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Safer Homes With Advanced Film Solutions, Tampa Window Tinting

We face rising energy costs to keep our homes cooler.

Have you paid attention to your electric bill lately?


Home burglary and store smash and grab crime are on the rise as well.

Your home’s clear glass and clear tempered glass sliders do almost nothing to protect your home or reduce your energy costs!


Our customers (more than 14,000 homes in the last eight years!) have asked Advanced Film Solutions to professionally install our solar and solar/security combination window films to solve these critical problems with glass.

  • LLumar solar and LLumar Magnum combination NFRC Certified Window Films offer a wide range of economical solutions. 
  • Armorcoat 8 ML has passed the medium large missile test in their solar security versions.


  • Vista Solar and Solar Security Films are the designers choice in window films. Created to be safe on insulated glass units these films offer the same storm protection but your night views are protected. These NFRC Certified films are backed by the strongest warranty in the industry.
  • Huper Optik German ceramic coatings are non metallic with incomparable clarity while meeting all deed restrictions.  They are also NFRC Certified and come in visible light transmissions that meet energy rebate requirements.
  • Madico and Sunscape Safety Film. the choice of school systems and Federal buildings.

All of our dual combination films are 8 ML thick and will delay, deter and deny entry into your home.

All of our films will block 99.9% of the UVA and UVB that damage your skin and fade your valuable interior furniture, carpets and artwork.

Safer, Cooler, Practical and Economical!

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Smash & Grab Shatter Safety Window Film, Florida Glass Protection

There has been a rise in smash and grab burglaries.

Check your own town’s crime rate here!

secure Home burglaries, retail stores are at risk.

There is no 100% full proof solution. 

Crime prevention and improved security covers a wide variety of strategies, but we can help!

 Advanced Film Solutions installs a thick (8 ML) security window film to your home, store windows and doors.


This shatter film will improve the integrity of the glass making it far more difficult for a smash and grab break-in.

Advanced Film Solutions provides a complete portfolio of thick safety and security shatter control window films.

Advanced Film Solutions has completed film installations on thousands of retail stores, homes and schools throughout Florida since 2007!

  • Crime mitigation, delay, deters and denies entry.
  • Solar versions reduce your electric bill and may earn rebates.

  • Non reflective versions meet deed restrictions and HOA rules.
  • Nearly 100% of the UV is eliminated.
  • Retail stores can improve security without detracting views into the store.

  • Installations can be further strengthened with anchoring systems.
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Higher Education Energy Savings Begins With Tampa’s Window Film



 Today’s window film solutions provides the fastest ROI of any retrofit project that might be initiated to lower energy costs.

Documented results and long term life cycles of these aftermarket coatings has earned a new respect for this very mature product.

ncstAdvanced Film Solutions has completed 23 thousand home and commercial installations since we left 3M Window Film in 2007.

Our focus has been in assisting home owners and business decision makers lower their cooling and heating costs without reducing the aesthetics of their glass or limiting the optical clarity of their windows.


We completed a larger project at NC State University Hill library where the sustainable solution was our Eastman Chemical manufactured Huper Optik film.


These durable coatings reduce heat gain without adding any reflectivity to the interior or exterior view.

 The goal was to provide nearly total UV reduction, lower heat gain by 70% and eliminate hot spots that can increase demand particularly during the hotter summer months.


Glare has been reduced by an impressive 70% and that serves to make the interior building quality much more productive for students and staff.

Our team of installers met the clients’ targeted goals for completion and the University is enthusiast in their appreciation for  the professional implementation of this energy savings film.


The success of window film systems to improve comfort and reduce energy demand and the fact that these NFRC certified films will continue to provide these benefits long into the future are raising the profile of window film as a solution across the USA.

Toll Free: 877-575-3456

Retail Store Shatter Impact Protection, Advanced Film Solutions, Tampa Bay

Retail store security management along with small business owners try to stay one step ahead of thieves. 

Unprotected windows are the easiest point of entry and while burglar bars can solve that problem; many store owners have not thrown in the towel by installing unsightly bars.

Alarms and glass breakage frequency systems are terrific but the key is to stop them from entering in the first place.

That’s where shatter resistant window films work!

Advanced Film Solutions installs thicker safety and security window films that hold the glass in place against high impact.

You stay calmer with window film and let the crooks meditate in prison!

Retail Loss Prevention Managers can select from the world leading safety and security window films.

For example the LLumar Magnum mylar films along with VISTA lower reflective safety films.

We also offer the Armorcoat 8 ML Films exactly like those films protecting the US Capitol Building and the Supreme Court!

Test Results:

 Stop these crooks from entering your store.

Dark Days Over NFRC Rated Eastman LLumar Advanced Film Solutions

As Florida temperatures and electric bills soar to new records; home and business owners throughout Florida start researching the most effective means to lower  interior temperatures, glare and UV. 

 They want fast and economically priced solutions with fast ROI and unequaled effectiveness in lowering cooling costs.

Their best solutions Advanced Film Solutions.

We take the guesswork out of the buying equation.

Our experts are well versed in all aspects of window film based on our decades of field experience in solar and solar security films.

Our installers are outstanding as demonstrated by the numerous awards we have earned including the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for eight straight years.

Better Choices:

Most window film companies focus your attention to one particular brand of window film. 


This is particularly true for our 3M competition who market their films through Home Depot, Window Depot and numerous AC companies and car tint shops throughout the state.

Advanced Film Solutions Window Film USA takes an entirely different approach.

Incredible Choices:

We offer our clients the widest choices in the industry. Leading solutions from Eastman Chemical, Madico, Solar Gard, Huper Optik, Vista, LLumar, Johnson, SunTek and more.

No tricks, heat lamp gimmicks or pretending films work better at an angle to inflate our films on glass performance characteristics.

Instead we provide NFRC documented performance. Tested, documented and warranted for accuracy.

  • Superior transferable warranty
  • Rebates are earned by scores of our selections.

  • Non reflective ceramic coatings like Huper Optik
  • Pleasing neutral hues like LLumar dual reflective films and the Sunscape coatings.

  • GSA, DoD tested blast fragment retention security films by the same companies that protect the US Capitol, The US State Department and countless retail stores and commercial businesses throughout the USA.
  • Fact based comparisons without fluff our nonsense about inventing window film or unrelated brands.
  • Free estimates and fine tuned pricing that match any budget.

Call our team at 877-575-3456

You’ll be happy that you did!

Advanced Film Solutions

Florida’s Best Window Film