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Orlando Window Tinting, Advanced Window Film Solutions

Orlando home and business owners may live near the Magic Kingdom but there is certainly nothing magical about the amount of heat and humidity we suffer through most of the year.

Sure it’s a bit cooler right now and perhaps we just might open our windows for a few hours; we know that in a day or so it will be back to above 90 degrees every afternoon.

The point is it gets hot.

That’s why Orlando consumers choose overwhelmingly the Advanced Film Solutions window film.

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Manufactured by Eastman Chemical (Eastman Kodak founded) our window film portfolio outperforms and out-cools our 3M window film competition by a quantum amount.

Our economically priced NFRC rated solutions are unmatched compared to 3M and their home depot dealers.

We have solar films in more light transmissions and with far greater adhesive clarity that the limited 3M films.


Our durable ceramic films meet all deed restrictions that are ideal for gated communities in Windermere and Poincianna.

The fact that our coatings are dye free  (prestige has dyes!) mean that our Eastman Fims will provide a lifetime of clarity and energy efficiency.

Our Low E E Film insulates your Orlando home winter or summer.

3M does not actively market their nearly 40 year old obsolete film in Florida because of it’s limitations and fragile life expectancy. Our Low E EnerLogic has a lifetime warranty!

Check with their home depot dealers and find out what they offer for a winter low e film?


The City Of Oveido Selected Advanced Film Solutions for their solar security requirements. Vista Film by Eastman.

Our dual reflective films make it easier to maintain your night views and offer better heat blocking than their choices in every single light transmission category.

Our company was founded by the former National Sales Manager of 3M Window Film so he might know a thing or two about the limitations and overpriced nature of the 3M product offering.


Before you make a huge mistake and have these 3M home depot install a lesser value window film; dare to compare with Advanced Film Solutions.


Orlando: 407-843-9350

Toll Free: 877-575-3456



Hot November Window Film Deals. Did Someone Say Orlando Window Tinting?

Our Orlando team has set sales records for 2015 that have stunned the region.
EnerLogic 35 installations in  Windermere. Huper Optik specified for deed restricted homes and security window film protecting homes and businesses throughout the entire area.


Our crews applied the incredible Vista 28 on all west, south and east facing glass on a prestige home. 

Their goal to block 70% of the glare and reduce their monthly electric bill by 20% or more.

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Find out why Orlando homeowners choose Advanced Film Solutions over our 3M Window Film/Home Depot competitors.

  • Better energy savings
  • Superior optical clarity.
  • Better value.
  • More choices in all thin film alternatives.


  • NFRC certified for quantified performance.
  • Lifetime, transferable warranty.


  • Patented ceramic technology that affords wider widths and less interior and exterior reflectivity.
  • We are the Super Service Award Winners Angie’s List in Orlando!
  • The unique EnerLogic Gold Standard Films that has three times the winter savings compared  to the 3M Low E film and a lifetime warranty as opposed to their five year warranty!

The clearest choice in window film:

Advanced Film Solutions

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