Tampa, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes Prestige Homes Get Huper Optik Ceramic Window Film

The Gated Community at Lexington Oaks

It’s not every day that we win a project against two 3M dealers (usually it’s only one at a time!) so today’s win was even more rewarding.
Different pricing, to be sure, but nevertheless they lost based on the superior performance, optical clarity and durability of Huper Optik’s patented ceramic film.

NFRC Rated Huper Optik Film easily won the day.


No dyes Unlike the prestige 40

Durable hard coat- color is stable

Superior clarity

Both films improve heat rejection at an angle (no kidding- -since glass also works better!)

Heat rejection- Our 20 and 30 ceramic block more heat as does our 35% qualifying for TECO rebates!

Equal 99.9% UV rejection

Huper Optik blocks more glare

I assume our pricing was better; but I never asked!

Huper Optik has two selections that met TECO rebate rules while 3M does not because their prestige film does not block enough heat to qualify!


If you live in a prestige home or a gated community that has prohibitions on reflective films call:

Advanced Film Solutions, toll free 877-575-3456


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