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Harbour Island Tampa Huper Optik Deed Approved Window Tinting

Harbour Island is a private, gated, master-planned community in South Tampa and is directly linked to downtown Tampa by two bridges.

Harbour Island is Tampa’s island paradise in the city that is secluded and worlds away from the stresses of day-to-day life.

As you might expect this upscale community has strict guidelines concerning window film.  Reflective films are forbidden.

The perfect choice for controlling the heat, glare and unrelenting UV is naturally: Huper Optik Ceramic Films installed by Advanced Film Solutions.

After all; Huper Optik ceramic films are manufactured in Germany. 
These films are engineered for durability, clarity and superior performance.

Huper Optik films are less reflective than glass itself so your views are preserved and enhanced.

Huper Optik ceramic films meet all deed restriction rules.

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Don’t Leave It Up To Fade, Discover Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota UV Window Tinting

Advanced Film Solutions solves glare heat and UV problems.

We lower your electric bills and that makes everyone more comfortable!

Wood floors, carpets, draperies are all under attack from the relentless Florida sun!

Vista and Huper Optik films provide protection reducing the UV by nearly 100%.

UV FadeVista Films eliminate nearly 85% of the visible light transmission and 80% of the heat. 

With so many choices our clients have the freedom to select their perfect solution and balance between lighter shades of film and darker variations.

UV Window Film vs. Alternatives

Compared to other lower cost investments that reduce UV exposure such as curtains, blinds and awnings, our UV films do not create a dark environment or block the view of the outside world.


Our window film is available in a variety of shades and reflectivity, allowing you to enjoy natural light without unwanted UV, heat and glare.

Many architects specify UV window film to reduce the negative side effects of daylighting, the practice of placing windows or other openings and reflective surfaces so that during the day natural light provides effective internal lighting.


Advanced Film Solutions Orlando Home Window Tinting, 2018

Orlando needed a great window tinting installation company. 

Competition limited client’s choices by pushing only one over hyped and over priced solution.


Orlando home owners need real choices from a company that is expert in window film!


Our clients range from condo’s to huge homes in deed restricted gated communities.

It’s a constant battle keeping your home cool and a greater challenge in paying that monthly electric bill.


We install heat rejecting solar and solar security window films manufactured by the leader in window film.

Eastman Chemical VISTA , LLumar and Huper Optik Ceramic Films!
HO_5412 copy-L

It’s not even close!

The reason Eastman Chemical outpaces their nearest competitors combined has all to do with VALUE!

These films are all NFRC rated. Our performance claims are corroborated by objective independent lab testing.

We are priced to win and geared to meeting all of your expectations.

Call for a free estimate.

Compare our quality, performance and aesthetics.

You’ll understand the reason we are Orlando’s preferred window film installation leader!

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Advanced Film Solutions Orlando Home Show Window Tinting

Advanced Film Solutions will be exhibiting at the Orange County Convention Center – The Central Florida Home Show!

Press Release


This is Orlando’s number one best attended home improvement show and our second year that we will be participating in this event.

Last year was spectacular. 

We have never experienced this much interest at a home show before.


We figured that was because Ty Pennington was giving a seminar.  Whatever the reason we generated hundreds of leads and closed more than our share.  There will be special guests this year, as well!

Advanced Film will be exhibiting our extensive portfolio of VISTA and Huper Optik Films .We also offer many economically priced film lines from Madico, SunTek, Sun Gard, Geoshield, Hanita and Solar Gard/Armorcoat.


Our key and favorite competitor – -3M Window Film will be a few aisles down and we always encourage clients to stop by their booth, get as much information as they will offer and then come to Advanced Film Solutions.

This is a winning comparison as demonstrated by our outstanding success competing against their prestige films sold either through this dealer or their numerous local home depot agents!

If you can’t make it to the show; feel free to call us for a free estimate at 877-575-3456



Orlando Fall Home Show Window Tinting Solutions Take The Stage

 Fall Home Show here in Orlando and we are anticipating a tremendous response from our Orlando area neighbors.



The cost to cool and heat our homes is increasing (no one is giving consumers a break when it comes to electricity costs!)


Our homes have clear glass; typically single pane.

befunky_artwork.jpg You already know how hot it gets in the Summer months and how home burglaries are on the rise!

Advanced Film Solutions:

We provide a superior installation of VISTA and Huper Optik Ceramic Film to your existing glass.

These films filter out 99.9% of the UV rays and up to 85% of the heat gain throughout the warmer days.

How much heat is rejected depends upon the thin film you select.  Your choice is based upon several factors:

  1. How dark do you want your living space to be?
  2. Do you want privacy for ground level windows?
  3. Do you live in a deed restricted gated community?
  4. Would you prefer a non reflective film?
  5. Your budget?
  6. Does the film solution qualify for rebates and tax incentives?

Advanced Film Solutions will walk you through this process and the fact that we represent the leading window film brands makes it easier to find the exact solution for your unique requirements.

Economically priced, NFRC certified and we offer EnerLogic All Weather Films for Winter insulation.


Now more than ever choose Advanced Film Solutions!

Stop by our booth and compare!