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Tampa Bay Consumers Research Best Value Window Tinting

What differentiates Advanced Film Solutions from our competition?

We offer the most experience, the finest installations and 100% customer satisfaction on every project- (home, office or your automobile)

We offer the widest range of product performance to match the best solution to your specific requirements.

We specialize in window film solutions (we are not promoting shutters, blinds or window fashions, garage door fasteners, foam sealers, car stereos or any other automobile after market merchandise.)

We are loyal to our customers rather than to one specific brand of film.

This independence let’s us determine the right solution rather than a “one size fits all”  proposal.

In Tampa Bay. we offer the FormulaOne Film for the highest performance and value. These films offer superior heat rejection and durability.

These are the only car tinting films that offer a no fault warranty as well as an automatically transferable warranty to the next owner in the event you sell your car.

To match our FormulaOne product with the perfect installation we chose to use precision plotters and highly skilled installers. 

At the highest performance end of the spectrum we offer our Pinnacle Ceramic Films for the best match to SUV factory tint as well as the unique attributes of this ceramic film.

There is never any interference with EM -electro-magnetic transmissions- including GPS, Wireless, Bluetooth, satellite radio or radar detectors. 

80% of new car models use Bluetooth for on board electronics.

Our FormulaOne films are manufactured in the visible light transmissions that match the Florida tint statutes.  All FormulaOne films have UV Rejection of 99.9%!

We are first and foremost a VISTA Dealer.

The most complete product portfolio of any window film manufacturer. The optical clarity that we have seldom found in any other window film.

Lower reflectivity and more choices in just how dark or light you prefer. 

Wider width window films to match the larger windows we find in many of the newer homes here in Florida.

Tested and proven performance for safety and security requirements.

We included Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic Films because we quickly determined that there were gated communities with Deed Restrictions that specifically exclude any reflective window films.

Having a long history and comprehensive knowledge of the world of window film and an appreciation for the advanced technology that complies with deed restrictions; we selected the German Technology Ceramic Film; Huper Optik.

Our Huper Optik clients are looking for superior heat rejection, 99.9% UV rejection and no alteration to their home’s aesthetic “look.” 

Huper Optik films offer daylighting capabilities that darker reflective film can not provide.


If you are looking for a non-reflective non metallic, non interference window film we will demonstrate why our Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic Films are the better value!

The Huper Series has natural light neutral color and absolutely none of the blue shift we can see in our closest competitor’s film.


At Advanced Film Solutions we deal in facts. 

We never make exaggerated claims about our capabilities or overstate the benefits of our portfolio of window films.