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Florida Smash & Grab Window Protection Film Applications


Whether you own or manage a retail store, convenience store or restaurants smash and grab crime continues to be on the rise.

Loss prevention security experts advise alarm systems, better lighting and surveillance systems. Unfortunately these precautions will not slow down or deny entry.

Locks are effective but the easiest method of store entry is through glass doors and windows.


Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s leader in professional installations of security glazing window film.

Always a minimum of 8 ML thick and preferably anchored to store frames with Dow 995 wet sealant silicone.

These are the same configurations used by the Federal government for force protection and GSA blast mitigation.

Advanced Film Solutions represents global window film leader Eastman Chemicals Vista, SunTek, Hanita, LLumar, Armorcoat, Madico and Huper Optik.

These shatter resistant coatings are available in solar tinted versions that filter out heat, UV and glare while providing the security value of the clear versions.


Privacy versions may be applicable for personnel protection from exterior targeting.


Campus security


Retail stores
Daycare Centers

Religious institutions
Federal buildings, Local municipalities

Jewelry Stores

More. .

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Advanced Film Solutions

Tested, Documented, GSA, DoD Tested



Orlando Window Tinting Advanced Film Solutions

Orlando gets hot.


Then it stays hot.



That’s why homeowners in the Greater Orlando area rely on the sun control experts of Advanced Film Solutions.

Our team of expert installers has earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 8 straight years. 


Our clients enjoy lower interior temperatures, reduced glare and UV virtually eliminated by 99.9%



Advanced Film Solutions has more choices like our Vista Film, LLumar,  Huper Optik, Hanita, Sunscape, Madico, Solar Gard and SunTek.

Choices drive value for our clients and match every budget and project scope.

Call for a free estimate and look for our coupons in your local neighborhood magazines.

Cooler, safer, economically priced coatings specifically engineered for the hottest Orlando homes!

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Safer Schools, Glazing Security Window Film Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota

Protecting students and teachers at our schools is a critically important issue right now.

There are a variety of solutions that begin with thicker clear shatter films as well as a wide range of combined solar safety films.

There are situations where a reflective silver security film can prevent targeting from the outside of the building.


There are versions that range from darker energy control versions to lighter solar security iterations that can assist in cost recovery via energy cost savings and potential rebates from our local power companies.


Advanced Film Solutions with offices in Tampa Bay and Orlando has installed 8 ML and thicker security glazing films on retail stores, schools, religious institutions and government buildings throughout the Florida region and Southeast USA.


Our selections include the Madico Films and Eastman Chemical’s LLumar and Vista Film along with Armorcoat, Hanita and SunTek Films.

More choices and experience than any other company in Tampa Bay and Orlando and winners of the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 8 straight years.

Call Advanced Film Solutions toll free at 877-575-3456



Retail Store Shatter Impact Protection, Advanced Film Solutions, Tampa Bay

Retail store security management along with small business owners try to stay one step ahead of thieves. 

Unprotected windows are the easiest point of entry and while burglar bars can solve that problem; many store owners have not thrown in the towel by installing unsightly bars.

Alarms and glass breakage frequency systems are terrific but the key is to stop them from entering in the first place.

That’s where shatter resistant window films work!

Advanced Film Solutions installs thicker safety and security window films that hold the glass in place against high impact.

You stay calmer with window film and let the crooks meditate in prison!

Retail Loss Prevention Managers can select from the world leading safety and security window films.

For example the LLumar Magnum mylar films along with VISTA lower reflective safety films.


We also offer the Armorcoat 8 ML Films exactly like those films protecting the US Capitol Building and the Supreme Court!

Test Results:

 Stop these crooks from entering your store.

Advanced Film Solutions, Florida School Glass Security Window Film

Advanced Film Solutions has highlighted the issue of improved safety and security for ground level accessible windows at schools throughout the Southeast USA.

The objective is to slow down intruders affording local law enforcement additional time to respond.  This requirement has become top of mind post the Sandy Hook tragedy.

There are many components of an improved security strategy that should be considered and these thicker security glazing window films are a foundation for an overall security plan assessment.


Additional funding may be available through local, state and federal grants.

Advanced Film Solutions represents the leading security film solutions:

LLumar Safety Films Vista Solar Safety Film

Eastman Chemical LLumar and Vista solar security films


Saint-Gobain Armorcoat Film

Madico Safety Film

SunTek Security Film

Hanita Safety Zone Film

These coatings are professionally applied and are attached to the window and door frames for additional strength against intrusion. 

These installations meet the Federal guidelines of the GSA and Department of Defense.

Many of these films are available in solar and privacy versions that lower utility costs, provide comfort and privacy and virtually eliminate harmful UV rays.

The energy savings will recoup expenditures and provide a payback ROI beyond the life safety issues that created the requirement.

For a free estimate contact Advanced Film Solutions toll free 877-575-3456

We recommend school officials compare the security film alternatives to get the best possible pricing and installations