Tampa Window Film Comparison Shopping

Nothing gives me more of a tickle than competing against our 3M competition


One 3M dealer linked directly with their Home Depot program of installed window films (at outrageous prices) called me to brag about the success of this deal.

12442634495_13f54f7159_o High cost film installations based on the premise that these depot shoppers aren’t able to separate true value and performance from the allure of a name brand and their home depot credit card? 

5022_660064447360363_431581930_nTheir heat lamp BTU gimmickry is just enough to fool people into believing they actually block 97% of the heat on a film that really does slightly more than 50% heat rejection.

They hope to find customers who are willing to pay more for less value. .blah blah blah.


We’ll take that challenge every day of the week!

  • We prefer superior performing window films documented by the NFRC.
  • We prefer ceramic non metal films with a scratch coating that holds the color and unlike their film won’t scratch off.

  • We prefer unchanged hues rather than a blue look or a rainbow effect than never goes away.
  • We prefer an optically clear film without that haze you will find in these over priced depot 3M films.

  • We prefer Low E Films that save you money on cooling and heating costs throughout the entire year!

So go out and shop for your rakes and sandpaper and tapes at the depot. .


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