Consumer Comparison 3M Vs. Eastman LLumar Vista Window Tinting


It seems like a perfect time to update an apples to apples comparison between the well known 3M Window Film and the Eastman Chemical Performance Film portfolio.


This is a trick comparison study because of the overwhelming superiority of the Eastman portfolio.

The Eastman portfolio easily outdistances 3M window film in terms of depth, variety and performance capabilities of their window film solutions.


Consider our EnerLogic Low E Films that are available in a glare rejecting 35% as well as a clear EnerLogic 70. 

These technology leading films launched in 2010-2011 represent the best all season energy savings films in the world.
Check NFRC Ratings Here!

 Your investment is backed by a lifetime warranty from this multi-billion dollar corporation.

They have an obsolete Low E film introduced in the 1980’s with a 5 year warranty and 1/3 the winter insulating benefit compared to EnerLogic. 


You’d be hard pressed to find one installation of this obsolete  3M Low E product in the entire state of Florida.

                                       EnerLogic                      3M
 Warranty Residential          Lifetime                                           5 year   Warranty
Commercial                              15 years                                             5 years
Emissivity                                   7%                                                         34%
Color                                       Earth tone                                    Copper pinkish hue
Width                                          36,48,60, 72″                                      40,50,60″

How about a one way vision film that can block more than 95% of the glare and 85% of the total solar energy? 

Our Vista LLumar Films offer choices for maximum heat control.


Non reflective films in light transmissions ranging from a 5% storefront type film to lighter transmissions.


Sorry- -they have nothing.
Bronze films?
 Eastman offers several choices of light transmission and less interior reflectivity
Sorry folks; absolutely nothing!
Silver reflective films for solar and security applications in multiple light transmissions?

We have numerous choices whereas they have only one and it does not come in a security version.


Vista has dual reflective films in a 14, 15, 25, 28, 35, 38, 45, 48 % light transmissions?  Several available in thicker 8 ML shatter versions.


They re-box another companies cheap dual reflective (Affinity) and offer only 3 light transmission choices in their night vision line.

And we haven’t mentioned our full line of Huper Optik ceramic films!

Non reflective heat rejecting durable and dye free. Huper Optik qualifies for TECO rebates where the 3M prestige line does not!

Huper Optik has a superior scratch coating and optical clarity!

We don’t have to fool our clients with heat lamp gimmicks that pretend the film blocks 97% of the heat.

We deal in NFRC facts.

We won’t pull the wool over your eyes about films working better at angles.

Advanced Film Solutions

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