Compare Window Tinting, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota Energy Savings

Advanced Film Solutions clients recognize that solar control window films are a necessity rather than a luxury.


 Home cooling costs are extremely high and rate hikes from  local power companies have made that cost rise dramatically over the lest several years.

During the cooler months home heating costs can curb your budget making you spend more money on electric bills than anyone would like.


Our portfolio of window films  from VISTA and Huper Optik not only curb your costs by 30% a month during the summer but they also reduce the fade damage on your precious interior furnishings and keepsakes.

Most folks are holding onto their current furnishings a bit longer than in the past. Reducing the UV by almost 100% along with the heat and light simply makes sense.

We don’t need to hype the health benefits of reducing the UVA and UVB by nearly 100%.

Consumers are unaware that their glass does NOT block UV!

Safety and Security .  So many homes have glass near the front entry door. This is the easiest way to break into a home. Our solar and security films delay, deny and deter entry.

Glare and heat. 

Heat is the enemy here in Florida and along with glare many rooms are simply unlivable. 

Our Window Films block glare and heat. From a practical viewpoint this enhancement to your home’s glass will differentiate your home from the other homes for sale in your area!

The practicality of installing these energy savings films with a 
much thicker (8 times) DuPont polyester mylar, multiplies the associated dual benefit of the installation. The film looks exactly the same on your windows as the thinner versions but the added strength against impact helps deny entry from burglars and improves your home protection against flying debris.


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