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This Christmas Santa Recommends Tampa Bay Window Tinting

Santa knows that if you could save 30% a month on your electric bill he’d have more $$ to spend on Christmas gifts!


Advanced Film Solutions solar and solar safety films drive down the cost of cooling and heating! 

Energy savings that gets rewarded with 30% lower electric bills throughout the cooling AC months that last from February to yesterday!

Security films that help deter and deny smash burglaries.

Plus Advanced Film Solutions cuts glare and UV
Advanced Film Solutions has the perfect answer!!

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Advanced Film Solutions


Tampa, Orlando, Bradenton, Clearwater, Thanksgiving Day Window Tinting Sale

Thanksgiving Sale Days Right Now!

Time for slightly cooler weather and glare at different angles than we experience in the summer months.

Home security is also an issue we are all concerned about.

Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s window film leader.

Our robust film portfolio is the most extensive in the state.  leading brands like Eastman Chemical LLumar SelectPro, Vista, and our ceramic Huper Optik and films.

Shatter protective films like LLumar Magnum, Armorcoat, Madico and the Israeli manufactured Hanita Films delay, deny and deter entry.


This is a slower time of year for window film so you can anticipate the very best deals.

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Compare 3M Home Security Window Film Sarasota, Bradenton, Port Charlotte


Home safety and security combined with energy savings makes solar security window films a superior home improvement investment.

Advanced Film Solutions is the region’s largest volume residential and commercial window film installation company.


Our expert window film specialists have been awarded the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for the last four consecutive years but what really differentiates our family owned business from the competition is the broad portfolio of security film choices we offer home and business owners.

We  compete directly against 3M and their window genie, window depot and home depot agents throughout the area.

This is a significant advantage for our team due to the limited product offering and unusually high mark-ups.

Advanced Film Solutions represents:


Eastman Chemical and their Vista, LLumar, SunTek and Huper Optik solar security films.

Saint-Gobain Armorcoat and Solar Gard

Madico and Sunscape Select.

The Israeli made Hanita Films

Johnson Window Film


Our minimum thickness is 8 ML which is the preferred thickness for a dynamic solution that meets Federal Gov requirements like the GSA and Dept. of Defense blast criteria.

These films also meet small and medium missile and cycling testing ASTM 1886, ASTM 1996
ANSI standards for safety glazing and Factory Mutual (Madico, LLumar)

Unlike the limited 3M choices our glazing films are available in the following light transmissions:

Neutral 20, Silver 20, Clear, Neutral 35, Neutral 40, 50, dual reflective 28, 38, 35, 46


Ceramic 40, 50
Ceramic 70

Do your homework and get a 3M or Home Depot estimate and than call Advanced Film Solutions toll free at 877-575-3456

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Sarasota, Bradenton Gated Community: German Ceramic Window Film

You can have your view while filtering out unwanted UV and more than 60% of the total solar energy.


Advanced Film Solutions and Huper Optik German Engineered Ceramic and nano-ceramic coatings are the ideal solution for deed restrictions at gated communities throughout the Bradenton and Sarasota region.


Whether your home is in Lakewood Ranch or Palmer Ranch or along Long Boat Key the non-reflective Huper Optik films out-perform our home depot 3M competition by a mile or kilometer!

Huper Optik:

  • More light transmission choices than 3M prestige.
  • Dye free, so the light levels will not fade over time. Prestige has dyes.
  • Clear adhesives without haze or distortion.545250_516447931722016_1589236439_n
  • A neutral light appearance unlike the 3M blueish look.
  • Our Huper Optik films qualify for TECO rebates while 3M prestige does not.  If you are fortunate to have TECO as your energy provider that’s a really big deal!
  • Advanced Film Solutions is A Plus rated with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We have earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for four straight years.1457705_667075529992588_888455922_n
  • We have a complete portfolio of Vista, Low E EnerLogic and Armorcoat, Solar Gard and Madico Sunscape films to choose from.994946_660887517278056_422811541_n
  • Our warranty is always lifetime and all our films are NFRC rated for exact performance expectations. You’ll never see us doing heat lamp french fry lamp gimmicks with rigged BTU meters.

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Gulf Coast Condominium Clear Ceramic HOA Approved Window Tinting

Your gulf coast condo faces west or south and the afternoon glare, heat and UV creates enormous problems throughout the entire year.

Clear glass is critical for maintaining your views so the goal is to reduce the heat without affecting the key reason you chose your unit!

71710_160635723969907_1233327_nAdvanced Film Solutions offers several ideal choices geared to solving your heat issues that will meet all HOA rules.

EnerLogic 70 Low E Film

Our EnerLogic 70 Low E Film blocks heat during the summer months and insulates your condo during the winter. 

This unique heat barrier has earned three innovation awards from Architectural Products Magazine!

Invisible heat rejection with one half the reflectivity of your existing glass.

These coatings add a winter energy cost savings that offsets the additional upfront investment.

These films transform single pane glass performance into dual pane cost savings and comfort. All at a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay for replacement windows.

Huper Optik Ceramic Films:

These durable optically clear films block invisible IR heat (there are several choices in light transmissions that allow a custom solution)

Once again; these solutions are less reflective than glass and maintain the views!


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