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Consumers are looking for solid ideas to reduce their energy costs and usage while still maintaining the beauty of their homes.

They know which rooms stay too hot or are too bright. The last electric bill is far too high and something needs to be done!

Homeowners also face security concerns like smash and grab (break-in’s through their glass windows, doors and sliders)

This is at the forefront of what homeowners are looking to solve.

Where to start?

Many of you are heading to the Home Depot’s and Lowe’s DIY stores.

If this is your strategy, than good luck!

We spend a great deal of time removing the iffy installations our clients attempted.

Keep those band-aids at the ready and save that receipt!!

Here’s why we are different!


  • We are concise concerning comparisons between the different brands of window film. We are able to do this because we have access to the world’s leading brands and we install them every day.

  • We compare solutions since there are really no absolutes. There are degrees of differences and associated cost factors with varying product solutions.
  • We appreciate that a film solution that has a high investment cost uses superior raw materials when the manufacturer builds their product line.
  • The trade-offs are cost versus function and the long term life expectancy of the product.

  • Our operation lean and mean. This equates to sharper pricing for our clients. We aren’t paying for fancy hotel stays or six people showing up on one bid estimate! 
  • We start with the understanding that we are consulting. Our clients are trying to solve real problems like high electric bills or eliminating UV.  They are trying to cut glare or improve their burglary and smash and grab protection. They may like to hear the sizzle but what they really want is direct answers and solid, detailed NFRC comparisons.

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