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Tampa Polycarbonate Lexan Plastic Sunroom Window Tinting

Homeowners have Florida rooms made with Lexan windows rather than glass.


These sun rooms get hotter than &^%$

These long suffering clients can tell you horror stories about how hot these additions get in the summer.



The problem with Lexan (polycarbonate or acrylic) is that they are made with a petroleum product similar to plastic. 

If you attempt to install a typical polyester film with CDF or PSA adhesives you will very quickly experience a hazy bubbly appearance to the film.

There is a solution and who better than Advanced Film Solutions to offer it here in the southern climates.

Terrific results and a smooth installation.

No need to suffer any longer.

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Solving Tampa’s Overheated Acrylic, Polycarbonate Sunroom Windows

Many Florida homeowners have a sun room extension added to their living space. One popular material used in this design are acrylic windows (aka Lexan, Plexiglass, Polycarbonate)

These plastic windows are generally employed because of their durability against high impact from storms, flying debris or simply an errant gold ball. Typically these windows are installed in the clear version which compounds the heat gain issue.


Sun Rooms are terrific in the cooler winter season but become hot houses in the long tropical Florida summer.


Fortunately Advanced Film Solutions has several effective solutions that factor out the heat and let you enjoy your investment throughout the entire year.

Hanita PolyZone is our line of window films for the polycarbonate (often Lexan brand) and acrylic (often Plexiglas) sheet markets.

Our Madico Blister Free: A clear film created specifically for polycarbonate
(Lexan®) and acrylic (Plexiglass®) substrates that allows solar control or decorative films to then be applied


It is often used to achieve solar control on skylights and on acrylic windows in schools, hospitals and treatment facilities, coatings are designed specifically for acrylic windows.

Standard polyester window films are not recommended for this application because of the potential for bubbling. Thanks to the unique adhesives used in our products this concern is eliminated.

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