Advanced Film Solutions Vs. Home Depot 3M Window Film

Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s leading window film installation company.

We provide superb installations focusing our efforts in Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland and Sarasota-Bradenton. 

We have completed thousands of installations since leaving 3M (after 33 years) back in 2007.


Advanced Film Solutions is A Plus rated with the Better Business Bureau and we have earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for the last 8 consecutive years!

3M and their agents have a furnish and install window film program at Home Depot stores throughout the state.


If you have received one of their estimates and are doing research on superior alternatives in terms of window film performance and cost; you have come to the right place!


Performance comparisons between 3M prestige and Advanced Film Solutions.

Heat rejection:

The 3M prestige films are non-reflective which is great for a deed restricted home or for any consumer who prefers a non metal appearance for their glass.


Of course our Huper Optik is also non reflective and meet all deed restrictions.

Advanced Film Solutions represents the Huper Optik Films. 


  • These patented German engineered films are available in darker light transmissions (all non-reflective and non interfering)
  • Our Huper Optik 40, 50 and 70% are more than equal to prestige.  Huper Optik 30 stops more glare, heat and provides more protection against fade than Prestige!
  • Our 20% Ceramic Films and our 35% Drei Films meet the TECO rebate requirements. No prestige film can meet this standard.

Certainly you’d think that a Tampa consumer would want a $2.00 sq ft rebate for all east and west facing glass?

Huper Optik Films are NFRC certified as are the 3M prestige films.

This fact is critically important because that demo  previously mentioned utilizes a heat lamp that transmits a narrow wavelength of IR and a meter that reads this wavelength gives an illusion that their film blocks more heat than darker reflective films.

It’s a trick, Gimmick or you might say deceptive!

In actuality the documented solar heat gain rejection of the 3M prestige films is nowhere as impressive as that demo suggests.

Consumers have to be vigilant when conducting these comparisons which is the main reason we promote the NFRC ratings.

IWFA – IR Ratings of Window Film


Additionally all window films perform better when the Sun is at an angle to the glass. Any suggestion that 3M has some advantage in this respect is equally false.


Advanced Film Solutions portfolio of superior solutions doesn’t end there.

PicMonkey Collage


  • We never charge for estimates and we have no minimum charges.
  • Our films have absolutely no dyes. Their film?
  • Our films are durable and can stand up to daily use. Our scratch resistant coatings compare more than favorably to the 3M Prestige films. 

Call Advanced Film Solutions.
Toll Free 877-575-3456


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