Make Your Windows Energy Smart & Safe With Window Film

If your windows are single pane clear glass you live through GLASS PAIN every year.

Today as we spend a great amount of time in our homes, this might be the best time to upgrade your windows with window film from Advanced Film Solutions.


At a fraction of the cost of a window replacement our lifetime warranted coatings will drive lower utility costs by as much as 30-40% during the long hot summers.

Our films are transparent, optically clear films that stop heat, UV at the glass.

There are many levels of light filtering coatings to select so the end result is the exact customized solution for your windows and sliders.

Deed restrictions are not a problem because our ceramic coatings are less reflective than glass .


We also recommend that you consider a thicker security film coating that will harden your windows and retain glass in the frames so burglars can not simply break in and steal your valuables.

These shatter resistant films slow down thieves letting law enforcement time to respond to alarms.


Advanced Film Solutions


Pain relief for those single pane windows is one toll free phone call away.

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