Shopping For Window Tinting In Tampa Bay – Ten Things Not To Do!

You’ve made the decision to research window film solutions.

hopt Congratulations!

You are aware that today’s thin film technology provides immediate benefits for your home comfort, energy cost reduction and glare and UV.

Still it can often be confusing when you get estimates from local window film companies in Tampa.

It seems that everyone has the “best” films, everyone has the best price.


After all we offer the widest selections of window film brands in Florida.

 Here are ten things YOU shouldn’t do when making this investment.

  1. Don’t assume that all window films are the same. There are huge differences between window film brands. It will help if the films being proposed are NFRC 579552_533142166719259_1830617796_n
  2. There are some unusual characters in the window film business. Make sure the dealer is authorized, has insurance and is certified with the county to do business in Florida. Check their Better Business Bureau track record or Angie’s List!
  3. Yes, we all know that Home Depot and 3M are well known. Nevertheless get a quotation from Advanced Film Solutions Don’t fall for nonsense about their film working better at angles or 97% heat rejection.aplusAll films work better at an angle and the 97% IR rejection is only for a very narrow bandwidth of the solar spectrum.

    Don’t fall for that Heat Lamp BTU test either. This is a gimmick that gives the illusion of heat rejection but the reality on your home’s windows is entirely different!

    Again- -Check the NFRC Website!



  4. If you hear that there is a dark, non reflective film that blocks 85% of the visible light and the price is dirt cheap it’s very likely a car tint film. BE CAREFUL! Car glass is tempered and can withstand that type of solar absorption. Your home’s windows are an entirely different story!! This cheap car tint can cause thermal stress and crack your glass.|
  5. Don’t get hood-winked by a fast talking sales guy or woman that claims they are doing home energy audits for our local power companies.This is a charade! The same applies to some of these folks pretending they work with the local law enforcement people and then they try selling you security films!
  6. Make sure that you check your deed restrictions if you live in a gated community. Reflective and dual reflective films are terrific but you don’t want to be placed in a position where the HOA rules against you.
  7. If you have Insulated Glass Units you should make certain that the film being proposed is safe for that type of glass!img_home_7Check the warranty as most reputable manufacturers have a film to glass chart that specifically alerts the installer of those films that will not create thermal stress on your glass.
  8. Thicker security films do hold the glass in place protecting your home against forced entry. Thicker films are better at doing this task and 8 ML is the absolute minimum thickness to consider.
  9. Warranty: Makes sure that your have a warranty in writing from the manufacturer of the window film. Lifetime for residential applications, 15 years for commercial glass.1044035_604322442934564_422138274_n
  10. Check references like Home Advisor to see what the experiences have been from homeowners just like you!

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