 years depending upon the orientation of the building.

The life cycle analysis compared to window replacement is also a major factor in promoting our solutions.

21st century window films are durable and supported by long term warranties from global leading suppliers like Eastman Chemical and Saint-Gobain.


Low E all season coatings transform inefficient glass into energy savers throughout the winter and summer months improving the building climate and worker productivity.

Lighter coatings like Huper Optik and Vista along with EnerLogic 70 won’t detract from the aesthetic appeal of the building or reduce the view or interior lighting.

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