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LLumar SelectPro Window Film Dealer Locator Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota, Bradenton

Finding the exact window film coating to match our clients requirements is what Advanced Film Solutions is all about.

Our expert window film specialists can match a customized solution for heat, glare, UV and home and office safety and security.

Dynamic innovative solutions by Eastman Chemical’s the world leader in window film technology.


  • LLumar and Vista solar and solar safety films for home anti theft, burglary and intrusion.
  • Vista Solar Security Films for maximum clarity, energy savings and the performance of Eastman’s elite technology.

  • Huper Optik Ceramic coatings that meet all deed restrictions and HOA rules.
  • SunTek economically minded solar and solar security film.

Our retrofit coatings transform your existing glass into energy smart systems that filter out heat and lower your monthly electric bills by as much as 30% during the long hot summers.

Call for a free estimate and find the best window film installations by Advanced Film Solutions; six time consecutive Super service Award Winner from Angie’s List and A Plus Rated by the Better Business Bureau.



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Tampa Bay Window Tinting Greening For St. Patricks Day


What better way to celebrate Spring, and St. Patrick’s Day than a cooler, safer home thanks to window tinting.

Look for our Coupon in your local Clipper Magazine and get a free estimate for home window film.

Our durable transparent coatings stop heat at the glass. Incredible lifetime warranty and clarity that takes your single pane windows and transforms them into energy savings systems that lower electric costs by 30% a month.


You’ll lower your monthly electric bill by as much as 30% and stop UV fading and heat that destroys furnishings and wood floors.

Designer approved and meets all deed restrictions our choices include security films that deny and deter burglary.

Call our office toll free for a estimate.


Find our why Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s Number One window film installation company!

Clearest Heat Blocking Tampa Bay, Orlando Huper Optik Window Tinting

Keeping the heat out from Tampa and Orlando homes is a full time job.

See more. .

Temps soar every afternoon and the humidity is a killer.

There is no respite from the heat and we all run our cooling systems 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa Bay’s leader in window film home and commercial installations.

collagecool We install a complete portfolio of solar and solar security films designed to keep home cooler while lowering your monthly electric bill by 30%.

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There are many situations where our client requires maximum heat rejection without altering the look of their glass. No mirror look and no decrease in the amount of light entering their home.

This can be a matter of personal preference or adhering to a strict deed requirement.


That’s when we propose our Huper Optik ceramic films.  These German engineered thin films block IR heat and low amounts of visible light. 

They are non-metallic and non reflective and their natural hue will not change color schemes or effect your view.


These are the number one choice of discriminating window film clients.

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Advanced Film Solutions
Tampa Bay- Orlando Huper Optik


Solving Glass Window Problems Window Tinting

At the core of what we do at Advanced Film Solutions is our expertise for solving glass problems.

We improve the energy efficiency performance and the appearance and safety of your glass.

  • We fix purple dyed window films that were installed by our competitors.


  • We remove glare and eliminate harmful UV issues without affecting or changing the beauty clarity or hue of the light entering your home.
  • Our reputation is critical we never exaggerate or mislead.
  • Our measurements are precise and you’ll qualify for TECO rebates.gfr
  • The performance characteristics of our films are certified by the NFRC and our solutions are measured by independent lab testing.
  • Advanced Film Solutions  Huper Optik has no metals and superior IR rejection. These films won’t add reflectivity to the exterior or interior views nor will they interfere with EM signals.
  • EnerLogic Low E Film lowers energy costs throughout the entire year with unmatched heat rejection and winter insulation.East
  • Your electric bill will be lowered by up to 30% a month. Real savings every single month because we eliminate nearly 80% of the heat.
  • We earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 5 straight years!

Let us solve your glass problems and compare Advanced Film Solutions at the Tampa Bay Home Show.

Advanced Film Solutions

Most Overlooked Way To Keep Your Tampa, Orlando Or Sarasota Home Cooler

Florida homeowners realize that the cost of keeping their home cool during our seemingly never ending summers has become prohibitive.


You’ll note that despite lower gas prices at the pump, home cooling costs have never been higher.

Your home’s windows and sliders are responsible for a major percentage of this cost since they allow heat to stream through your glass unabated.


That’s where window film applications show their worth!

Today’s high technology professionally applied window films can filter out nearly 80% of the total solar energy (there are in fac several versions that can block more!)


These transparent optically clear coatings are applied to your windows on the interior side of the glass.

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These films will not change color, bubble or peel and a  lifetime warranty for these coatings is in effect.

These films will factor out nearly 100% of the UV that damages wood floors, paintings and furnishings along with shutters and window treatments.

Local power companies like TECO will provide rebates that covers east and west facing windows.


These incentives make your ROI even more attractive.

So before you dig deep and invest in awnings, trees, vines and fans think Window Film!

Incredible energy savings of 30% a month simply can’t be overlooked again!


Call Advanced Film Solutions for a free estimate and look for our coupons in your local flyers and coupon magazines throughout Port Charlotte, Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton, Tampa Bay and Orlando.


PS: If your home is in a gated community or deed restricted area have no fear. We can stop the heat with IR heat blocking non reflective films that meet all rules your HOA may have in place.

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Advanced Film Solutions 

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