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Sun Control Glass Safety Window Film Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota

Our Advanced Film Solutions crews performed expert installations with an assortment of solar and solar security films.


One noteworthy installation was for a home in Hudson, FL located in Pasco County.


Our client has a large sun room that baked every afternoon since the majority of their windows face west. Their objective was to reduce the heat and glare and UV.

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The open expanse of glass left them feeling like they lived in a fish bowl.

The solution was our Vista 28 Luminance Film. Glare and UV nearly eliminated and they achieved day time privacy as well.

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They also selected our thicker 8 ML version to improve shatter strength and impact resistance against intrusion.

The dual benefit of a safety solar film provided peace of mind as well as a more comfortable; energy efficient home!


Advanced Film Solutions technicians completed a major project for security film on the City Hall Building at Altamonte Springs with the same Vista 8 ML film.



We were able to easily demonstrate the better performance (heat rejection as well as safety) compared to the 3M Night Vision thinner security films.

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Advanced Film Solutions Tampa Bay-Orlando


Tampa Bay, Orlando Shatter Window Film Glass Protection On A Roll

Whether you are a homeowner concerned about burglary or a property manager, building owner or school safety official; 2019 is the right time to consider installing shatter resistant window film.



  • Retail store windows to reduce property and asset loss through window break-in.

  • Public and private school windows and entry doors to delay intruders and preserve life and property.

  • Health care and hospitality sectors to protect staff and visitors.

  • Government buildings (Federal, Sate and local municipalities) protecting against violence and potential terrorist attacks.

Does Security Glazing Window Film Work?

This is the obvious question and Advanced Film Solutions with offices throughout Florida and resources throughout the USA relies upon the world leading manufacturers of safety and security glazing films.






Mylar coatings manufactured by Eastman Chemical LLumar, Saint-Gobain Armorcoat, Madico, Hanita Safety Zone, SunTek have all been independently tested to meet the following building safety criteria:


There are numerous advantages for the retrofit application of these coatings.  The practical ease of installation means your property gets immediate protection for the existing windows and entry doors.

Given the considerable budget amount required and capitol expense for replacing the glass with laminated safety windows the ROI of window film is exceptional.


These films are used on military bases, army recruiting offices and Federal buildings throughout the USA.

These very same coatings protect major retail stores as well as landmark buildings throughout the world.

The coatings Advanced Film Solutions installs are exactly the same thickness with exactly the same attachment systems.


While we are focused on life safety issues it should also be noted that these coatings are available in tinted versions that will lower utility costs, eliminate UV and earn local rebates from power companies. 


These coatings serve to “green” your home or facility and may qualify for grants and Federal tax incentives.

The solar control versions meet the same level of security as the clear versions so you will not be sacrificing safety.

Advanced Film Solutions provides free estimates and our track record, decades of experience and attention to meeting clients requirements is unequaled in the state of Florida.

We have recently been awarded the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for the 8th consecutive year.

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Security Window Film Choices For Sarasota, Tampa Bay, Orlando Homes

Home and business owners know the value of security.


Alarm systems and intrusion devices detect criminal entry.

Advanced Film Solutions installs thicker safety glazing films that harden the glass openings and delay, deter and deny entry.

Many of our thicker security coatings are available in solar versions that lower your cooling costs and provide privacy (if that is your objective!)

We also offer invisible transparent coatings that block UV and IR wavelengths allowing you to maintain an inviting appearance.

Thicker is Better:

Advanced Film Solutions are your security film experts with offices in Sarasota, Tampa and Orlando.

We represent the leading glazing security films. 
Recognized by security experts based on objective blast and impact testing, these coatings are protecting government, financial and high profile landmark buildings throughout the entire world.



LLumar Magnum

Vista Solar Security



Our minimum thickness is 8ML and we highly recommend that you consider adding an optional attachment system to prevent the glass from separating from the frames.

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Florida Commercial Window Film, Window Tinting Contracting Installers

Our Advanced Film Solutions installation team has completed more than 14,000 projects since we launched the company in 2007.

Our team delivers expert installation of solar, privacy, graphics and security glazing film throughout the state of Florida and South east USA.

Glass Security Impact Coatings:

Our completed projects include supermarket chain and retail stores for loss prevention and asset protection.

These clear and tinted NFRC rated security coatings include thicker shatter retention films manufactured by:

  • LLumar and Vista Film
  • Armorcoat
  • Madico
  • Johnson
  • SunTek
  • Hanita
  • Geoshield
  • Huper Optik

All installations have been 8ML or thicker coatings typically installed with an attachment system.

Solar control and privacy coatings are designed to reduce energy costs and eliminate UV.  These films dramatically offset Hvac costs and qualify for LEEDS points as part of a sustainable energy efficient building climate program.

Advanced Film Solutions is fully insured and has earned a solid reputation for on time installation withing the project scope.

We have earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for the last 8 years consecutively.

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Advanced Film Solutions
Florida Commercial Window Film


Higher Education Energy Savings Starts With Window Film



 Today’s window film solutions provides the fastest ROI of any retrofit project that might be initiated to lower energy costs.

Documented results and long term life cycles of these aftermarket coatings has earned a new respect for this very mature product.

ncstAdvanced Film Solutions has completed 14 thousand home and commercial installations since we left 3M Window Film in 2007.


Our focus has been in assisting home owners and business decision makers lower their cooling and heating costs without reducing the aesthetics of their glass or limiting the optical clarity of their windows.


We completed a larger project at NC State University Hill library where the sustainable solution was our Eastman Chemical manufactured Huper Optik film.


These durable coatings reduce heat gain without adding any reflectivity to the interior or exterior view.

 The goal was to provide nearly total UV reduction, lower heat gain by 70% and eliminate hot spots that can increase demand particularly during the hotter summer months.


Glare has been reduced by an impressive 70% and that serves to make the interior building quality much more productive for students and staff.

Our team of installers met the clients’ targeted goals for completion and the University is enthusiast in their appreciation for  the professional implementation of this energy savings film.


The success of window film systems to improve comfort and reduce energy demand and the fact that these NFRC certified films will continue to provide these benefits long into the future are raising the profile of window film as a solution across the USA.

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