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Florida School Safety Glass Security Window Film Compare Brands

The life safety considerations involved with selecting the best choice for your school glass security must be based on objective criteria.

Advanced Film Solutions has undertaken the same due diligence as campus security personnel would take to develop the best security choices combined with real world cost analysis and return on investment.

The security fragment retention physical security criteria was developed in the aftermath of terrorist attacks including the Oklahoma City bombing and embassy bombings around the world.

The Federal guidelines are typically referred to as GSA blast criteria and subsequently testing done for the Department of Defense.

The following window film choices and brands have met and exceeded these requirements. There is no additional test of strength by the Federal government and any implied superiority by any manufacturer is strictly a sale pitch rather than a safety advantage.


LLumar Film (dozens of choices in clear, privacy silver and neutral films that offer energy savings.

Vista Film: Dual reflective aesthetically pleasing films that lower energy costs and are less reflective for evening vision.

Hanita Safety Zone Films. They are manufactured in Israel and have extensive blast and intrusion safety experience.


Madico: Also available in tinted energy savings versions along with their dual reflective Sunscape Film

SunTek: These economically priced alternatives include solar versions and clear safety security films.

Johnson Film; Clear and solar versions.


Attachment systems:

The independent testing typically involved the use of an attachment system.

The most economical and effective from a safety and cost perspective are the wet glazed systems and in particular the use of Dow Corning 995 structural silicon.


There are nuances between these choices  that are totally based on appearance and energy efficiency. That  decision can be made based on the objectives you are trying to achieve outside of the security benefit.

Let Advanced Film Solutions experts show you the difference in appearance and material costs.

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