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Remove & Replace Bad Window Tinting Tampa, Orlando Advanced Window Film

It’s a new year and it’s time to get that old window tinting off of your windows and sliders!

Many home and business owners had window film installed in their homes or offices years ago. 


Unfortunately these older technology window films have de-laminated or  adhesive failure.

They look like crap!

You may have tried to remove these films and found out how difficult that process is. Your alternative has been to “live “with this mess!

The haze, bubbling and distortion are ruining your views.

We should mention that today’s technology ceramic films and clear distortion free adhesives by Eastman Chemical are warranted for a lifetime of enjoyment.


That’s today of course which doesn’t solve your current blurry dilemma!

Advanced Film Solutions expert installers will remove that old hazy blurry mess and restore the clarity and energy efficiency of your windows.

  • You’ll lower your monthly electric costs by 30%!
  • You’ll filter out 99.9% of the UV that damages interior furnishings and fades your wood.

  • You’ll improve home security and privacy.
  • You’ll be able to see outside and eliminate glare!

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Why Roast Thanksgiving? Tampa Gets Window Tinting


The holidays are approaching and no host wants their guests to roast along with that turkey!!!

There is an obvious, economical and elegant solution:

Advanced Film Solutions

We are Florida’s leading window film installation company offering NFRC Certified window films across the state of Florida.

Vista Films: 

Designers choose VISTA because of the unmatched optical clarity and low interior reflectivity. 

The warranty is lifetime and automatically transferable.  Vista films can reduce 99.9% of the UV and nearly 80% of the heat!!

Imagine how much cooler that kitchen will be?


How about that glare and heat in your dining room??

Huper Optik Ceramic Films:

This German technology provides outstanding heat and UV rejection without altering the reflectivity of your windows. 


Ideal for Deed Restricted and Gated Communities these NFRC rated films are non reflective and won’t alter the appearance of your windows.

  Advanced Film Solutions at 877-575-3456.
This holiday season make sure that the Turkey is the only thing getting roasted.


Homes Of Distinction Deserve

Advanced Film Solutions


Solving Glass Window Problems Window Tinting

At the core of what we do at Advanced Film Solutions is our expertise for solving glass problems.

We improve the energy efficiency performance and the appearance and safety of your glass.

  • We fix purple dyed window films that were installed by our competitors.


  • We remove glare and eliminate harmful UV issues without affecting or changing the beauty clarity or hue of the light entering your home.
  • Our reputation is critical we never exaggerate or mislead.
  • Our measurements are precise and you’ll qualify for TECO rebates.gfr
  • The performance characteristics of our films are certified by the NFRC and our solutions are measured by independent lab testing.
  • Advanced Film Solutions  Huper Optik has no metals and superior IR rejection. These films won’t add reflectivity to the exterior or interior views nor will they interfere with EM signals.
  • EnerLogic Low E Film lowers energy costs throughout the entire year with unmatched heat rejection and winter insulation.East
  • Your electric bill will be lowered by up to 30% a month. Real savings every single month because we eliminate nearly 80% of the heat.
  • We earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 5 straight years!

Let us solve your glass problems and compare Advanced Film Solutions at the Tampa Bay Home Show.

Advanced Film Solutions

Window Tinting Florida Practical Sun, Glare, Heat & Fade Solutions

I know a good business attitude is to have humility in such a capricious business; but as Dizzy Dean once said

“If you did it, it ain’t bragging”

We are closing the year with record breaking numbers for home and business window film installations throughout the state of Florida.

Take a look at the appearance of ceramic film from an interior and an exterior view.

These films are less reflective than glass and the ambiance is unchanged.

The color is stable and won’t scratch off like our prestige friends.  If you’re looking for a film to match your prestige home; you’d sure expect the film to stand up to a scratch.

That’s why we encourage our clients to consider Huper Optik Ceramic Films.

best of
You can obtain tremendous energy savings but why would anyone in their right mind sacrifice the beauty of their home with many of the cheap films you might find at a flea market or some moonlighting car tinter who does homes “On the side.”

No one would be “Dopey” enough to buy a “Brand name” without comparing costs or “their” films performance on glass!

  • Don’t let the power companies rip you off with outrageous electric rate hikes.
  • Reduce your bill and get rebates that help pay for the installation.
  • Consider a dual benefit film that keeps the glare and heat out while also protecting your home against smash and grab crime.

Advanced Film Solutions has taken Florida by storm and our sister company has begun installing our superior films throughout the USA.

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Gulf Coast Gated Communities Choose Huper Optik Ceramic Window Tinting


Florida is famous for our white sand beaches and crystal clear  blue waters of the Gulf Of Mexico.

Florida is also known for our Deed Restricted Gated Communities where what you do to your windows has consequences!


Homes and condo’s from Marco Island/ Naples through Ft. Myers, Venice, Sarasota and Bradenton, Advanced Film Solutions is a prestige homeowners only choice for high performance non-metallic Huper Optik Ceramic Window Films.

Unspoiled views call for a special type of designer window film


First Advanced Film Solutions offers the widest and deepest selection of 21St Century Technology that cuts your glare/ heat and energy bill without sacrificing your views.

Our Huper Optik ceramic match our clients requirements.

Lifetime warranty- zero interference with wireless signals or FIOS and most important our films meet your Deed Restrictions.

We offer solutions that reduce glare from 80% to 20% and heat reduction from 44-79%

There are no metals, no reflectivity!

Get any competitive quotation from say your average local 3M  dealers; then: