Pinellas County Energy Efficient Window Tinting Retrofit

Pinellas County building managers are as concerned as anyone else about the rising cooling costs.



An energy retrofit upgrade begins with targeting the biggest culprit for improvement; the exposed clear glass windows throughout their buildings.

 598744_473537739346369_234769873_nSouth, east and west exposures are subjected to intense heat, glare and UV.

Employee and visitor discomfort were also issues that needed to be addressed along with privacy and the aesthetic streamlined curb appeal of their facilities.

The solution?

Advanced Film Solutions earned the contract and we installed our LLumar silver reflective film on several county buildings.

  • Nearly 80% total solar energy rejected.
  • 99.9% of the UV rejected.

  • Energy costs will be reduced by nearly 30% a month.
  • Duke Energy Rebates earned!
  • Daytime privacy and 80% glare rejection achieved.
  • Streamlines appearance of their windows.
  • Improved employee and visitor comfort and employee satisfaction and productivity will be improved.

Tampa Bay’s number one resource for 21st Century Window Film Technology is Advanced Film Solutions.

Let us show you how you can also improve the energy efficiency of your facility or home and lower your monthly electric bills.

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