Secure Tampa Homes With Advanced Window Film Protection

Commercial offices in office parks and industrial parks throughout the greater Tampa Bay area experience problems with glare, heat, UV and rising electric costs as homeowners experience. smash

While many homeowners tend to sway away from highly reflective film; offices generally prefer privacy reflective films to prevent passerby’s from seeing into the offices.

Office personnel and for medical centers their patients benefit from this high level of privacy.

From a BUILDING security and safety perspective our reflective films prevent thieves from scoping your offices for potential theft or vandalism.

As a case in point a security firm recommended privacy security films for ground level offices.


Advanced Film Solutions has flawlessly completed thousands of office glass projects since 2007. 

We have done Urgent Care Medical centers, dentist offices and retail offices as well as dozens of pharmacies, UPS stores, municipal buildings, restaurants and hair salons.

The point is that we offer more choices in appearance and function than any other window film company in the Tampa Bay area.

Our broad portfolio of solutions will let you customize the perfect solution for your property.

Call for a free estimate toll free: 877-575-3456




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