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Tampa Bay Home Show Window Tinting, Florida State Fairgrounds This Weekend

Before you go cheap.

Before you take chances with some flea market dummy!

Visit The Tampa Home Show

Show Hours

  • Friday, March 16: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Saturday, March 17: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Sunday, March 18: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

This weekend!

Florida State Fairgrounds!


This is a fast paced world and most consumers have enough things going on that getting their car tinted or home windows coated is way down on their priority list.

Sure they know living in the Tampa area means a constant battle against heat and road traffic construction.

They know that paying 30% a month more for their electric bill by not having window film is not exactly a good plan!

Advanced Film Solutions is an expert window film company.

We know more about window film than seems reasonable by any measurement.

We deal with large commercial clients, government offices and restaurants throughout the region.

We have done upscale mansions and landmark buildings.

But you don’t really care about all that since you think window film is a commodity.

Something you might have done yourself ten years ago or at the very least it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg!

Given that perception it’s small wonder that many consumers go cheap.  They respond to a cardboard sign stuck in someone’s yard.

Don’t trust their home to some knucklehead that has mug shots as their Facebook photo.
We pay attention to our  clientele’

Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa’s ONE STOP resource for home tinting window film.

Vista Film, LLumar, Huper Optik 
This weekend! Great Deals!


Eastman Glazing Security Florida Window Film Comparisons Vs. 3M Window Film

Advanced Film Solutions is one of the largest volume solar and solar safety film installation companies in the USA.


We differentiate our solutions portfolio by offering the world leading window film brands.

Objectivity is our sincere promise to our clients. 


 The issue of life safety is critically important.

There are differences in aesthetics between the various security film solutions our goal is to match the right coating for your specific requirements.

1009862_634287276604747_1156902786_n - Copy

  • Silver 8 ML: Our LLumar or Armorcoat silver film is ideal for maximum privacy and safe for IG units.
  • Dual reflective 28 Vista: Also safe for IG units this dual reflective film meets TECO rebate requirements.
  • Dual Reflective 25% SunTek
  • Neutral Series: Available in 20, 35, 40, 50 % light transmissions.
  • Ceramic 50% Huper Optik
  • Hanita Safety Zone
  • Armorcoat Stainless


Attachment systems:

We recommend the Dow 995 structural silicone wet glaze system.

How we compare to 3M Security Window Film:


As a matter of aesthetic comparison 3M has an extremely limited portfolio of thinner security films.

  • They do not offer a silver or neutral 20, 35,40 or 50% VLT
  • They offer only a thinner 5 ML dual reflective 25% VLT
  • Their clear film is available in a 6 ML
  • They repackage another companies  8 Ml and 14 ml film 
  • There is no objective independent testing for win, blast, impact or intrusion that our solutions are not equal or superior.

There is no demonstrable advantage for thinner film as 3M offers and their tear resistance does not present superior capability during GSA or DOD blast or ballistic testing.

Adhesive clarity and haze are known issues with the 3M ultra films (the repackaged film has less distortion but is limited to a 60 inch width)

Bottom Line:

LLumar Protective Film


Advanced Film Solutions offers a wide range of shatter films that meets our clients requirements.

Our films are all certified by the NFRC for energy savings.

Our 8 ML shatter Films meet GSA, DOD, and several meet FM Global approval (LLumar)

Our Films meet ANSI 400 Ft Lbs standards.

Several films meet UL972 Impact standards.

Advanced Film Solutions offers free estimates and our team has earned an A Rating from the BBB and we are a two time winner of the Super Service Award from Angie’s List.

Compare our superior portfolio, adhesive clarity, testing and NFRC ratings along with your investment costs!

There is not one category where 3M offers a safer security film PERIOD!

Advanced Film Solutions

Toll Free: 877-575-3456


Spring Hill, Hernando,Brooksville Window Tinting

Hernando County is nestled just north of Pasco County, Florida.

The Sun shines just as brightly and it’s nearly as hot as the rest of our large coverage area that encompasses Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough, Manatee and Sarasota and east past Orlando.


Advanced Film Solutions crews completed three home installations these last two days in this area and the potential for reducing home utility costs, improving comfort and security is unlimited.

Progress Energy rebates apply and Hernando County residents will be amazed by the outstanding choices we offer our clients:

World leading brands like Eastman Chemical’s Vista Film, EnerLogic, LLumar and Huper Optik Ceramic Films.

Automotive films by FormulaOne and LLumar


Call for a free estimate toll free 877-575-3456


Tampa Window Film Windex Adventures

By now my regular readers know that there is absolutely zero advantage for any 3M window film matched against VISTA, Huper Optik, Madico, Solar Gard or SunTek and Hanita concerning the use of Windex.


Still. .

Every so often you still get that tired old nonsense from a 3M competitor so it might be timely to state the obvious once again.


From a factual point of view seriously there is absolutely no advantage for 3M in repeated Windex Assaults.

The scratch coatings are effectively the  very same no matter who the manufacturer might be.

In fact I’d argue that the scratch coating on their prestige multi-layered optical film is weaker than the industry standards which is one reason the color can be so easily scratched off their prestige films.


Now most consumers will listen to a counter argument about film performance and certainly they can judge a film’s aesthetics with their own two eyes; but this type of Windex slander is beyond belief.

Enough already.

We have run Windex Promotions and have joked about this nonsense along with their angle nonsense and their 97% IR rejection foolishness.

Let’s call that local 3M dealer for an estimate or drop by a home depot store so you can pay even more for the same thing. . .

Then when you check your sanity. .call:

Advanced Film Solutions

Tampa-Orlando-Sarasota-St. Pete, Clearwater, Spring Hill,

Don’t Forget Your Windex!


3M Security Tinting? Florida Homes Get Safer Vista, LLumar Window Film Choice


Whether you are looking for home of office security protection by strengthening your glass Advanced Film Solutions is the perfect choice.

Advanced Film Solutions will only install 8 ML thick films or greater.  These dynamic safety glazing films have superior adhesion, peel, puncture and tensile strength.

Advanced Film Solutions offers more choices in light transmissions and aesthetic appearance so consumers get the best match for their requirements.


We compete against 3M Window Film sold by their agents and home depot resellers along with AC companies and window washers.

The 3M film in solar versions is thinner and weaker than our coatings. They are repackaging a thicker film but this is only available in a clear version that has no solar energy savings benefits.

Make certain you ask for their sample cards to confirm their thinner choices and limited number of light transmissions.

While you may hear a lot of noise about tear resistance this singular property does not make their 4 ML or 5 ML films stronger than 8 ML security films. PERIOD.


Once again you should be absolutely certain you are comparing apples to apples!

When the City of Largo, Dunedin, Oveido and Altamonte Springs chose the strongest and best value they selected Advanced Film Solutions!

Call for a free estimate toll free 877-575-3456