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Advanced Film Solutions is Florida’s leading residential and commercial window film installation company.

We separate our product and service portfolio from our competition by providing the leading window film solutions for solar control, designer decorative films and glazing security shatter window film.

Many home and business owners researching security glazing film solutions will benefit with this brief comparison study between 3M Window Film and the window film solutions Advanced Film represents.

We provide installations for the following branded solutions:

The strength of the security glazing films we represent meet the objective criteria as set forth by various independent rating and testing thresholds.


While your home or office may differ in the type of glass and frames being protected the Federal Government and code agencies have established a level plain for testing and performance.

Fortunately it can be stated that there is no 3M Window Film that has a better safety performance than the security films we represent.

Further there are several iterations of our security films that objectively out-perform the thinner 3M ultra films in puncture strength, tensile strength and test results.

Importantly we install dozens of security films that have solar properties in combination with the security features that 3M can not match.

This becomes a critical advantage when the consumer requires privacy our sustainable energy savings.

The Eastman brands for example are available in silver versions, dual reflective versions and ceramic versions all exceeding the limited 3M portfolio.

Advanced Film Solutions furthermore offers attachment systems ln particular the industry standard Dow Corning 995 which has been tested by the Dept of Defense, UL laboratories, ASTM and Factory Mutual Windblown debris.

City Hall Altamonte Springs where Advanced Film Solutions delivered superior Vista Dual Reflective Films changing the weaker 3M S25 5 ML film to the stronger, safer 8 ML V28 PS8

Consumers can be frequently confused when 3M states that their thinner tear resistant films meet performance levels that competitive thicker films achieve.

This is quantifiable as an inaccurate assessment.

Advanced Film Solutions installs coatings 8 ML thick and greater. This is the performance platform that is required to meet GSA Blast Criteria and ASTM testing criteria.

From a safety profile the Advanced Film Solutions is unequivocally the superior choice and value.



Please contact Advanced Film Solutions toll free at 877-575-3456 for a free estimate and consultation.

Our testing data, films samples and additional specifications are all available upon request.

Advanced Film Solutions

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