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Glazing Protection Window Tinting Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota

Many schools, hospitals and government buildings are considering the application of security window film at main entrances and ground floor accessible windows.

These thicker (minimum 8 ML) film is professionally applied to the existing window pane.

The film is attached to the frame so that in the event the window is shattered, the film system will keep the glass in the opening, making it much more difficult for an intruder to gain access.


Glass is the weakest and most inviting point of entry.

Slowing down or stopping entry can mean the difference between tragedy and life safety!


Advanced Film Solutions provides window protection and solar tinting combination window film in the Tampa, Lakeland and Orlando area.

Commercial installations like the VA Hospital and USF and hundreds of retail stores and homes have been protected by Advanced Film Solutions.


There are numerous alternatives in the appearance of these coatings. Many clients prefer the invisible versions for maximum visibility.

On the other hand there are scenarios where privacy is extremely critical. In these situations we recommend a host of reflective versions that provide the safety requirements while lowering energy costs, eliminating glare and offering the same shatter capabilities.

Frankly no other Florida company offers as many choices!

Tampa-Orlando Glazing Protection:

Choose Advanced Film Solutions

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Tampa UV Window Tinting Preserves Your Home’s Furnishings

Wesley Chapel, Trinity, Land O’ Lakes and New Tampa are stunning neighborhoods that are growing like the good old days!

Perfect homes nestled throughout the Wesley Chapel, Land O Lakes and New Tampa area are rising every day and we are getting a huge amount of calls from new home owners looking for help!

New homes are being built and as usual they boast open architecture with floor to ceiling sliders and windows that offer a scenic view.

The downside is the amount of UV, glare and heat that stream through these windows since the new home builders used clear glass with absolutely zero solar heat gain reduction.

Furnishings fade and you already know how hot it gets in the afternoon.


We have the solution!

Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa Bay Window Film and with more choices than any other company in town, 8 straight years of earning the Super Service Award from Angie’s List; we are ready to stop that heat, glare and UV at the glass!

  • Remarkable selections that match any HOA rule or deed restriction.
  • Ceramic films manufactured in Germany by Huper Optik.
    Obviously a perfect view is one of the main reasons you selected your home. Having a dark reflective type film is not only against your HOA rules but it’s the opposite of what you want your home’s windows to look like! Our Huper Optik Ceramic Films are non reflective and won’t alter the appearance of your windows.As you can see below our coatings lets the light in thus preserving your view and glass aesthetics.

What you can’t see is the invisible heat rejection and nearly total elimination of the UV rays that fade furnishings.

  • The incredible Eastman Chemical Vista, and economical LLumar Brands.

Call Advanced Film Solutions at 813-949-3456 or toll free at 877-575-3456

Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota Window Film Winning Combinations

The wild world of window tinting is not for the faint of heart.


It’s a struggle between guys with squeegees in their hand and real businesses.

It’s a constant battle between the insured and the unsure; the guys who work out of their cars and true businesses.


I’ll add our battles with 3M and their Home Depot program where the challenge is to educate consumers before they make a poor decision based on smoke and mirrors and phony French fry lamp trickery.

Here are our rules for engagement:

  • Always treat our clients like valued customers. That means offering facts-NFRC rated choices and direct factual comparisons.
  • Offer more information so that our clients can be confident in making an informed choice.
  • Never pressure clients to make a fast decision.
  • Sure we’ll bargain when competing against another company that is quoting a cheap tint that any Tom, Dick or Harry can get.
    There’s nothing special about these me too films, which is the reason we represent the best films in this industry: Vista , LLumar Select, Sunscape and Huper Optik Films.
  • It’s about trust.If we lose; it’s because we couldn’t meet that trust factor for that client. Somehow they didn’t believe us when we explained why Vista Film is superior to these generic films.
  • We win against 3M dealers and their Home Depot agent program. We win because we prove better value and performance and clearly better clarity. 

  • We stay informed about this business and this industry we earn our living in. That means we attend the national meetings to get first hand knowledge. 

