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Window Tinting Comparisons, Advanced Film Solutions, Tampa Ready

Let’s assume that you are researching the Internet for the best value and highest quality window film for your Tampa Bay or Orlando home.

Here are a few basics:

The window film is applied on the interior of your windows. 

There are a variety of light transmission choices and various thicknesses that allow the film to hold glass in place should a burglar try to break through your glass.

1932554_726033407430133_1017206962_oEveryone you talk to purports to offer the best solution, the best product and of course, the best installation.

You are probably familiar in a cursory way to the 3M brand since you have bought Scotch Tape sometime along the way. 

Many of the other brands are new to you but you are open minded.

How do you weed through the noise and confusion to make an educated choice?

Advanced Film Solutions

Since 2007 we have installed our films in more than 21,000 homes across the Tampa Bay, Orlando and Sarasota region.

No other company has done as many homes, offices or buildings.

We have earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 8 straight years.

Check our local competition!

If you did it; it isn’t bragging.

You may have seen our advertising or heard some of our radio spots?



We are unique because we offer the leading window film brands in this industry.


We are not stuck with one manufacturer or a quota system.

We have done our homework to make it easier for you to receive the perfect match for your requirements.

We do not offer 3M Window Film.

Ironically (to me) after 33 years at 3M, they are my competition.

Matching up and offering higher value window films against 3M is our easiest challenge.

Call us at 877-575-3456

As a consumer you want hard facts and as a solutions company that’s what we offer.

Our films are NFRC rated and certified for their ability to keep heat out.

VISTA and LLumar
Solar Gard- Armorcoat
SunTek Films
Huper Optik

 Experience in ease of installation coupled with customer satisfaction are what drive our business.

We can show you the differences and point out why one film may be better suited for your requirements. 

Cost is always an issue and having choices provides a better ROI for our clients.

Call Advanced Film Solutions and find out why we have grown into one of the largest volume window film installation companies in the USA

Toll free for a free estimate and comparison:  877-575-3456


Window Film Protects Tampa Homes From UV Sun Damage

The sun is relentless and that means bad news for your home furnishings, wood floors and ARTWORK.

Sure there is nothing like letting natural light into a space and simply relaxing.


But unprotected  windows increase damage by letting that light into your home.

 Advanced Film Solutions, Inc. improves the way you let light in while making you more comfortable.

There are lots of advantages to choosing to work with Advanced Film Solutions, Inc. to upgrade your home  with our tinting.

With a commitment to quality, service, comfort, and savings, our home window film services, we know how to make a difference when we work with our customers.

Our residential window tinting  keeps the temperature in your home more regular, reducing glare, minimizing glare, and shielding your family and guests from dangerous UV rays.

Florida’s home owners rely on Advanced Film Solutions, LLumar or Vista window film solutions.

UV- Heat- Light

The big three factors that attack your valuables are the problem!

Advanced Film Solutions, Tampa Bay, Orlando and Sarasota’s Window Film Experts.

Our transparent coatings are applied to the interior side of your windows and sliders.  The benefits are immediate since we filter out 99.9% of the UV rays.

We customize our solutions to match your specific requirements for light shade and appearance.

These choices include clear light films and non-reflective coatings that match every home owner association rule and deed restriction.

Add decades of enjoyment and protection for your investment!

Your home will be UV free and the colors of your accessories will remain robust and vibrant for a lifetime!

Toll Free 877-575-3456


Keeping the colors you love colorful!



Brand Beware’ness Vs. Brand Awareness Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota Window Tinting

There is nothing more ironic or perhaps “karmic” than my company representing VISTA Films, FormulaOne Performance Films, Armorcoat, Madico and Huper Optik Ceramic Films.


Honestly, after 33 years spent at 3M, who’d have thunk it?

The halo effect from Scotch Tape, and Post-It Notes are well known and 3M dealers are wise to promote that positive brand identity.

But does their window film equal that brand proposition?

Consumers are following the decision-making trend that has been well documented for the last several years.

They select performance over brand recognition when given the choice of an equal or better product at a better price!

A study by retail-industry tracking firm NPD Group found that nearly half of those who described themselves as highly loyal to a brand were no longer loyal a year later. Even seemingly strong names rarely translate into much power at the cash register. Another remarkable study found that just 4 percent of consumers would be willing to stick with a brand if its competitors offered better value for the same price.”

We are not offering equal performing solutions at a lower price

We offer superior performing solutions and as for the price; let’s have at it!


The opportunity throughout Florida and the USA is terrific.

We can’t lose when we match our solutions against theirs.


See for yourself.

Call that local 3M dealer or their Home Depot Window Film depot agents; then call:

Advanced Film Solutions


Toll Free at 877-575-3456

You’ll discover why we have earned over 9000 home and commercial building installations in Florida since we launched the company in May 2007.



