Tampa Bay Window Tinting Comparisons, 2022

Advanced Film Solutions is the leading installation company for residential and commercial window film in the Tampa and Orlando area.

We have skilled installation crews with decades of experience and training in all facets of film installation.

Our team has earned the prestigious Super Service Award for 8 years from Angie’s List.


The key differences that distinguish Advanced Film Solutions from competition is the depth of knowledge we possess and the diversity of our window film portfolio.

No other company can match this advantage.


Our 4 decades of knowledge and hands on experience becomes your advantage resulting in delighted clients.

No baloney!

There are significant differences between the window films available in the industry.

  • Darker reflective and non reflective films designed for flat glass. 
  • Dual reflective films specifically designed for homes and commercial interests where day and night visibility is imperative.

  • Non reflective residential and commercial ceramic films and spectrally selective films that meet all deed restrictions; block varying degrees of IR (invisible heat) and visible light.
  • Security glazing impact window film designed to delay, deter and deny entry while adding significant protection against  intrusion, and vandalism.

  • Car tinting films designed for compound curved glass in varying methods of composition and design.

In every industry and any vocation there are a select few experts who are completely current on technology and the industry.

Advanced Film Solutions has these experts.

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Advanced Film Solutions


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