  • Ultimately there’s no trickery or gimmicks that can take the place of an extremely satisfied client.
  • We have earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 8 straight years and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

    Consumers know their best choice is Advanced Film Solutions

That’s our winning combination.

Tampa-Orlando-Lakeland-Sarasota’s Window Film Leader


Tinted Windows Yourself? Tampa’s Advanced Film Solutions Will Fix The Mess

So you decided to buy do it yourself tint from a Big Box Store to stop heat, UV and glare from entering your home.


You thought this would be a breeze and after all you are pretty handy around the house.

Well now you know that those once clear windows look like a cloudy bubbly mess.

  1. Call Advanced Film Solutions and have one of our super service award winning installers remove this mess ASAP.

  2. Try to get your money back from whomever sold you this stuff.

  3. Be careful not to scratch your windows using the wrong tools.

  4. Try not to slice your finger with the razor that the Do It Yourself guys might have thrown in the box.

Let Advanced Film Solutions show you our complete portfolio of high performance window films designed to last a lifetime.

Incredible optical clarity and unmatched performance with a lifetime warranty.

There won’t be debris, bubbles or wide gaps of exposed glass and we will make certain that the coatings selected are ideal for your window configuration and NFRC certified.

No fuss, no mess and the best installations guaranteed.

Advanced Film Solutions because doing it right means not doing it yourself.

Know your limitations!



Security Shatter Solar Safety Film, Comparisons to 3M Window Film

Here is a direct comparison between Advanced Film Solutions’ portfolio of security glazing films compared to an easily over matched 3M security film.

3M dealers will position brand awareness, and history of the 3M window film business. 

They may additionally present that they have completed a number of installations at schools (implying a higher level of experience.)

They have positioned their security film post Newtown massacre as an effective solution narrowing their focus to two security films a 6 ML thick Ultra 600 and a re-packaged film, the SH14. Most recently they introduced a standard 8 ML clear non ultra film that has less impact strength than SunTek, Hanita, LLumar, Armorcoat or Madico!

3M packages a silicone wet seal system they call IPD which offers no additional strength, adhesion or efficacy compared to Dow 995 which is the industry standard.


3M has a limited portfolio of security choices beyond the two selections they advocate for schools.

There are many instances where a solar version of a security film might offset utility costs by blocking heat gain and certainly there are numerous conditions which would be resolved with a privacy film that also provides the security benefit.

There are objective standards that rate the effectiveness of security films installed on various glass systems under a host of impact, blast and cycling tests.


Benefits of Security Glazing School Construction News:

The primary standards are: GSA. Department of Defense, ANSI, Factory Mutual, ASTM Testing, UL Testing.

It should be noted that Eastman Chemical Llumar & Vista, Madico, Saint-Gobain Armorcoat, Hanita, SunTek and Johnson meet or exceed the 3M film in each of these test categories.

  • Eastman Chemical: LLumar and Vista solar security films:
  • Saint-Gobain Armorcoat Film
  • Madico Safety Film
  • SunTek Security Film
  • Hanita Safety Zone Film

In terms of solar security combination films that lower heat gain and provides privacy:

Silver Reflective 20 – 8 ML
  • Silver security films that block 79% of the heat (LLumar, Madico, SunTek, Armorcoat, Hanita)
  • Neutral security films in a 20, 35, 40, 50 VLT (LLumar, Madico, Hanita, Armorcoat)
    Neutral 20 – 8ML
  • Dual reflective security films in a 28, 38 VLT (Vista, SunTek)
  • Nano-ceramic Security films in a 40, 50, 70% VLT (Huper Optik, SunTek)
  • Clear available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 11, 14, 16 + thickness and a host of 4, 8, 7, exterior clear films. (LLumar, Armorcoat, Madico, Johnson, Hanita, SunTek)

Advanced Film Solutions trained installers have completed thousands of projects throughout the state of Florida and across the USA.


Our team has earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for the last 8 years in a row. We are fully insured and have earned an accredited A Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Call our offices toll free at 877-575-3456