Smart Tampa Window Tinting Comparisons

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Our perfect customer is skeptical.

Take the LEED-Vista LLumar Leeds Points for Commercial Installations


These stubborn “show me” types don’t buy into BS or silly parlor tricks like french fry lamps and rigged BTU meters.

Our perfect client doesn’t get misty eyed listening to fables about inventing window film or unique capabilities that are never documented or supported by facts.

Advanced Film Solutions prefers factual quantified and documented superior performance.

We support the NFRC ratings where window film manufacturers have had their products independently lab tested and corroborated.

We prefer results and critical thinking like earning TECO rebates because the specific film blocks more heat than a non qualifying product no matter the presumed pedigree of the film.

When we discuss safety security window films the line in the sand is documented impact tests (ASTM 1886, ASTM 1996) and GSA Blast testing.

We know that folks can be hoodwinked about tear resistance since the illusion of performance is frequently more convincing than an actual result when a blast ignites.

Somehow the window that gets hit with a 2 X 4 block of propelled wood or a flying tree limb isn’t quite as impressed.

Don’t believe me- -that’s perfectly fine.

We wouldn’t want you to unless you check out the objective proof on an air force base where ordinance is set off and windows of various configurations are placed in the line of fire.


There are many fine window film solutions and Advanced Film Solutions has developed our portfolio with the “Best Of Breed” solutions – -no matter the manufacturer.

Patented Huper Optik ceramic films that out-perform all generic knock-off films like 3M’s repackaged ceramic films.


Security and safety films from Vista, LLumar, Madico, Armorcoat, SunTek and Avery-Dennison Hanita.

8 ML thick at a minimum with superior tensile strength, impact and puncture strength and documented performance.

This is why these 8 ML films are on the Capitol Building and embassies throughout the world. When it comes to force protection and life safety money talks and BS walks.

If you’ve done your homework and want results like lower utility costs, Federal tax credits, TECO rebates and meeting all deed restrictions and HOA rules you’ll call Advanced Film Solutions.

If you want a superior installation like 25,000 previous clients you’ll call Advanced Film Solutions.

That’s why we have earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 9 years and an A Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Florida’s Best Window Film is Advanced Film Solutions

Toll Free : 877-575-3456

Offices Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Orlando

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