Compare Tampa Window Tinting Eastman Vs. 3M Window Film

Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa Bay’s leading installation company for high performance solar and solar security window film in the Tampa Bay, Bradenton-Sarasota and Orlando area.


Our flawless installations have earned our team the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 8 consecutive years and an A Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Our experience having been with 3M for 33 years and followed by 8 years as an independent, family owned business is unmatched by any local competition.

Our experience supports the fact that we represent the Eastman Chemical window film portfolio.

We compete directly with our former company (3M) and it’s the direct film to film comparison that wins the day for Advanced Film Solutions and Eastman.

Vista & LLumar versus 3M reflective and dual reflective films.

The Eastman portfolio begins with the LLumar Brand of films. These are the best selling solutions in the USA. All LLumar films are NFRC rated and the dual reflective series is available in wider ranges than the limited 3M Night Vision or the 3M re-boxed Affinity films.

LLumar offers bronze films (3M does not)


LLumar has coatings that block 95% of the visible light while 3M does not.

LLumar has 8M security films in clear, and solar versions while 3M is very limited in light transmission of the film they actually make or the films they repackage and sell under their name.


The Vista line exceeds any 3M solution in the security or solar spectrum.

These films have a transferable warranty and are available in nearly ten times as many light transmissions and performance characteristics.  


The Eastman Huper Optik series is ideal for deed restricted neighborhoods and condo’s where exterior reflectivity is prohibited.

These Huper Optik films qualify for TECO rebates where the 3M prestige films sold by their agents and home depot does not.

The Huper Optik films are dye free while 3M requires dyes to darken their film. Unfortunately the darkest 3M prestige film filters out 60% of the light. Huper Optik blocks more heat and glare in 4 additional darker light transmissions all less reflective than glass.

It’s not really a fair contest.

3M has a name and a perhaps a recognizable logo.

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