Commercial Glass Protection Window Film, Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota


A key concern for many property managers is increased protection of tenant property and assets from burglary and weather induced shattered glass.

Installation of clear LLumar Security Glazing Film

Certainly alarm systems detect a breach and the alarms do limit the amount of time thieves will linger at a targeted location.

Nevertheless, reinforcing your glass with our safety and security glazing films is an obvious, economically beneficial alternative. How long will it take for law enforcement to respond?

Our thick optically transparent films will slow down these crooks-period!

No other company in the Tampa-Sarasota-Clearwater-Lakeland and Orlando offers more choices in light transmission and appearance than Advanced Film Solutions.

Our choices include:
  • Vista Dual Reflective Solar Security 8 ML Shatter Film
  • LLumar clear and tinted versions.
  • Madico and Sunscape
  • Armorcoat clear and tinted versions
  • Avery-Dennison Israeli clear and tinted films
  • Huper Optik Ceramic Non Reflective
  • SunTek Clear, Tinted and non-reflective


Delay, deter and deny entry while providing covert protection from flying debris, vandalism and accidents.

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