Tampa Crazy For Window Tinting

We know how crazy it is “out there.”


A client came in the other day asking me if we had a tint that would give her complete privacy in her car. 

She whispered that unknown people were following her wherever she went. 

Carefully looking over her shoulder to ensure no one was listening, she explained that she dresses down in public (clearly she attained her goal!) simply to hide from the unknown stalkers.


Now after  years of dealing directly with Joe Public rather than corporate types; I have to agree with many of my associates in this business that some customers are nuts!

The following did not happen to me but rather to another window film company; but it’s a wonderful story.

My friend did an estimate at a clients’ home meeting with an older gentleman. 



The client was completely impressed  and signed up for an installation on the spot.

Later that week his installation crew showed up at the home and proceeded to tint all the windows in the home. 

The homeowner watched intently pointing out any areas of concern throughout the process.

At about the moment the crew finished the homeowners wife came home.

She went directly to the installers and asked them who they were and what the *&^% they were doing in her home?

They explained that they had just completed the job.


“What!!” she shouted.

“We don’t need window film. 

Why would you come to my house to do this??” she screamed.

They looked around and pointed to her husband who was now quietly sitting on the couch looking out the rear windows facing the backyard.

“Go ask your husband” the lead installer responded, he’s the person that signed the order.

He let us in and he watched us the last four plus hours. Plus he signed the work order”. . . furiously pointing at the bottom of the paperwork.

The wife explained that her husband was demented. 


Certifiably insane.


“He must have been off his Meds!”

He’s mentally incompetent so he could not make a decision.”

She chased the installers out of the house while her husband continued to sit silently rocking back and forth just  staring out the window.

The phone calls, the legal action, the court dates,  the aggravation.

Literally crazy for window tinting.

You have to love this business.



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