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Tampa Victory Over Heat, Solar Blocking Window Tinting

Another ninety degree plus day here in Tampa.

You already know how high your electric bills are and given the steady heat there is no end in sight!

Advanced Film Solutions has the answer!

We keep the heat from entering through your windows. 

Our Vista and Huper Optik films provide a heat barrier that maintains cooler interior temperatures without sacrificing your views or the aesthetic of your home or office.

The bottom line is a huge reduction in your monthly electric bills.

Cooler and Safer homes!
PicMonkey Collage

Our shatter versions are thicker than our solar versions.  these security solar combination films hold the glass in place against harsh climate and crime.

Your home’s security is improved since glass tends to be the weakest link and obvious point of entry for burglars.

Advanced Film Solutions Knows Window Film:

We offer more choices than any other window film company in Florida. 

We have unmatched experience and a dedicated team ready to solve your sun control problems.

Non metallic films for deed restricted and gated communities

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Lifetime Warranty

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Smart Dogs Select Advanced Film Solutions Window Tinting

oiuStudying is a way of life for this educated pooch!
That’s right; it’s official and we checked again in the very latest Paw Poll!

31898_541049405928535_325962674_nTampa’s smartest dogs have chosen Advanced Film Solutions for their family home and SUV!

And after taking several objective aptitude tests we found the very smartest dog in the area.

He wants a cooler home; just like you and is willing to chip in!
Here’s Pippy Smartstocking. .

He’s a Border Collie and as you know they are the smartest dogs having aced the SAT’s and graduated with honors.

They require a purpose in life or they won’t be happy!

His purpose is telling people about Advanced Film Solutions and we truly appreciate his support and encouragement!

It inspires us!

The Pipster (that’s his name dog gonnit!) lives in Tampa with his family. 307302_538780916155384_1404136624_n

They often leave him home during the day simply because he chooses not to go shopping (too boring and he’s trying to save up his money!)

He’ll spend hours watching TV (The Learning and History Channel)

He gave up a promising career in medicine to devote his time to window film solutions and keeping energy costs down.


He’s had had it with all the glare and excessive heat in his home.  He knew that our local power companies were offering rebates!

When he saw our ad in his local coupon book he couldn’t wait to sign up for our VISTA Film for his home and that FormulaOne Car Tinting.

No wonder he’s as smart as he is!

He called us toll free at 877-575-3456

Advanced Film Solutions

Tampa’s Smartest Dogs Number One Choice! 

 dog days

Choosing any other brand would be barking up the wrong tree!


Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota, Window Film For Efficient Windows

Huper Optik coatings will not alter the aesthetic appeal of your office or store windows.


Tenant comfort is a critically important issue when property managers review client satisfaction and in particular whether current tenants will renew their lease.

One major factor for disaffected clients is the negative outcome of untreated windows.

Glare, hot spots and overheated offices typically result in unhappy workers and lower productivity.

The solution was the precise application of Huper Optik nanoceramic films to the interior side of the office windows.

The tenant has cooler offices and the glare has been reduced by more than 60%.

The UV has been virtually eliminated which preserves carpets, artwork and furnishings.

Our installation team met all expectations and performed the installation with the least interference with schedules.


Advanced Film Solutions is the leader in Tampa Bay and Orlando window film installations for residential and commercial glass.

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Orlando Home Show; Window Film, Window Tinting Sales

Getting Ready For Our Favorite Time Of The YEAR

The Orlando Home Show!!


It’s time to think window tinting!

  • Glare and UV blocking residential window films!

  • Nano-Ceramic Huper Optik films for deed restricted communities and HOA rules.

Join us at the Orlando Home Show as Advanced Film Solutions exhibits its industry leading Vista and Huper Optik nano-ceramic films.


Let us show you the better choice for lowering electric bills and enjoying comfort throughout the entire year.

Unmatched films that deserve the incomparable Angie’s List Super Service Award winning Advanced Film Solutions!

Call Advanced Film Solutions : 877-575-3456


Advanced Film Solutions Orlando’s Go To Home Window Tinting

Our Orlando sales team has been driving business throughout central Florida where temps bake homes throughout the year.

The Orlando region is much more than theme parks and hotels.

This is a growing population center where electric rates are soaring and homeowners are looking for economical solutions to lower electric costs and make their homes more comfortable.


We have the unique Low E All Season Window Film that has captured the imagination of homeowners throughout the USA.


 Imagine a coating that is applied to your existing windows that transforms single pane into dual pane performance!

Visit our booth at the Orlando Home Show August 10-12. 2018

But that’s just the tip of the Advanced Film Solutions competitive advantage over our 3M -Home Depot rivals!

Our Vista Films are designer recommended and are available in more light transmissions and aesthetic nuances than any other suite of choices.

Safety and security dual combination films all NFRC certified.

We respect the intelligence of our clients.

You won’t get hype or nonsense about films working better at angles, or gimmick BTU demo’s that mislead you into thinking that a lighter film blocks more heat than darker reflective films.

If 3M Prestige Film can block 97% of the heat like their Orlando dealers write on their website; I am 9 feet tall and can leap a tall building in a single bound!

 DuPont Mylar shatter resistant, tested and documented to support your peace of mind!

Huper Optik ceramic films designed for homeowners who don’t want a reflective appearance on their glass!


Superior heat rejection and optical clarity and a range of light transmissions to match your unique objectives.

It’s small wonder that Advanced Film Solutions is the Orlando leader in residential window film installations!

Call Advanced Film Solutions today, toll free at 877-575-3456