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Window Film In The USA – The Right Time?

Window film has demonstrated the ability to lower energy costs, filter out harmful UV, provide security and privacy and earn a ROI better than any other home retrofit solution.


Nevertheless window film has never received the awareness level that it deserves.

One reason for the poor recognition is the lack of dealer training in all aspects of thin film capabilities and installation. This missing level of competency is the single greatest obstacle to growth.

No matter the window film, the proficiency of the installer is paramount.


The window film business is a very mature industry dating back to the 1950’s.

The originality and innovative aspects of the business long ago eroded into a commodity type business. You know this is true when you see my alma mater 3M re-boxes films made elsewhere and begin their migration from viable independent dealers to depot type installation people and window cleaners.


The cost of entry into this business has  historically been low and the various manufacturers have knowingly encouraged this lower class Flea Market mentality by not requiring standards be met or quotas attained. 

This creates low cost installations that they surmise would encourage more film sales.


The economy and the failure of the large manufacturers to offer a business VISION has weakened their smaller local dealer and made our strategies at Window Film USA a winning plan with huge growth potential.
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  • We have developed superior installation capabilities throughout the USA.
  •  The brand loyalty based strictly on perception  has become as outdated as hula hoops!
  • Today’s smart consumer does internet research and gathers competitive intel.  Failure to do this would be incredibly foolish.  We love comparisons!


  • There are innovative window films that solve consumer issues at competitive pricing. The days of exclusivity and fooling customers is in the past. Imagine limiting your choices to one brand?  Ridiculous!
  • We love to compete and since we offer nearly every leading window film except 3M
  • We are positioned to clear up any misleading information or ridiculous pricing (particularly from one of their depot types or marked up by in store agents)
  • NFRC certified films that perform on your glass.
  • No nonsense window films that have been tried and tested.  This offsets hyperbole and misleading claims like 3M’s 97% heat rejection or that their film works better at angles.
  • Films with superior optical clarity.


Call Window Film USA. COMThe Best In Window Film