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Smart Window Film Comparisons Orlando Gated Communities

Orlando gated communities throughout the region have restrictions that prohibit the use of reflective window film.

The issue is the appearance of the windows and typically a reflective film will alter that appearance and while these coatings are extremely effective and economically priced the demand for a non reflective film became acute.


Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s leading window film installation company. We represent the world leaders in window film sales and technology.


These coatings include Eastman Chemical, Saint-Gobain, Madico and Hanita.

Leading the way for deed approved coatings is the incredible Huper Optik films.


These patented multi-layered films block visible light without the use of dyes. Dyes can fade over time and change color. Huper Optik nanoceramic films filter out IR invisible wavelengths from the Sun. In combination these ceramic and spectrally selective films offer the best heat to light ratio of any window film.


Advanced Film Solutions compares these selections against our limited 3M window film competition.

The 3M films that can meet deed restrictions are their prestige series and their repackaged ceramic films.


The 3M prestige 40 is their most energy efficient film but unfortunately these films do not block as much heat at our Huper 20, 30 or 35%.

By the way the 3M Night Vision films are reflective and we typically offer the Vista or Llumar films as a better choice (clarity, energy efficiency, warranty) than their NV film. 

Huper Optik is the number one choice for condominiums and any gated community.

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Enjoy heat savings and a lifetime of clear glare free living!


Huper Optik Ceramic Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota Best Tinting Choice

Ceramic films have clearly demonstrated superior optical clarity (non hazy- no blue shift or rainbow look) and performance as compared to or competitor’s over priced prestige film.


Our Huper Optik nanoceramic films meet all deed restrictions since they are less reflective than glass. 

Our ceramic films qualify for rebates from our local power companies.

Our Huper Optik ceramic films are all available in wider widths so there are no seams.


Advanced Film Solutions represents films that have all been certified by independent labs and NFRC certified.


We never have to pretend that our films work better at angles (they do of course, as all films and glass do!)

We don’t have to show phony heat lamp tests and BTU meters that make it appear through illusion that the film blocks 97% of the IR or more fantastic a claim “the heat.”


Call today and compare our choices with all other window film choices!

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Huper Optik Clear Window Tinting Cools Overheated Gulf Coast Homes

2017 has taken off in a huge way for Advanced Film Solutions.

Our clients are looking for energy cost savings and UV rejection along with glare control privacy and additional  security glass protection.


We are unique in being able to offer the sound expertise and experience based on our decades of experience along with the leading window film brands in the industry.

Here are just a few of the installations we have done this week along with a brief synopsis of why we were selected and what our customers required!

Our client resides in an exclusive gated community.  They wanted a film that would not alter the look of their glass.

They required a film that could block heat and glare while reducing damage to their furnishings from the UV, heat and light.

Solution:  Huper Optik nanoceramic film.  This installation required 400 square feet to protect the south, west and east facing glass.  Now they have crystal clear views and a huge heat, glare reduction.

Their windows remained clear and non-reflective!

Our next client resides in a gated community in Lecanto, FL.

They built a sun room which is terrific in the cooler months but a hot house in the summer!

They required a heat rejecting security film because their exposed glass is susceptible to errant golf balls!


Solution: Vista Luminance 8 ML safety and solar combination film.  This dual reflective film provides 70% glare rejection and NFRC certified energy conservation.


Our client lives in a condo facing the Gulf Of Mexico.

images (1)

They wanted a film that could reduce glare but not impede their spectacular view.

Solution: They opted for the Huper Optik 30 ceramic film and qualified for a Progress Energy rebate.

Consumers are smarter and better shoppers than they have ever been before.


We offer a menu of choices because (WE CAN!) and we know that there are differences between the films we carry in terms of performance and aesthetics.

Call our office toll free for an estimate and find out why more than 11,000 homeowners have selected Advanced Film Solutions since 2007!

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3M Window Film Comparisons Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota

Yes. .


When we left 3M Window Film nearly 10 years ago our goal was to compete head to head with our 3M window film competition.

PicMonkey Collage
Certainly we were motivated after spending a few years with that company (33 years!)


The critical advantage we have is knowing the 3M Window Film limitations and recognizing which window film solutions offered superior value for our clients.

That of course isn’t enough.

You’ve heard of 3M.

You have to acknowledge their brand power and the halo effect of good will based on the thousands of products they make and their “image” of innovation.

Heck I was once a 3M guy and to paraphrase Tommy Lasorda; “I had 3M Red flowing through my veins.”

Of course that has absolutely nothing to do with whether their window film solutions can match competition.

Particularly Advanced Film Solutions!

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It’s their perception of performance that was the chief sales obstacle to overcome.

Winning on the glass is actually the easiest mission to accomplish.

We win when our clients can see the clarity of our films.

Yes-it is that OBVIOUS!

So the challenge has been to slap consumers on the side of their heads (figuratively speaking, of course) with FACTS.


Facts like the NFRC Ratings that quantify window film performance on various window systems

Facts like solar heat gain rejection for their prestige films that dispel any baloney claims about 97% heat rejection.

 Facts like independent and objective testing for fragment retention,

Facts that dispel the notion that their film has any advantage in hard coat.

Facts like they don’t actually make “their” ceramic film so they can hardly brag with a straight face about how clear “their film” looks implying it’s a result of their innovation.

Facts like all films and glass itself will perform better when the heat source (Sun) is at an angle to the glass.

Will facts win the day?

Does a side by side comparisons of superior Vista and Huper Optik optical clarity win the day?


3M film top left panel-Huper Optik on the rest.
Yes. you can see the difference and no,we didn’t Photoshop this!

Only if, and when, we have the opportunity to educate our potential client.
So. .


Call 3M.

Go to the Home Depot store.

Watch their gimmick demo using a heat lamp and btu meter and get their astonishing quote.

Then. .

And this is extremely important. . .

Call Advanced Film Solutions, toll free at
You’ll be happy that you did!

NFRC Ceramic Huper Optik Window Film Comfort For Tampa’s Prestige Homes

When we launched Advanced Film Solutions in early 2007 our plan was to offer Floridians the best selection of window films in the world.


Advanced Film Solutions has completed 10,000 flawless installations and in many of these homes and businesses our competition was 3M Window Film or one of their home depot and window genie’s agents.

Superior technology, performance, value and documented results!

In each critical category our films surpass our 3M competition.
Our Huper Optik films are available in a wide array of light transmission and thanks to the lower solar absorption rates than 3M’s prestige 40- we block more heat and glare than their film.

Our Huper Optik films are dye free.

This preserves the appearance of the film for a lifetime of enjoyment and our scratch coating protects your investment.

Both Huper Optik and prestige do a fine job in factoring out IR (invisible heat that makes up nearly 50% of what we associate as heat) Huper Optik isn’t pretending their film works better at an angle (because every film does as does glass itself)

We won’t trick you by showing a bogus IR lamp illusion that makes it appear our films block more heat than a silver metal film.


Advanced Film Solutions also recommends our EnerLogic Low E all season window film. This solution insulates your windows winter or summer by acting like a heat mirror.

The NFRC has leveled the competitive playing field by providing objectivity through documented independent lab tested performance characteristics.

This is our competitive edge- -FACTS!


If you are researching a window film solution that is non reflective (meets deed restrictions or HOA rules) than call Advanced Film Solutions for a free estimate and a direct comparison in performance and cost!

We win on the glass with superior value and clarity.

Call for a free estimate at 877-575-3456

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