Brand Beware’ness Vs. Brand Awareness Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota Window Tinting

There is nothing more ironic or perhaps “karmic” than my company representing VISTA Films, FormulaOne Performance Films, Armorcoat, Madico and Huper Optik Ceramic Films.


Honestly, after 33 years spent at 3M, who’d have thunk it?

The halo effect from Scotch Tape, and Post-It Notes are well known and 3M dealers are wise to promote that positive brand identity.

But does their window film equal that brand proposition?

Consumers are following the decision-making trend that has been well documented for the last several years.

They select performance over brand recognition when given the choice of an equal or better product at a better price!

A study by retail-industry tracking firm NPD Group found that nearly half of those who described themselves as highly loyal to a brand were no longer loyal a year later. Even seemingly strong names rarely translate into much power at the cash register. Another remarkable study found that just 4 percent of consumers would be willing to stick with a brand if its competitors offered better value for the same price.”

We are not offering equal performing solutions at a lower price

We offer superior performing solutions and as for the price; let’s have at it!


The opportunity throughout Florida and the USA is terrific.

We can’t lose when we match our solutions against theirs.


See for yourself.

Call that local 3M dealer or their Home Depot Window Film depot agents; then call:

Advanced Film Solutions


Toll Free at 877-575-3456

You’ll discover why we have earned over 9000 home and commercial building installations in Florida since we launched the company in May 2007.



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