The Truth Prestige Film IR Rejection Huper Optik Vs. 3M Comparisons

I’ve written about this before (as have some others!) but the 3M Prestige Film has always been interesting to me for a variety of reasons.

Let’s just say that I was once a True Believer (Yeah I wrote that!) having swallowed the RED PILL entirely. 

It was only after I left 3M that my faith was shaken by:

No Prestige did not work better at an angle compared to other window films.

No Prestige did not reject 97% of the IR

No Prestige did not reject more heat than a dark silver reflective film.


Now this may seem like an esoteric argument with little to no impact on the larger world outside of window film; but (stick with me here) there is a crucial perception and a credibility issue at stake. (Mostly my own!)


I don’t like being fibbed to (there are stronger words!) and I can’t abide losing any business to a competitor that is either intentionally or through ignorance, misrepresenting their product’s performance. 

Now as the competitor against 3M Prestige that has become much more important.

Eastman Chemical the world leader in window film (by any measurement or standard) had tackled these issues with a series of technical reports and white papers almost immediately upon the launch of Prestige and the 3M marketing and supporting literature that their dealers utilize to support their selling efforts.


2008-07-010-Tech Update-NA

IWFA – IR Ratings of Window Film


Read these slowly. Go ahead. . I’ll wait. . .

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