Consumer Window Tinting Comparison Advanced Film Solutions Vs. 3M

Thanks to the power of the Internet, consumers have incredibly detailed resources to conduct their own research on nearly any product or solution.

It’s no different for investigating window film solutions for homeowners in Tampa Bay, Orlando or throughout the USA.

PicMonkey Collage

Let’s assume that you recognize that window film is the right solution for glare, heat, uncomfortable rooms, rising electric costs and fading.

There are scores of choices and companies who are all vying for your business.

You may be familiar with certain brands and that’s understandable.  After all you have heard of Scotch Tape and 3M Post-It Notes; so that 3M logo might be tempting.

As an independent window film solutions provider Advanced Film Solutions established a differentiation strategy that allows our clients to find the perfect film for their specific requirements.

Our background (33 years at 3M) and more recently the last 14 years as Florida’s fastest growing residential and commercial window film installation company is unmatched in Tampa Bay and the Orlando region.


Our commitment to detail and superior customer service has been recognized by Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner for8 straight years! 

We are also proud of our Accredited A Plus Rating from the Better Business Bureau.


  • Is there a difference in the optical clarity of one film versus another?
    There are differences in optical clarity between the various window film brands. Advanced Film Solutions recommends VISTA, LLumar and Huper Optik Films that offer pristine clarity and unmatched durability.


  • When in doubt; we recommend that you compare the actual window film being proposed in a side-by-side comparison. Advanced Film Solutions has never lost this “see for yourself” comparison.
  • How about reflectivity?
    Most manufacturers produce reflective, dual reflective and non reflective window films to meet a variety of consumer requirements.
  • Reflective metallic films are effective in keeping the heat from entering your home.Advanced Film Solutions recommends our Vista dual reflectives based on the heat rejection, durability and optical clarity that are mandatory for Interior Designers.
  • Non-Reflective Films:

    Ideal for HOA rules and deed restrictions the best alternative is Huper Optik.  They have outstanding durability, clarity and superior heat rejection.

    Huper Optik is available in a wide range of light transmissions and all are less reflective than glass.

  • We have seen 3M Prestige at Home Depot and they claim that this film works better at an angle (like when the Sun is at 3 PM or 9 AM) they also claimed that their film blocks more heat than silver reflective films or very dark films. Is this accurate?

    The short answer is an emphatic – NO!

  • All window films and glass itself appear to work better when the heat source is at an angle to the glass. This is not unique to 3M Prestige Film or frankly any window film.


  • But we saw a heat lamp demo and we could actually feel a dramatic reduction in heat with a clear Prestige Film? Seeing is believing!How could such a great demo be inaccurate or misleading?

  • The trick is fairly easy to explain.

    The french fry lamp blasts IR heat in a narrow wavelength. 

    The Prestige film blocks IR wavelengths in this bandwidth.

    The BTU meter is configured to measure IR heat in that specific wavelength.  In other words it’s a snake oil trick.Collage


There are important differences between the various window film solutions available.

Advanced Film Solutions consultants can explain the differences and customize the perfect solution for your home.

We win supported by facts over perception and our clients reap the reward of a lifetime of comfort and energy cost savings.

Advanced Film Solutions

Tampa Bay -Orlando


Advanced Film Solutions, Window Film USA Comparison Shopping

Many of you are reading our Blog for the first time. 
(I know that because GOOGLE Analytics tells me so.)


If you are considering a window tinting or window film solution; you are exactly where you should be!


We design and execute the installation of outstanding window film solutions  throughout Florida via  Advanced Film Solutions and across the entire USA with Window Film USA.

We are unique.



Now, selling window film solutions against 3M or their Home Depot 3M agents isn’t the unique part (there are thousands of window film dealers that offer competitive brands, and candidly a huge growing percentage of 3M Window Film dealers offer alternative brands as well.  


We are unique because we spent a good deal of time with 3M (33 years!) and we know what there is to know about 3M Window Film.

After all I was once upon a time the National Sales Manager of 3M Window Film.  A salient point that is chock full of irony. Unlike many of our competitors we clearly and objectively identify the brands of film we propose, and perhaps more importantly, we understand and explain the nuances between  these superior solutions to the novice consumer.





Solar Gard


Huper Optik





We don’t just theoretically understand how these films perform or compare to each other; we know based on real world every day field installations and direct consumer feedback.


We know which films are NFRC rated and quantified.

If you have received a quote from a window film installation company and you are concerned about some aspect of their proposal. . .

Call me at 877-575-3456

We might affirm your choice and validate the performance you should anticipate.

On the other hand. . .

Why Not Call Us Today. .

Talk to an expert.