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Tinted Windows Yourself? Tampa’s Advanced Film Solutions Will Fix The Mess

So you decided to buy do it yourself tint from a Big Box Store to stop heat, UV and glare from entering your home.


You thought this would be a breeze and after all you are pretty handy around the house.

Well now you know that those once clear windows look like a cloudy bubbly mess.

  1. Call Advanced Film Solutions and have one of our super service award winning installers remove this mess ASAP.

  2. Try to get your money back from whomever sold you this stuff.

  3. Be careful not to scratch your windows using the wrong tools.

  4. Try not to slice your finger with the razor that the Do It Yourself guys might have thrown in the box.

Let Advanced Film Solutions show you our complete portfolio of high performance window films designed to last a lifetime.

Incredible optical clarity and unmatched performance with a lifetime warranty.

There won’t be debris, bubbles or wide gaps of exposed glass and we will make certain that the coatings selected are ideal for your window configuration and NFRC certified.

No fuss, no mess and the best installations guaranteed.

Advanced Film Solutions because doing it right means not doing it yourself.

Know your limitations!